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My Mans Beard

30th June 2013

O' beautiful Prophet, Prophet of glowing beauty, the most beloved of Allah,
A perfect example for mankind to emulate and perceive.

Thy flowing beard soaked many times with tears of compassion and mercy,
For fear for thy Ummah and all existing communities.
I look for thy example in these times of traditional ignorancy,
And tears roll with sadness, when I can't see an example like thee.

Not a man who is shaven can ever compare with thee,
Only curses of confusion in gender can he receive.
A man is a man only by his sunnati beard and dress,
A man with a female resemblance with no beard is openly declining
His love for thee and Allah ta'ala's righteous deen.

When I go to sleep at night,
I envisage you in gardens of green in paradise,
Please intercede to Allah ta'ala for us sinful souls,
To be included in thy ummah with thee in beautiful gardens green,

I send thee salutations before I close my eyes,
And hold my mans beard and pray it remains for all times,
As a reminder of our love for thee, And for thy appearance for all men to
Resemble for the sake of Allah ta'ala's pleasure and deen…

...And when in gardens green in paradise,
The Prophet will intercede for his ummah whom he'll recognise,
His intercession for thy entry into heaven will be ready,
Won't you be envied by the ones who might burn in hell?
For they concerned themselves with appearances,
And they just didn't try!

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