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Are We Any Happier?

30th August 2013

According to the School of Economics, prior to financially struggling, once people are able to afford the basic essentials or even more, happiness does not increase. When comparing happiness among rich and poor countries, and looking at surveys of happiness over time, levels of happiness have not changed in the last 30 years, despite the doubling of living standards. Ironically, while we spend more now on leisure goods, travel, housing, motoring, mobile phones, internet devices, then half a century ago, we still have less time to enjoy them.

Thus, leaving us the question, why are we not any happier? We have more wealth and spending power then we did over 30 years ago, but we are still not happy. What is it that is missing in our lives, why is our wealth not bringing us happiness?

Wealth can be defined as our property, children, money, earnings, assets, etc, anything that is of worldly value. However, our wealth can only hold value if it is earned, acquired and utilised in the correct manner.

Wealth has been bestowed upon us so we can utilise it in attaining Jannah. It is a great bounty and blessing from Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala. Imagine how difficult life would be without it. If this bounty is acquired and spent in the correct manner, it would become a means for us to attain the pleasure and closeness of Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala. Our wealth does not bring us happiness or comfort in this world because the earth is our temporary abode which will one day diminish forever. Our objective in life should be to acquire the eternal happiness of the Hereafter. When one becomes attached to wealth, it leads a person to become increasingly inclined towards the love of this world, leaving them neglectful in working towards attaining the everlasting happiness of the Hereafter.

To become engrossed excessively in the love of wealth and to attain even a penny of it by disobeying the commands of Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala is disobedience of the Creator, and to accumulate wealth whilst following the commands of Allah is not disobedience; but a blessing. Wealth is a great gift from Allah Subhaanuhuwata’alaa, because a wealthy person can perform many good deeds, such as feeding the needy, which a poor person cannot perform. This is why Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala refers to wealth as a blessing. However wealth is like a knife; if used correctly it can bring benefit, if used incorrectly it can cause much harm and destruction.
Utilise your wealth wisely, it will either bring you comfort in the heart, or it will destroy your peace of mind, and become a burden.

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posted by Taalibah on 30th August 2013 - 1 comment


Farida wrote on 16 Oct 2013
It's sad that what wealth we have is enough and we want more, Allah gives us more and we still want more. So really we are never happy. We have to learn to appreciate first with what we have, I think that will make us happy. Happiness is how you feel about things, life, your mind state , inshallah being content in life is happiness. I agree with what you say too. MashaAllah good subject.
Blogger's Reply:
It is sad, may Allah grant us peace and contentment of heart, despite whatever material wealth we may or may not have.
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