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Unlawful Gazes

6th August 2013
Shaykh Hakeem Akhtar Saheb RA

Protect your gazes from the unlawful, remain satisfied and euphoric with one's wife. For those who do not have a wife let them become intoxicated by the Name of Allah swt, become enamoured by the Creator of Layla, and become absorbed with one's Creator; for The Creator is far more then anything one can ever desire.

Remember my friends Allah swt has declared as unlawful lewd glances and the clashing of eyes, for there is nothing to be gained from them. There is neither any giving nor any taking by such glances. The only thing achieved is the burning regret of the heart. To look with lust at Ghair mahram is haraam. This is a narration of Bukhari Shareef:

"And the zina of the eyes is looking"

That person who looks at another person's daughter or daughter in-law, one who stares at any girl or woman along the roads, in schools, airports, railway stations or wherever else it maybe, such a stare/gaze is unlawful and constitutes as adultery. Similarly one who stares at beardless youth is also guilty of an unlawful action.

What does one call that person who is bold enough to taste the salty tang of beauty that Allah swt has declared haraam? Will he be called namak halal or namak haraam? Let those who are involved in tasting the haraam salt of beauty declare what is the condition of such tasting? Is this tasting, lawful or unlawful? You be the judge for yourself and declare what the religious ruling is.

The conclusion we reach is that we must not even venture anywhere close to those actions declared as unlawful by Allah swt.

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