Disagreement with Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) [The Majlis]

7th May 2014

Query (05MAY2014):

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakartuh Hazrat,

First and foremost I request your duas. I have known your work and Fatwaa for many years and also inquired about your rank and stature from South African Ulamah [sic] and also read their opinions about you.

As you well know that I regard you as an Alim of Taqwa, knowledge and Seniority, Masha'Allah.


You also know that I (after consultation) with Ulamah [sic] severely disagree with your language, tone and mannerism towards others (particularly Ulamah [sic]) and I consider it disrespectful.

I am not a graduate of a Darul-uloom and neither do I consider myself knowledgeable but after discussions with many South African (and Non-South African) Ulamah [sic] I disagree with some of your Fatawaa and most certainly with the language and mannerism.

I have wrote in opposition to these matters on the blog with the greatest respect, Adab and dignity.

However, I failed on the forum and suggested the following about you:

  1. I am SHOCKED by some of things being said about Ulamah [sic] and such things should NOT be tolerated
  2. You should be CHALLENGED HEAD ON and STRONGLY REFUTED by the Ulamah [sic] of South Africa on Fiqh matters where your opinion DOES NOT conform to Deobandi Ulamah [sic]

My harsh (unreasonable and out of line) words were pointed out by others and I retracted, apologized and sought forgiveness publicly.

I now seek your forgiveness (directly) for using words which are not suitable for an Alim of your caliber and I request that you forgive me for the sake of Allah (SWT) as I committed a mistake.

I will not stand down in highlighting issues which I see to be problematic with your stance and mannerism but I do offer an unreserved apology and seek forgiveness for anything and everything which I may have said which is in contradiction to the Sunnah.

Some brothers are insisting on debating with me online about your Fatwaas while clearly declaring that they don't understand your Fatwaas, their basis or reasons at all. I am bringing it to your attention that I will debate/discuss with them although they acknowledge their lack of knowledge of Islamic Shariah and correct understanding of your Fatwaas.

If you wish for me to call South Africa and discuss the matter with you on the phone, please let me know.

Hazrat, I will continue to disagree with you where I find your opinions in contradiction to Shariah as per my duty in Islam. I am NOT a Salafi, NOT a Ghair-Muqallid, NOT a Modernist and I have spent the past decade and a half REFUTING these groups but my Islamic sense of duty demands of me to disagree with you publicly where your opinion is public. Please give me permission to make your response to this email public.

Your son,

Muadh Khan

Jazakallahu Khayran

Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) Response (06MAY2014):

6 Rajab 1435 (6 May 2014)

Abu Salih Muadh Khan

Respected Brother,

Your e-mail dated 6 May refers.

There is no need to apologize to me for anything. I am not even aware of what your have written, said or publicized as I never search for anything on the internet. In fact, I don't know how to use the internet.

You believe that your criticism is the Haqq. Hence, you should continue to propagate what you believe to be the Haqq. If you believe that I am on baatil, then feel at liberty to criticize and condemn me even utilizing the same strident stance which I have adopted to criticize others. Allah Ta'ala will judge on the Day of Qiyaamah who is plodding the path of baatil.

Feel at ease regarding my attitude towards you. I harbour absolutely no rancour towards you for any type of criticism which you or any of my detractors may be desirous of. Execute whatever you believe is your duty. Feel free to debate, scrutinize and condemn on line whatever I say or whatever happens to be my views. It is your right to dissect and refute whatever you feel is baatil. Thus, when you believe that any of our fatwas are baatil, feel free to dissect, condemn and refute same.

Your criticism and suggestions numbered 1 and 2 should not be of any concern to you. There is no need to apologize for these two statements you have made. Your statements are legitimate, acceptable and mild criticism of a person whom you believe is plodding the line of baatil. Do as your "Islamic sense of duty demands" of you.

Do delete the letter 'h' from the end of the word 'Ulamah' [sic]. It is a glaring error. Feel free to make public my response in any way you deem appropriate.

May Allah Ta'ala guide and protect you.


