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Last updated: 3rd December 2005
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Assalamu alaykum

My question is regarding istihaza in the form of vaginal discharge. If a woman frequently discharges, yet at times can not tell when it happens, would it be sufficient for her to perform wuzu at the beginning of each namaz time? (Although the discharge is not so continuous that she does not even have time to perform 2 rakats.)

Bismihi Ta'aalaa 4th Zul-Qa'dah 1426 - 5th December 2005

Since the discharge is not continuous she will not be classified as a Ma'zoor, thus she cannot take advantage of the concessions given to a Ma'zoor.

The ruling for a woman who discharges frequently (to such an extent that it goes unnoticed at times) is:-

(1) Her Salaat will be valid as long as she is not certain that discharge came out in Salaat. (Mere doubt of discharge flowing during Salaat will not render her Salaat invalid.)

(2) Such a woman should insert a tampon, pad etc. This will help to absorb the discharge. Until the discharge does not show on the area of the pad which is beyond the inner part of the vagina, wudhu will not break.

(Ahsan-ul-Fatawaa, Page 80, Part 1)

Allah (SWT) Knows Best (Mufti) Abdullah Patel.

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12th August 2006
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