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26 days bleeding

Last updated: 12th October 2006
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I have very iregular periods sometimes they will last for a whole month and then i wont have any bleeding for two months. Recently i started bleeding on the 14th of September and this finished on 9th October, a total of 26 days. The bleeding was light for a few days and then very heavy for the rest of the days. Would this all count as being on my period? and when would it be sufficient for me to start praying my salat because i heard that your period only lasts maximum 10 days and after this is it a bleeding vein..please help ..thankyou


Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

According to Imaam Abu Haneefah, one has to bleed for atleast 3 days for it to be regarded as a menstruational period. Farthermore, a menstruational period cannot exceed 10 days according to him. Any discharge seen for less than three days or after 10 days will be regarded as Istihaadhah.
The injunctions that apply for a person in their menstruational period do not apply for a person in the state of Istihaadhah. Therefore, after 10 days, she will have to take a bath (Ghusal) and perform salaah, and she can recite the Qur'aan shareef as well. However she will have to ensure that she is clean each time she starts her Salaah, and make a fresh Wudhu for each Salaah, as she will be considered a Ma'zoor. (Nurul-Iydhaah, Hidaayah)

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In your case, you firstly need to observe how many days you normally get your period for. Suppose your cycle is such that you habitually get your period for six days. Then six days will be regarded as your 'HABIT'. If your period exceeds your 'HABIT' at anytime, but stops at, or before the completion of 10 days, then all the days will be regarded as your menstruational period. However, if the bleeding exceeds the 10 day limit, only the first six days of your 'HABIT' will be counted as a menstruational period, and the rest of the days will be Istihaadhah. You will take a Ghusal (bath) on the 11th day and you will have to perform Qadhaa of the Salaah you missed after the 6th day. (Maulana ashraf Ali Thanwi R.A. - Khawaateen ke Masaail aur unka Hal, Hidaayah)

If you are so irregular that you do not have any 'HABIT', or you cannot remember your 'HABIT', you should regard 10 days as your period and the rest as Istihaadhah. (Mufti Azeezur-Rahmaan Saahib - Khawaateen ke Masaail aur unka Hal, Hidaayah)

And Allaah knows best.

Wa Billaah-it-tawfiq.


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28th April 2008
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