11th March 2013

Covering of the face

I am not entirely convinced that the niqab is compulsory for I have heard otherwise from some sources including hadith.
I would like to be sure that it is compulsory before i go against my father's will by wearing it.

Among these sources is the hadith narrated by Aisha(ra) that Asma, the daughter of abu bakr, came to see the prophet (saw) wearing a thin dress. The prophet turned away and said to her, "oh Asma, when any woman reaches the age of puberty, she cannot reveal any part of her body except this and this." And he pointed to his hands and face.
Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi

And i heard from another source that there were some women in the prophet's(saw) lifetime who did not cover their faces yet he(saw) didn't say anything.

I do not find some of dalail given for Niqab convincing of which are:

"Oh Prophet SAW! Say to your wives, your daughters and the believing women that they should lower their jilbaabs unto them... (Surah Al-Ahzaab, verse 59)

Muhammad ibn Seereen RA said : ‘Ubaidah As-Salmaani RA asked regarding the commentary of this verse, thus he covered his face and head but exposed his left eye.

Ibn Abbas RA said : Allah has commanded the believing women that when they come out of their houses due to a necessity, they should cover their faces from top of their heads using their jilbaabs and only expose one eye.

In the verse quoted above it does not specify to cover the face but many of the sahaba could have interpreted it to include the face because of piety.

Why is it that many ulema have concluded that niqab is not obligatory including sheikh yusuf al qaradawi. This makes the whole matter very confusing.

What should i do if my parent's are of this opinion and won't allow me to wear niqab?

1st November 2012

White Gold Rings


Are woemn allowed to wear white gold rings?

1st November 2012

Platinum rings?


I have recently read a question on this site regarding women which states we are only able to wear rings made of real gold and silver.

I would just like to clarify- does that mean we are not able to wear rings made of platinum? And also is thr any ruling on stones like diamonds etc?

15th May 2012



women normally get a yellowy discharge throughout the month.is wudhu broken whenever she gets it?



15th May 2012


Im new to this site, and im not too sure how to use it well so please forgive me if i make any mistakes.
I have recently started to become more practising in my deen and unfortunately my parents have not understood my change, i come from a family of very western thinkers and they do not why i have to cover. I have tried to explain to them with patience that as a muslim women i should be covering and i have even tried to explain that this is what Allah commands us to do in the quraan in several places, however they have recently also tried to make out that intermingling and talking to men is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it. I have tried very hard to explain that we as muslims should abide by the laws of segregation, but i have had some difficulty..i was just wondering if you could help me explain to them or if you could give me any hadith or quraanic quotes that can back my arguement up..i would really appreciate it and inshAllah maybe they can understand where im coming from..or more importantly what Allah has commanded us to do.
JazakAllah khair for any replies.
Fi amanillah
Your sister in Islam
15th May 2012


is there's any restrictions for a mulim girl to take full hijab including the covering of face?
15th May 2012

Wearing perfume

In question #2174 a person has asked about using perfumes with alcohols. You had said that perfume with a certain type of alcohol is permissible but I have heard that women are not allowed to wear perfumes at all. Is this true?
15th May 2012

White discharge

A woman prayed Maghrib salah, and then immediately afterwards began performing the two rak'ah sunnah salah. During the sunnat prayer, she felt that she has had white discharge. After finishing the sunnah, she checked her clothing and confirmed that there was indeed a discharge.

Does she also have to repeat her fard salah, despite her having no knowledge of any discharge at the time of performing it, or does she only have to repeat just that salat during which she intially felt the discharge?
2nd December 2011

Reciting quran during mensturation

salam 3lilkum ,
is it allowed for a menturating women to recite quran within ones heart or recite it off the P.c, without touching any of the words?

jazak allahu khairan
22nd November 2010


mufty sahib
we have 6 children ages 12 11 7 5 3 and 1
on her last pregnency my wife got gastational diabetes also she became animic and her blood liver count became low
my youngest son who is 1 year and 4 months is very hand ful his sleeping eating and general behaviour is very challanging for my wife
3 of my other children have eczyma with one has asthma
my wife has fallen pregnant again and she feels she can't cope anymore
is it possible for her to have an abortion
and wait a few years until the rest of the children have grown up a little so she can focus and do proper tarbiyat of them
29th October 2009


Asslamaikum warahmtullah wabarakatohu

Where it is stated that women are allowed to have their ears pierced, i understand the prophets wives wore earings, but there is no mention that their ears were pierced to accomodate these.
Also what is the status on nose piercings as some scholars say it is allowed while others say it is not allowed.

