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Why are you praying Salah?

13th July 2013
A short *funny* audio; by Maulana Tariq Jameel..."Why are you praying Salah when you are comitting sin?"

Halalified YouTube Audio


Never leave Salah, Whatever its quality even if it's done quickly perform it and do not neglect it.

They say "Your earnings are haraam, what is the point of your prayer?" Dont't listen to such baseless statements.

(Ayah) "And whosoever does good an atom's weight will see it, and whosoever does ill an atom's weight will see it"

I had a classmate who studied with me in 'Government College Lahore' His life was very wrong. Then with the will of Allah we met and he slowly but surely started to change for the better. He improved dramatically..but he would occasionally drink alcohol. He could not leave that habit, however as he spent time giving Dawah he became more punctual in Salah.

Once he was lying drunk in front of his house, so the police came and took him. When he woke up it was dusk (sunrise) and he was in the police station. He told the police officer "Bring a utensil and a prayer mat so i can pray". They began to say "how strange, you drink and then you pray". He replied "After i sin, should i not follow it up with a good act?"

Allah then gave him the ability to leave that habit as well. May Allah forgive him for he has now passed away. I remembered his story in particular when he said "I have done a sin, should i not follow it up with a good deed?"

(Hadith) My Prophet Sallallahualayhi wassalam has said "When you do a bad action, instantly follow it up with a good deed"

Perform a good action immediately so they cancel each other out. When a person is earning wrongfully as well as performing salaah, for earning wrongfully there will be a separate punishment and for praying Salah he will surely reap its rewards. The least he will get is that he won't be punished for missing his prayers. The punishment for missing prayers will not apply on him.

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abu mohammed wrote on 15 Jul 2013
MashaAllah, great lesson.

Love the new Banner ;-)
Blogger's Reply:
Allahs mercy is beyond all bounds.
JazakaAllah, banner certainly is a great piece work, mashaAllah! Allah reward all who contributed in the making.
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