28th April 2008

Niqaab and hijaab

I am a muslim sister that would like some clarity on niqaab. Does wearing hijaab include the covering of the face and I would like to know which verses in the quraan state the covering of the face for women?
26th April 2008


due to the contraception i use (contraception is for medical reasons) i have vaginal 'spottings' which is small drops of blood everyday. can i pray namaz and read the quran and fast?
25th April 2008



why do women get married early
25th April 2008

Going out

are muslim girls aloud to go out with their friends wihtout an adult? for example ice skating?
25th April 2008


asalam alikum mufti sir iam a 16 year old girl and iam willing to inshaAllah wear the niqab. But my family dislike this people in my family will not talk to me as they did when i wore jilbab 1 year ago for about 1 week. when i do cover up people in my family think that iam turning myself old before my age and say that hust praying salah is following islam. what can i do shall i just walk out in a niqab and make my family angry as explining does not work with them. jazakallah khai
24th April 2008

Does female circumcision have its place in Islaam

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Assalaamu alaykum

dear mufti saab,
can you please advice me of the islamic ruiling(from the four madhabs if possible) on female circumcision as a convert alhamdulilah these questions have arisen within my family and also with other muslim sisters.

also could you please advise me if there is any daleel as to wheather our beloved nabi salallahu alahie wasalaams daughters(radiyallahu anhum)were or were not

jazakallahu khair

walykumusalaam wr wb
23rd April 2008

Screening or parda between women

Aslamo laikum wr wb dear honorable mufthi.
is there screening between men and women in the masaajid, and when was the parda/screen at gatherings between men and women required in time of Rasoolullah saws? i heard that Amir ul mumineen Umar Farooq ra advised the Prophet saws about the parda/screen between men and women is that right so too?
jazkmullah khair.
23rd April 2008


Is a Lady who has graduateed as a teacher work in a school where also men work?
20th April 2008

Body changing

Assalamu alaikum,

Is it permissible to change in of the body features such as tatoos or sexual organs if the you fear not pleasing your marital partner?

There are new products on the market that talk about natural enlargements of breats and male sexual organs.

Are these as well as temporary tatoo/hair dye etc.

what is the ruling on women that pierce their naval's and is it allowed if the husband requests?
15th April 2008

Covering in front of mahrem


I believe I have been told that we are to cover our chests (navel to knee ) in front of our mahrem brothers and fathers ?
Please could you kindly assist by providing evidence for this

14th April 2008

Abortion / Miscarriage

Could you please explain the rulings regarding bleeding after an abortion or miscarriage? Is the bleeding considered to be impure therefore the woman cannot perform her salaat or fast during this time? Please give as much detail as possible on the matter. Jazak alla khair
14th April 2008



q1: is it permissable 4 women to pray salaat with henna on?
q2:is a unclean women allowed to go near & look at a deceased person?

q3:if u do zikhr bare headed is it counted?

q4: am i allowed to snip a few inches pf my hair 4 healthy grow?

23rd March 2008

Taking lessons

Can an unmarried women take horse riding lessons?
22nd March 2008

Wearing surmah/eyeliner outside of the home

assalamualaykum, inshallah this reaches you in the best of health and imaan, i was wondering on the islamic view points of wearing surmah outside of the home, i wear the niqaab, im so used to wearing surmah i have to wear it everyday, i was wondering if there is any sin on me wearing it outside, especially as i uncover my eyes only, inshallah i await your response,
7th March 2008

Extent of not covering in front of mahrem


Please could you inform us of the extent we can go to of not covering. I ask this question because some people believe it is ok to wear see through clothes and not cover up their chests which show all their under garments in front of their fathers and brothers ?
26th February 2008

Continuos discharge

I have been told that when you get discharge your namaaz is not accepted.I have to keep changing is there an alternative.

10th February 2008

Strict veil

salam,i have a difficult question that has been troubling me for quite some time,i would be more then gratefull if you could help me???? i have been in full veil since the age of 13,.i am now 27,i have therefore been doing strict veil from all gaar mehrims(al hamdo-lilah)untill 1 year ago,last year my brother inlaw came in the uk,and had been living at my house for some time,i could not do veil from him as my husband did not approve of this and said he has no family accept us,so i did not do veil from him,even though my family was clearly against this.i found t his very difficult,but my inlaws would allways tell me that i was wrong to do strict veil with there own family members,as they do not understand in strict veil.they found it very bad that i did not talk with my brother inlaw for a long time,i then promised myself that inshallah the day my brother inlaw gets married i will start purdah with him as he will not be needing much help,when one has a partner.but just recently he got married with my own sister that is becoming an alima,and she is doing full veil from the family male members including my husband.this has become even hard on me as i wanted to do strict veil form my brother inlaw,but now he has become more close,i have asked my inlaws if i can do veil,and they disagree,please tell me what would be best,to make my allah happy or my inlaws???? jazakallah
28th January 2008

Removing hair permanently

Assalam alaikum!
Is it permissible to remove facial hair along with eyebrows(if very dense) permanently by laser or any other method?
21st January 2008


Are women allowed to wear jeans if they are loose and not tight. because after all jeans are trousers made with denim material so would it be permissible to wear it if not tight?

21st January 2008

Eyeliner (kohl)

alsalamo alaykoom,
is it ok for girls/women to wear eyeliner/kohl in public?