26th October 2009

Confusing Haiz


I got paak from a normal period on 22nd August,2008.

Then during Ramadaan 2008, i saw a bit of brownish discharge on 26th September at 6.30 pm so i carried on with my roza but missed Asar, Maghrib and Isha.

Then, because no other normal period symptoms were apparent, i fasted the next day,27th, and prayed all five salaah.

The next day, 28th, again i saw brownish discharge at 6.15pm so i missed Asar, Maghrib and Isha. Again i didnt break my fast in case it wasnt haiz.

I then waited till 30th September and because i hadnt seen anything at all i finally had a bath and started to pray namaaz.

During this whole period in my heart i felt it wasnt haiz but wasnt sure what to do.

A few weeks later i found out i was pregnant and my scan showed the first day of my pregnancy was the 20th September- therefore the few days i had spotting, was whilst i was pregnant.

I appreciate this is a confusing mas'ala but i am in desperate need of a solution so i can determine

1) How many, if any, Qaza rozas i need to keep

2) How many, if any, qaza salah i need to pray.

Jazakallah very much for your time.
May you all br e rewarded well for your efforts for the ummah.
1st July 2009


if one is raped or has committed zina is she allowed to have abortion as she knows that life for her is difficult as she will have to face the society and her family members, who most likely will threaten to disown her?or can she try other possibilities to loose the child?if not what should she do in a situation like that? or can she give birth but have the baby adopted?
11th January 2009


would all my mums mahrams be my mehrams too, as in her uncles an her granparents etc except her nephews obviously
19th December 2008

Ghair Mahraams


Can you please provide a list of which persons a women should make hijaab from (Ghair Mahrams) please. Also are there any exceptions aswell.

13th December 2008


i am 49 years old
i have irregular periods but i basically know most rules regarding maximum days of period etc
my discharge is the problem both at the beginning when i am about to start and towards the end of my period the discharge is a more creamy colour
for instance today (my 9th day of periods starting) the discharge is not brown or pink but a creamy colour which then later days will become more whitish/yellow colour(when dry). this creamy colour will dry to a very pale beige/cream colour. can i read my namaz or do i still wait for a white discharge ?
3rd December 2008

Brown/yellow vaginal discharge after habitual days of haidh

Respected Mufti Sahab,

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

Innal Allaha la yastahyee minal Haq!

My habit is of bleeding 8 days every month. This time I had a white discharge on the 7th day of the month. Thinking that I had attained purity, I bathed and started praying but soon after on the same day [i.e. 7th day] I saw some dark brown discharge. Since my habit was that of 8 days, I stopped praying and therefore, did not fast and pray on the 8th day. However, at night of the 8th day, in accordance with my habit, without waiting to see a white discharge, I bathed and prayed the Isha salah. Then I fasted and prayed on the 9th day, but again saw some light brown discharge at 'asr time. Now, I am a bit confused. Should I consider this haidh or istihadah?

I am thinking that this is what I should do. Please correct me, if this is not the right approach and advise me otherwise. I should stop praying and fasting until the tenth day. If I have the brown/non-white discharge on the 11th day also, then that would mean I am suffering from istihadah. Therefore, I should take the first 8 days as haidh, in acc to my habit and make up prayers/fast for the 9th and 10th day. If this is the case, then does my fast that I kept and prayers that I prayed on the 9th day count at all, or do I have to repeat them anyways?
Wa Salaam
3rd December 2008

Women going to the mosque

i am abit confused as i have heard by some people that women should not be really going to the mosque as it is more rewarding bto pray at home.
2nd December 2008

Free mixing

assalamualaykum, my college is free mixed, wherever you go there is fitnah, you have hijabi sisters openly fornicating with brothers, its really heartbreaking, i was thinking of writing an article on free mixing adn distributing them around college, however my knowledge is limited, i was hoping that inshallah you may be able to help me by quoting some hadiths and Qur'an
jazakallah for your time and effort
may Allah be pleased with you
27th November 2008

Reciting from dua book while on period

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhui recently bought a pocket size dua book which i find very useful and have been using alot lately as it is in arabic and english. I was just wondering is it ok to carry on reading this dua book during the time of the month? And do i need to do wudu before touching this dua book at any time?jazakallahu khairan