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Allah's Love

30th June 2013

I asked Allah swt to take away my habit.
I realised It was not for Allah to take away; but for me to give it up.
I asked Allah swt to make my handicapped child whole.
I realised that his spirit was whole; his body only temporary
I asked Allah swt to grant me patience.
I realised 'patience' was a by product of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned.
I asked Allah swt to grant me happiness.
I recognised Allah swt's endless blessings; being happy was up to me.
I asked Allah swt to spare me pain.
I realised suffering drew me apart from worldly cares and brought me closer to Allah swt.
I asked Allah swt for all the things that I might enjoy in life.
I realised Allah swt gave me life, so that I may enjoy all things.

I say: "It's impossible" but realised: All things are possible
I say: "I can't do it" but realised: I can do all things
I say: "It's not worth it" but realised: It will be worth it
I say: "I can't forgive myself" but realised: ALLAH SWT WILL FORGIVE ME
I say: "I'm afraid" but realised: Allah swt did not grant me a spirit of fear
I say: "I'm not smart enough" but realised: Allah granted me wisdom
I say: "I'm worried and frustrated" but realised: I can cast all your cares on Allah
I say: "I feel alone" but realised: Allah will never leave or forsake me
I say: "Nobody loves me" but realised: ALLAH LOVES ME

MORAL: For all the negative things we have to say to ourselves and when we ask and expect too much,
we must realise we already have all the answers and support. We must trust in Allah swt.
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