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Shining Light Of Knowledge

12th July 2013

All praise belongs to Allah Subhaanahuwata’aala for creating life and death, and the Day of Judgement, to identify which one of us is most excellent in our intentions and worship. What have we prepared for this Day? What have we prepared to take with us into our graves? A place of loneliness, where we will have to undergo being completely alone carrying nothing except our good deeds and actions. We live in this world as if we are going to live forever. We do not prepare for the Hereafter because we are too busy enjoying the frivolities of this fleeting life, we fulfil so many of our lusts and desires that we give no preference to our lives in the Hereafter.

A preference, which can only be made possible by acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is not something that is inherited nor is it something that can be taken away from us; it is a light, which disappears through our neglect of love, respect and appreciation for our respected Ulama; who carry and spread the word of Allah Subhaanuhuwataa’aala and His Rasullullah Sallallahualayhiwasallam. Therefore, we must appreciate this knowledge by implementing, and fulfilling its responsibilities and duties. We must not allow our respected and pious Ulama to depart from this world without us having benefited from their wisdom, nor should we find ourselves departing from this world without having learnt and placed into practice their teachings.

Deen is the knowledge of Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala. Through His Messenger Sallallahualayhiwassalam, Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala has promised the best of both Worlds for the one who gains knowledge, acts upon the knowledge, spreads it to others, and makes it his garment. On one hand our Creator promises an outcome of goodness and certainty whist on the other hand stands the promises of those who reside with us in this world. Whose promises are we going to fulfil? Whom do we wish to please? Our Creator or the Creation?

What became of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwasallam’s Companions R.A after He, Sallallahualayhiwasallam left this world?
When news spread of the Prophet Sallallahualayhiwasallam’s demise, the Sahabah’s R.A were hit with immediate shock. Their eyes shed tears, their hearts mourned, and they were overcome with grief. Such was the impact of losing the very someone who had taught them so much, that even the likes of Umar Radiyallahuanhu could not control himself at the passing away of the Prophet Sallallahualayhiwasallam. His mind could not comprehend life without this beacon of hope and lantern of knowledge. His grief was such that he stood in utter shock and bewilderment saying:

If I hear anyone saying that the Prophet Sallallahualayhiwasallam has passed away, I shall strike him with my sword.

However, Hadhrat Abu Bakr R.A upon seeing the distress of the Sahabah’s, knew he had to address the people and remind them with the words of the Qur’an. He said:

Whoso worshipped Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwasallam let him know that Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwasallam is no more, and whoso worshipped Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala should know that Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala is Ever living and Eternal.

He then recited the following verse of the Holy Qur’an:

Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwasallam is but a Messenger; Messengers the like of those who have passed away before him. Will it be that when he dies or is slain, Ye will turn back on your heels. He who turneth back doth not hurt Allah, and Allah will reward those who recognise the Truth. (III:144)

When Hadhrat Umar R.A heard Hadhrat Abu Bakr R.A recite the verse of the Holy Qur’an, the power and meaning of these words struck his heart with such force and realisation that his legs could no longer support him; he fell to the ground knowing that the Prophet Sallallahualayhiwasallam had indeed passed away.

(Truly, we are from Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala, and surely, we will return to Him.)

Therefore, go fourth gently, hasten towards the garden of knowledge and reap the benefits of what has been passed down from Allah to his creation. Gather and sit in their company upon which Allahs mercy and blessings shower, whilst the angels descend to be part of such a blessed gathering. Taste the sweet fruits of Imaan, climb the pillars of Islam, and walk on the grassy foundation of Shahadah. Experience the unlimited colours, fruits, and fragrances of Deen. The further we explore into the garden of Deen the more knowledge and wisdom we can gain. Thus; moulding us into perfect Believers.

Be like the Sahabah’s, who knew at the demise of the prophet, neither his efforts nor his Deen would fall in the hands of the ignorant. Just like the Sahabah’s took for granted the knowledge passed down unto them, similarly we must also realise the value of this knowledge and how it can change our lives.

We must thirst for knowledge and quench its thirst by learning and implementing the teachings imparted to us by our pious and respected Ulama, who in turn sought knowledge from those who were taught by the Sahabah R.A. Either we depart from this world empty-handed, or our respected Ulama depart before us, leaving us empty-handed, with nothing to show our Creator on the ‘Day of Judgement’. How will we face our Prophet Sallallahualayhiwassalam and our Creator on a Day when we will want nothing but to be accepted and not turned away? Follow the light of knowledge and see how it enlightens your heart and fills your life with Allah’s mercy, love and acceptance.

Gain knowledge, act upon it, and spread this knowledge to others.
Allah grant us all the ability to seek knowledge and by doing so, gain nearness to our one true Lord and Creator.

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posted by Taalibah on 12th July 2013 - 1 comment


nazir wrote on 13 Jul 2013
MashaAllah, good article, lots of lessons to learned from this.
Blogger's Reply:
Allah grant us ability to do amal on ilm that we gain from the knowledge and Hikmah of our beloved mashaikh. May Allah keep there shadow over us for many more years to come InshaAllah, and grant us and them the best of both worlds. Ameen
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