A.S. Desai

Further clarification (06MAY2014):


W-Salam Hazrat,

I have a Bayan of Hazrat Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi (RA) and in this Bayan he talks about respecting and honoring others based on any strand of "superiority" and you are superior to me in multiple areas i.e. age, Seniority, Taqwa, knowledge and experience and I am not just stating it based on humility but actual facts.  Therefore, I can never think of adopting harsh and disrespectful language towards you at all and there is no reason for it. However, I have learned from our Akabir to state, express and above all practice "Haqq" and this is what I have done close to 2 decades and shall continue to do so.

I shall keep the spelling of "Ulama" in mind in the future. There are three further matters which I want to bring to your attention, as follows:

  1. I did download your old Bayans cleared the static (and disturbance) thus improving the quality and sent them to the person who is in charge of your website as samples and also made suggestions on the improvements to website in response to our discussions on the matter last year.
  2. Your stance on the Qiblah (in America) is used by "Ahbash" of USA to justify their misguidance as there is no other Hanafi Alim in the world who backs this opinion so I had no choice but to refute your opinion as thoroughly as my limited abilities could muster. Alhumdolillah that you have made your stance a lot clearer and publicly stated that a person may follow other Ulama if he/she believes their opinion to be valid and this is against Ahbash who categorically call every other opinion (on the matter) misguidance. Your opinion is based on your research but their opinion about changing the direction of Qiblah in Lebanon and USA is based on choosing a path divergent from Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaat!
  3. In your booklet "THE KUFR AND SHIRK OF IBN TAIMIYYAH" on page 4 you have referred to Abdullah Hariri as "Shaikh". Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Harariyy [عبد الله الهرري الحبشي] (1910-2008) is the founder of a sect called "Al-Ahbash". Since it is a Middle-Eastern phenomenon our (Deobandi) Ulama from Indo-Pak have neither encountered them nor investigated or issued Fatawaa on them but it is well known to Arab Ulama. Hazrat (HA), I request that you consult South African Ulama with knowledge of Middle-East affairs about this group. In USA this group is known as "Association of Islamic Charitable Projects" abbreviated as AICP. This group also maligns and slanders Sahabah (RA) and here is the testimony of Shaykh (Mufti) Hussain Kadodia (HA) from South Africa who is the student of Shaykhul-Hadeeth (Maulana) Fazlur-Rahman Azmi (HA):

They are a Lebanese group, followers of Sh. Abdullah al-Harari al-Habashi, originally from Ethiopia. They hold a number of errant views, including classifying those Sahabah who fought against Hadhrat Ali as rebels, takfir of Ibn Taymiyyah etc, rather takfir of nearly anybody who disagrees with them.

You will find Fatawa against them, by many senior Sunni Scholars of the Arab World. To improve their relationship with India Sunnis, they first tried to join up with the Barelwis. When the noticed the ghulu(extremism) of the Barelwis, especially on the issue of Ilm al-Ghaib, they dropped them like a hot coal!

Their Shaikh even wrote a refutation of this belief.

They then tried to get some support from our Deobandi Ulama.

So they sent a representative to our Darul Ulums here in SA about 2 years ago.

He was allowed to address our students and explained the Salafi problem to them very well. The problem was, part of his dars included insisting that the students all say "Ibn Taymiyyah kafir" Ibn Taymiyyah kafir"! which they of course refused and which he couldn't bear.

They are very open about they beliefs and openly call hadhrat Muawiyah a rebel etc

Since I know about AICP, I had no choice but to ensure that you are distanced away from this heretical group and my Islamic Ghayrat did not allow me to see the title of "Shaikh" next to a person who directly insults Sahabah (RA). I strongly request that you consult South African Ulama and inquire about their visit to South African Darul-ulooms and the reality of these Barelwee heretics!
I cannot tolerate to see any association of our (Deobandi) Akabir or you with any Sahabah slandering Barelwee heretics, I had no choice but to act!

Request for your duas and guidance as always.

Jazakallahu Khayran

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posted by Muadh_Khan on 7th May 2014 - 8 comments


Haroon wrote on 8 May 2014
That, my friend, is humility!
You don't expect Moulana Desai Saheb to object to what you regurgitate.
He is a personality of a totally different calibre.

In any case, my comments to you are general naseehat.
You should know your place in society.

There are very senior Ulama/Muftis in South Africa that have the highest regard and respect for Moulana Desai Saheb. If I have to mention to you the persons that actually consult Hadhrat for Shar`i masaail, you'll be ashamed at your stupid comments to Moulana Saheb.

