8th July 2007

Women and jobs

If it necessiates for a woman to work, what kind of jobs should she undertake. Should she pursue a career in a more traditional environment i.e. teacher or a nurse or can she work as a solicitor or a barrister or any other job in that rank?
1st July 2007

Sexual relationship before marriage


i love a hindu girl. we want to go for marriage. and i know that there is no permission for a muslim to marry a non-muslim. though i have met with her sexually(forcebly by girl). now what to do? shall i go for marriage or not? and how do i get refreshed?
1st July 2007

Haiz and love making

what is the ruleing if a husband and wife make love duing the wifes period, thinking that she has finised only to start her period again the next day.is there a special repent they must do.
28th June 2007

Haydh masala

Respected Mufti Saheb, I need advice with a haydh masala. I hope you will be able to help.

A sister, for two to three years now, starts off with 3-4 days spotting, then about 8 days of bleeding. She would make ghusl on the 11th day (of the first day of spotting) and commence salaah while bleeding continues for 3-4 days - and these 3-4 days of hukmi purity were counted toward the 15 clean days - which we now know is wrong.

So on checking her dates since September 2005 we realise she does not have ACTUAL 15 clean days before the next spotting begins, and this we understand is "continuous bleeding".
1. Can you please advice on her course of action as she does not remember dates or the time of the month of her previous regular haydh. She remembers her habit as being 8 days.
2. She did have 1 ACTUAL 15 clean day gap in Nov 2005. What should she do if she suddenly has an actual 15 day gap suddenly?

Please note that lately the spotting continues for 8 days, then proper bleeding starts, so after only 2 days of this she makes ghusl and commences salaat after which bleeding continues for 6 more days. So in total she bleeds for 16 days and and on ending, 15 actual clean days do not pass and the next spotting occurs.
hope you will be able to advice soon.
wassalam, b m (london)
28th June 2007

Woman running her own business

Is a muslim woman allowed to be self employed or run her own business even if her interaction in her everyday work consists of women only?
28th June 2007

Nonmahram seeing hair

I know it is a sin to leave your hair exposed and therefore observing hijab is required. But if your hair falls on the floor, Is it sinful if a non mahram sees it?

I do try to avoid leaving the hair on the floor but my hair falls alot and if i havent noticed the hair will there be a sin commited on my part? Does this apply to hair on the floor or clothes aswell or not?
28th June 2007


assalamu alaikum

i am in great difficulty at the moment. i married my cousin 4 years ago. since our marriage we have had major problems in our lives. we love eachothr very much. and as the time goes the love for eachother increases.....
but why do we have soo manny problems....? i do not know wht to do...i feel like dieing.....

i have lost 2 beautiful babies in 3 years. i have no problems during pregnancy but as soon as they are born they have major problems. both my babies lived for 10 days and then they passed away. with my first child Rihanah THEY DETECTED THE PROBLEM TOO LATE SO THEY COULDNT DO ANYTHING BOUT IT. and with my second child Aaisha they detected the problem as soon as she was born. the doctors treated her and she was getting better but on the 9th day she became very serious all of a sudden.
i feel very lost. some people say that i have someting evil with me and that is not letting my babies survive. can that be true?what shall i do?i know life is a test and Allah is testing me all the time....but why do i keep failing?is this my punishment?i have asked Allah for forgiveness....but i feel like Allah will never forgive me. what shall i do?please help
27th June 2007

Sari under jilbaab

Asalaamu'alikum warahmatulaahi wabarakatuhu

I read a previous question about the permissability of wearing a sari, however, if the sari was worn underneath the jilbaab or within the confines of the marriage home for the pleasure of the husband, would it then be permissable or not?

Jazakallah khair for taking the time to answer this question, may Allah SWT reward you for your efforts, ameen.
23rd June 2007

Hijab covering of the face

assalmualaikum warahmatullah... i pray this message finds you in good health..i am a teacher at an islamic school, where the subject of hijab is an huge issue, i would be grateful if you can help me by telling me what are the gfour imams views on the covering of the face..may allah give oyu the highest rank in jaanat.. jazakallahu kairan kaseeran kaseera

22nd June 2007

MAke up

is it right for women to wear make up before their marrige?
or is it right at all for women to wear make up.
20th June 2007


According to shariah, can a muslim woman become liberated from her father or husband, become independant and make her own living?
20th June 2007

Breast enhancement


Please can you tell me if enlarging my breasts for the pleasure of my husband is allowed and if possible with reasons...

Jazakallah khair

18th June 2007

Hijab at home

Assalamu Alaeikum

I have recently started wearing hijab.
however, we have 2 male drivers to drive us around as no one in our family has a licence. So even if i am just in the garden, there is usually a driver around.
Must i wear my head scarf as they are not any relatives of mine even though i am in my own home??
please advise me

Assalamu Aleikum
17th June 2007

Cutting of hair

Is it necessary for a muslim woman to grow her hair? Can she have her hair cut to beautify herself for her husband? She wears hijaab and niqaab infront of all ghair mahram.
12th June 2007

Continuous discharge

i suffer from continuous discharge of a mucousy substance. i heard once that in my case i must do wudhu b4 every namaaz, but then again it makes little difference to my purity as in my condition the najaasa is always, constantly being excreted, so i wouldnt become paak.
i have also read that i should make myself clean b4 prayers, ie, to change my sanitary pads, but here again, it will become impure almost immmediately. the discharge is very light, but still present. what is the ruling regarding my condition? and if i need to do one or both of the above rulings, what about when i am travelling and it is not a simple matter to make fresh wudu etc?
12th June 2007



is it permissable 4 women to use henna tattoos on their hands?

are u allowed to xmas cards & presents to non-muslim freinds?

are muslim women allowed to get massaeged by non-muslim women?


9th June 2007

Mehndi parties

is it permissable for a bride to be to host a mendi party before the wedding?
if all the rules of islam, eg pardah, no music, are observed and no haram takes place, in that case is it permissable?
27th May 2007

Plucking you eyebrows

are men allowed to pluck there eyebrows if it is joing up in the middle
25th May 2007

Woman was made from the rib of man

Is it true that woman was made from the rib of the man?can u plz give refference from the Quran and sunnah if possible. JazakAllah khair.
25th May 2007


is it true that when you are doing your wudu you dont need to wear a scarf?