27th May 2007

Plucking you eyebrows

are men allowed to pluck there eyebrows if it is joing up in the middle
25th May 2007

Woman was made from the rib of man

Is it true that woman was made from the rib of the man?can u plz give refference from the Quran and sunnah if possible. JazakAllah khair.
25th May 2007


is it true that when you are doing your wudu you dont need to wear a scarf?
20th May 2007


Are women allowed to drive?
19th May 2007

Coloured contact lenses

is it permissible in islam to wear coloured contact lenses without a medical reason? i wear a hijab and respect the mode of modesty without abusing the use of lenses such as fashionable purposes.
14th May 2007

Cutting hair to please husband

Assalaamu 'alaikum

I know that in previous fatwas you have advised sisters to refrain from cutting their hair at all, and only to trim it when they have split ends etc.

I wanted to know if it would be permissible to have a fashionable haircut in order to attract ones spouse?

JazakAllahu khairan.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
9th May 2007


Assalaamu Alaikum

After having a smear test is it necessary to have a bath.
10th March 2007

Scent on women

Assalamoalaikum dear brothers in Islam

As far as i know a woman is not allowed to apply sweet smelling fragrances on her.
1) What i wish to know is in private is she allowed to do so to please her husband?
2) And secondly does the scent of regular shampoos a/comditioners/shower gels also come under this prohibitation when a lady must step out of the house?

May Allah reward you with the sweetness of the hereafter aameen, jazakallah khair

5th March 2007

Gender of unborn child

I would like to find out if it is permissible for a pregnant woman to find out the gender of her unborn child.
Jazakallah khayr.
12th February 2007

Cutting your hair?


is it permissible in islam to cut your hair, (for women), about the length of a hand?

9th January 2007

Women wearing sari's

Is it permissable for women to wear sari's.. without showing stomach? i mean decently worn

3rd January 2007

Duas to pray during pregnancy

Alhumdolillah I am expecting. What should I do and pray for:

a) healthy, pious, good, farma-bardar, beautiful etc baby
b) make the whole pregnancy process easy for me
c) make the labour process easy for me
d) provide my husband and myself with the heedayat to fulfill our roles effectively.

We both make dua anyway, but I thought there would be specific prayers that Rasullullah sallahu alaihi wasallam would have prescribed Hadhrat Khadijah RA etc to recite.

I have looked around for kitabs but have not come across any that provide detailed duas to be prayed at still stage. Please also advise me of any particular kitaabs that i could read to gain more information and where i could purchase these from.
12th December 2006


asalamulaykum w.r.b.
i have heard often that women are not allowed to use razors to shave unwanted hair such as under arms etc. i just wanted to clarify if women are allowed to shave?
9th December 2006

Female circumcision

Assaalamu aly kum wa rathmatullhi wa barakatu
I am a member of some msn womens groups and at the moment the is a hot debate about female circumcision,... whether it is part of culture or religon.
Some sisters are stating it is a sunnah others are saying it is voluntarysome say it has no place in islam.
Could you please tell us which is correct {if any}
Jazakallah for your time may allah guide us all

9th December 2006

Women and purdah

Assalamualiakum Mufti Sahb,

My question is pretty straightforward. I come from a religious background-Alhamdulillah . We originate from North West Pakistan and Afghanistan, we are known to the world as 'Pathan,' We are fortunate enough to have close family contact with the likes Of Thanvi (ra) and Sheikh (ra). Due to that reason, many of their teachings have been implied into our family set-up.

The main one is the issue of women remaining secluded. I'd like to bring this issue to ur attention. If we think back to the mentioned Sheikhs' literature or books from any of the Deoband Scholars then it clearly prohibits women from leaving the house all together, unless there is a 'GREAT NEED.'

Then the advise is that one should cloth and cover herself in an old chaadar and hold a walking stick so that she appears to be an old woman.

Where we come from in Pakistan, this is still practised, girls are not allowed to leave the house, for education or any other purpose. SubhanAllah, there are women amongst our elders who have never left the house all their lives, all because of the instructions from our pious predecessors.

My question is, when we look at the rest of the Muslim world, and the so called 'practising muslims' in other parts of the world and here in the West, there is such a big contrast. Women are now so heavily involved in the outside world, it is thought that as long as a woman is modestly covered, there is no harm. Why is there such a contrast? Surely our Ulama could have not exaggerated these masaail.

I know a lot of Gujrati sisters, who obviously are closely linked to the same School of Thought and background who also leave the house for social purposes in the least.

These questions have being plaguing me and my cousins for some time. I was hoping you could shed some light on the issue.

JazakaAllah for your precious time. And please note we are not at all trying to mock or criticise, rather clarify for our understanding. We are afraid of asking our own Ulama in person and such anonymous systems do not exist so far. So please excuse me if you find it to be offensive in anyway,

May Allah give us all the ability to follow the rules of Shariah' in their most purest form, ameen

A concerned Sister
24th November 2006

Natural breast enhancement

Assalamu Alaikum

I wanted to know whether natural breast enhancement was permitted in Islam. I am planning to get married soon, and i want to make my breasts fuller only for my husband. I wear full pardah and would only use it for that reason to please my husband as mine are really small.

I have found a product in which natural herbs are used, it does not harm your body and it is safe to use as it only supplements the growth of your breast and provides essential nutrients for the breasts. The website is www.breastgain.com.

24th November 2006

Laser treatment

Assalamualaykum. I have been diagnosed with a condition where I have an excess amount of the male hormone in my body. Due to this, I have excess facial hair. For the past few years, I have had to constantly have it removed. I have been recommended to have laser treatment to have it permanently removed in order to stop my wkin from getting worse and to save money in the long run. I would like to know if Permanent hair removal from my face is permissible. Jazakallah. Wassalam
24th November 2006



I have many thoughts and feeling about this question. I am twelve years old and I am rather confused. I am Baaligh, so would i be allowed to sing in public. When i sing, i mean nasheeds and all that. I enjoy singing to my family and close female friends. My parents allow me to but I am just told several times that i was not allowed to sing in public as I am Baaligh, but is that true? Are women allowed to sing in public(ghair mehrams and women)?

7th October 2006

Niqaab...is it fardh?


I wanted to know that is covering the face or niqaab is fardh or sunnah?..suppose it is fardh, then is it fardh in all fiqhs?

And also some people say that it is sunnah..are they right?

5th October 2006

Hair extensions

Dear scholar, Assalamu alaikum.
Is it permissible to get hair extensions?