Your statement (inter alia): "I will continue to disagree with you where I find your opinions in contradiction to Shariah as per my duty in Islam" is so putrid, I truly pity your ignorance of the Shariah and that of your recognition of Moulana Saheb.

What Moulana says in his response is true that if one finds flaw in what he says they have the right to rectify him, but brother, that applies to QUALIFIED Ulama and not bored bloggers!
Do you in your right state of mind think that there are no other Ulama/Mufits in South Africa that know the Shariah enough to rectify baatil?

Where exactly did you mushroom that you wish to gloat your ignorance from hundreds of miles away and what right has the Shariah given you to know right from wrong when a qualified muttaqi Mufti speaks?

Please, for your own salvation. concentrate on your own flaws and be a follower....or enrol at a reputable Daarul Uloom, sit under the tutorship and guidance of a Sheikh-e-Kaamil, and then your ignorance will become manifest and Insha-Allah then you will realise your true worth.

My wording will in all probability come across as harsh to you, but know that it is a suitable response in like manner of yours. Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said that a person should be addressed according to his stature. Your disrespect deserves its like.

I make dua that Allah Ta`ala open your eyes to appreciate His Deen and Ulama and may He guide us all.
Blogger's Reply:
We should follow Ulama, I agree. Islam is commanding me to oppose what I (after consultation with Ulama) deem to be inappropriate and Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai(HA) is also telling me to do the same; you on the other hand obviously have emotional and delusional issues and are guilty of presupposing that I neither have contact with Mashaykh nor sit in their company, so should I ignore Ulamah and do Bay't at your hands? Your further emotional outbursts will be deleted because they are a waste, please seek some emotional treatment!
Akaabir wrote on 14 May 2014
and here is the testimony of Shaykh (Mufti) Hussain Kadodia (HA) from South Africa who is the student of Shaykhul-Hadeeth (Maulana) Fazlur-Rahman Azmi (HA):

They are a Lebanese group, followers of Sh. Abdullah al-Harari al-Habashi, originally from Ethiopia.

**** Interesting to note that mufti kadodia himself hasthe title 'sh'. What is ''sh''?

Blogger's Reply:
True you are Hazrat, good observation which only Mufti Hussain Kadodia (HA) can explain...
Majlis Jahil Majin wrote on 15 Dec 2017
May Allah remove the majlis from the surface of the earth.
Blogger's Reply:
No reason for any Duas like that. We disagree on a few things and that's about it...No reason to get personal with anyone
wrote on 26 Nov 2018
you like nnb i.e jamiat zanadiqah
Blogger's Reply:
May I know what you mean in English?
wrote on 27 Nov 2018
youre same like the juhaal of rsa mutasahileen mjc sanha =PORK HARAAM AND IT GOES ON . Tv is dajjals eye yet bogus maajin muftis make it halaal bro muaadh may allah guide me and you . on ml as d.b he does a great service in defending the manhaj of deoband . e.g. jahri zikr isnt jaaiz as explicitly mentioned by allamah kasaaani r.a. in badaaie us sanaai ml rashid ahmed gangoi never read this kitaab as confirmed in tazkira e khaleel
Blogger's Reply:
Get treatment from a Doctor before you have a heart attack!
wrote on 28 Nov 2018
bro forgive me but i just can stand someone justifying ibn taymiyyah and his ilk may allah grant us all jannah and peace to all who follow guidance!
Blogger's Reply:
You just "can" or just "cannot"? Can you write in English, please?
Sim Baah wrote on 6 Jan 2019
hi. does anyone know how to stop a publication (for lack of an appropriate word) for all their qaq, like the majlis paper?
Blogger's Reply:
Hi, Majlis beleive them to be on "Haqq" so we have no right to try to shut them down. Let them express themselves of what they believe to be the truth.
Sim Baah wrote on 6 Jan 2019
i believe i am on Haqq too when i say they need to be stopped. So do we flip a coin or is that condemned too? Unfortunately it all boils down to toxic shaming when they were young. Even religious shaming before they were explained enough about the religion they were born into.
Blogger's Reply:
You have an equal right to state the Haqq as do they as they also believe to be on Haqq. They are not propagating Baatil and falsehood so no reason to ask them to be shut down.
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