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True Friendship

30th June 2013

O' Allah when I remember thee, thou always remember me.

When I speak words about thee, thou speak highly of me,

When I recite zikr of thee, thou say special things about me.

O' Allah when I remember thee in a gathering,

Thou recite my name in a more heavenly gathering than mine,

And remember me.

O' Allah when I call out to thee, thou come close to me,

When I cry out to thee, thou hold and comfort me.

O Allah when I turn towards thee, thou hurry towards me,

When my hands out of love reach out to thee,

Thou stretch out thy arms to embrace and console me,

When I walk towards thee, thou run towards me.

O' Allah when I commit a sin,

Thou grant me respite to repent for my deed,

When I ask from thee forgiveness and mercy,

Thou become pleased and shower thy Mercy and Grace upon me.

O' Allah if I repeat a sin, I pray again to thee to forgive me,

No matter how many times I seek thy forgiveness,

Thou never turn me away or turn away from me.

O' Allah when I do a small good deed, thou reward me abundantly,

When I refrain from sins and worship thee, thou appreciate me,

And when mistakes are made, thou never reprimand me,

But continue to love and carry me.

O' Allah I love thee just like thou love me,

Because thou are eternally Reliable, Forgiving and Loving,

Than any best friend I can ever have in my life with me.

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