20th January 2008



I have a maslah that i need answering to..my monthly haidh starts at the end of evry month but a month ago my haidh started ten dyas before my usual habit, i assumed that this is my new habit and did not pray for the whole ten days. After ten days passed my haidh did not stop and instead carried on for another ten days..the second set of ten days being falling at the end of the month. My opinion is that these last ten days was my proper haidh as it usually is, whilst the ten days in the middle which i thought was my new habit was not haidh and in fact was istihadah..as i was unaware and made a mistake as something like this had never happened before..do i need to make up for the ten days of salaah that i didnt pray??

jazakallah..plaese let me know ASAP

31st December 2007

Permissibility of Wearing Cardigans / Coats for Women - Purdah Issue

Assalamu ALaykum,

The Ulama say that women shouldn't wear clothes that stick to them (since they reveal the figure) but does that include cardigans and coats because you can see the shape of the arm and the body too at time.

What's the ruling for that? Is it best to wear it underneath the jabba?


This question might help you understand my question: http://qa.muftisays.com/index.php?viewpage=viewQA&question=962
29th December 2007

Ladies going to gents tailors

Asslam-0-alikum Warehmat Allah wbrakatauho i have posted this question in november but still i havnt got any reply ,,i understand might be it is cause of loads of question,, i want opinion of Ulema for the ladies who goes to gents tailors,,is it ryt accroding to the teachings of islam ? wether they give measurements or give dress for measurements,,?
28th December 2007


assalamu alaykum

Please could you tell me if it is jaiz to put mendhi on the stomach, back, neck etc.jazakallah


21st December 2007

Holding and reciting from a book/kithaab containing quraaninc ayaahs

During my menstrual cycles i read a collection of quraanic ayaahs compiled into one book/kithaab as Duah or Zikr and NOT as Tilawat.
I wanted to clearify the following:-
1) Is it permisable for me to hold this khitaab while reading bearing in mind i am in Haid.
2) Is there any ruling i should make wuduh before reading this kithaab.

The kithaab that i read is called My Companian compiled by Al Islaah Publications, Kroonstad, South Africa.
This book emphasises that i am permissable to do as i asked you in my question but i still want to get as many opinions as possible.

JazakAllah Khair

9th December 2007


Asslam-0-alikum Warehmat ALlah wbrakatauho

Respected Mufti Sahab

IS it A sin for ladies to go to gents tailors?give them measurements ?or give them their dress for measurements?
in the context of HIJAB kindly Explain this that arent muslim women supposed to go to only ladies tailors?
2nd December 2007

Womens clothing and eyebrows


i would like to ask a few questions and i will be greatful if both can be answered

1) Are woman allowed to wear jeans with a kurta / kameez which is upto the knees or longer?

2)i feel i am not ready to wear a burkha yet.. though my parents think of me as a very bad girl because i do not do so .. however truthfully i wear long clothes.. covering all my body parts and not too revealing or short either..i also wear a scarf. my coat is also long.. i feel very hurt so please tell me if you think im bad.

3) Is it allowed to clean up the eyebrows??.. only clean up NOT shape them? because the eyebrows both side were slightly deformed after an eye operation.. the sticky pad made it messy

jazakallah for your help
1st December 2007

Nursing child


Respected ulema,
Untill what age it is permissable for a child to be nursed by the mother according to the hanafi school of thought?

jazakhallah khair

30th November 2007

About question #1176

you have said to use a tampon when answering question #1176 however i have heard that using a tampon is haram. could you please answer my confusion. Is using a tampon haram?

30th November 2007

Tampons and wudhu


Is a woman allowed to use tampons if she is discharging?. As the discharge will now not be flowing due to the use of the tampon, does it now mean that the wudhu will not be broken?

May allah (swt) reward you for your good work.

25th November 2007


salaams..i have a maslaa the thing is my noraml habit of haidh is at the end of every month around the 25th but this month around the 12th my haidh started so i assumed that my habit has changed and that, that time is my period of haidh,i then was on haidh for ten days, after this ten days i was still bleeding i then came to realise that the date after the ten days of bleeding was the 25/26th which must mean that the bleeding that i started from the 12th for ten days must have been istihadah-not monthly haidh..and the bleeding which started on the 25/26th was my monthly haidh...i just wanted to find out what im supposed to do now since i didnt knw...do i have to make up my salaah for the ten days comencing frm the 12th the period that wasnt my haidh?
3rd November 2007


Asalaam u laykam

i just wanted to know, i heard that for a woman to use a tamponb in islam is Haraam is this true? because you meantioned to use 1 in one of the answerz as shown below

(Such a woman should insert a tampon, pad etc. This will help to absorb the discharge. Until the discharge does not show on the area of the pad which is beyond the inner part of the vagina, wudhu will not break)
26th October 2007


are women allowed to wear any type of jewellery that aren't real, meaning that they are fake?
25th October 2007

Is it Tahir or what?

ASalamu alikum w.wr.w In the name of Allah If your a girl and u don't have ur period, but this white stuff comes from the girl's place and u were praying are u suppose to get out from praying and do wudhu? or get shower? or keep praying?thanks (jazakallah khaya may Allah reward u janah) ameen
25th October 2007

Salwar khameez

is it permissable to wear a salawar khemeez for sisters as the the bottoms as you know seem to me to resemble trousers of men
is it permissable to wear such clothing for muslim women?
25th October 2007


are women allowed to wear makeup on face while reading salaah.
17th October 2007

Forcing a girl to wear scarf

just wanted to know that isit bad to force a girl wearing a head scarf, if the girl don't want to wear scarf and not ready for it, what happens?
4th October 2007

Issues within the community

According to shariah, is it permissible for a woman to voice her opinion on issues that is of particular concern to her within her community?
4th October 2007

Horse riding

Can muslim women who are not married ride a horse?
4th October 2007

Hardship regarding niqaab

assalamualaykum, inshallah you are in the best of health and imaan, recently, i have come to the decision of wearing the niqaab, i am 17yrs of age and feel that i should, for the pleasure of Allah only, however my family won't allow me, im the 2nd youngest in the family and all my sisters adn parents do not wish for me to wear it, they feel it is 'extreme' and uneccessary, i still wear it regardless,however only to college and whilst out with friends, my family won't allow me to wear it whilst in their company, for example when we go shopping or go to a relatives house, they criticise me n mimick me-using my flaws to attack me n my imaan, i wish to please my parents but i know Allah comes first and i find it really hard, at times i feel ashamed of my family's mentality of thinking, i do not think im better than them, however they put me down when ever possible, please help me, jazakallah
barakhallah feek!