21st July 2024


the process for selling my gold to a cash for gold place is as follows: I send the gold to the company so they can inspect it, they decide if they want it, if they make me a buy offer and I accept it, they will send me the funds the same day. Now if we agree on a fixed price when I decide to accept the buy offer and they pay later on in the day, is this permissible?

Likewise, if I was to sell scrap metal that I collected to a scrapyard or metal recycler and then we agree on a price and at the same time of accepting the offer, they take possession of the metal and say they will pay me sometime in the same day? Is this permissible or does the transaction need to happen at the same time? If it’s not permissible ,is there another way method I can use to make it permissible ?

13th July 2024

Online courses

Assalamualaikum, I want to sell coaching and a course online. Would it be permissible for me to only make the course part once people buy so I know if its in demand? The coaching will be available once they buy.

That way I would save alot of time and I would just say to the customer(s) once they buy, that the coaching they have access to immediately but the course part would be ready in the next 4 to 5 days and they can tell me if they want any specific modules to be added

2nd July 2024

Business partners

1.)does a business partner affect if your business income will be haram or not ? Let’s say someone had a non mahram female who didn’t cover up properly and the minimal communication barrier was broken in the sense that the male and female were close and talked about more than just business or someone had a business partner and he was a deviant who may mock Islam or someone who was a non Muslim and the two business partners already had a very close friendship, even if someone was to sell only halal products with all the partners listed above, would their income still be halal?

2.)if someone (person 1) wanted to do a specific business with one person (person2) and they told this person about the business idea and he agreed (person2) but person 1 did that specific business with a completely different person instead, will person 1s income be halal from that specific business or not (he sells completely halal products)

3.) Likewise if person 1 tells
Person2 that he’s interested in doing business with person2 and person 2 agrees but then person1 doesnt do it with person 2 and instead, person1, who behind person 2s back, collaborates on person3s business (person1 didn’t reveal the business idea to person 2, he simply said to person2 that he wanted to collaborate with their business) who is also doing the same business as person2 , will this make person 1s income haram for doing business with person 3 instead even though he vaguely verbally agreed to collaborate on the same business as person2
26th June 2024

Making a condition that 30% of income from Masjid will go towards charitable works

"The individual intends to purchase land for a mosque, estimated to cost approximately £200,000, and intends to dedicate (waqf/وقف) this land for the mosque. However, there is a condition attached. After 4/5 years, once the mosque is established and funds start accruing through donations, etc., 30% of the money will be allocated to support the individual's madrassa for orphans in Afghanistan, following the clearance of all mosque-related expenses. In the event that the community does not agree to allocate this money to the orphan's madrassa, it can be directed to Afghanistan for various welfare projects, such as building schools, aiding the impoverished, reconstructing fallen bridges, or any other charitable endeavors."
Please note that the renovation will take place through donation and not this particular individual will do all the renovation process all by himself.
Is doing such thing ie; making such a condition that 30% would be spend there, is permissible according to Islam bearing in mind all the stated information. Please answer with evidences as answer will be shared with the community Insha'Allah later.
Jazakumullahu Khair
17th June 2024

Investing in shares according to AAOIFI

Salam alaykum,

I started investing in shares a few months ago. I've already put in over 400 euros. To determine whether a company is halal, I use the Musaffa application, which claims to follow the AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) methodology. Can I continue to invest in this way? If not, should I sell everything immediately?

May Allah reward you for your efforts
9th June 2024

Rulling on reselling

There was a football match in my place, and finding tickets for them is very tough. My friend's cousin works in an agency which buys these tickets in bulk, I advertised selling these tickets in my university and had many buyers, I had my friend's cousin who's working in the agency buy the tickets for me, the agency was selling the tickets at a profit price and they were well aware that I'm reselling it for my own profit. Example the agency got the tickets for $10, they sold it to me for $25 and I was selling it for $35, and even the customer who was buying the tickets is well aware about the original price as the original price clearly shows up on the ticket when I send them the details of it before they buy it. I made almost $2000 from it and wanted to know if the income here is halal or haram. If it is haram, what should be done with the money I have? Also my parents are unaware about this and I'm 19, am I supposed to tell them about it?
25th May 2024

Renting A Rented Flat Haram?

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters. So it works out like this, someone needed an X amount of money and own a flat so he decided to give it to me for a year so I can have the rent for a year and then end of the year he will get back his flat and i will get my money back. Theres no extra money or interest involved (meaning the rent payer will not have his rent increased or have their contract changed in anyway). Its a simple ethical trade. Is that considered haram? Thank you
20th June 2023

Benefit money

Assalamu alaykum

When I first got married almost 23 years ago my husband was working in the family business like he had been since he was 16, and so he still wasn’t earning a proper wage. However after my son was born he applied for working family tax credit and child tax credit and ‘adjusted’ the records to be eligible. (In fact he showed he was earning more than he was receiving as his wage was too low to be eligible). And he again adjusted the records to remain eligible when I started teaching in maktab.

Some time ago there was a mixup and we stopped receiving one of the benefits and so started receiving free school meals instead. However my husband sorted it out straight away and we started receiving both benefits again, but the free school meal benefits remained. (this included free school trips and a free school uniform voucher and now also includes holiday lunch money vouchers since COVID and there was even a large one off payment last year).
He has called them a few times to cancel but they say we’re eligible and we’re still receiving the free meals and other benefits.

My son doesn’t eat the school meals and I stopped spending the holiday vouchers because I felt it was dishonest and cheating, but I keep receiving them and I’m wondering if it’s allowed for me to use them? My husband has told them to cancel but they aren’t. Can I think of it as Allah’s favours?

He hasn’t been able to work for the past 15 years due to mental health issues, but Alhamdulillah we weren’t really struggling because of his father’s support, but I’m getting a divorce and worried about saving for my future. Alhamdulillah I have my fathers support but I don’t want to be a burden.
10th May 2023

Third party money exchange is it haram

Salam alaikum.

I do money exchange where If a client needs naira, i would look for someone in nigeria that needs pounds and aid the exchange while collecting the difference in rate. For example if pounds to naira is 920 to £1 and naira to pounds is 935 to £1 i would get the 15naira difference. Is this haram earning or halal
10th March 2023

Is Affiliate Marketing Brand Bidding Income Halal or Haram?

Salam. I engage in a business activity called Affiliate Marketing Brand Bidding or Affiliate Marketing Trademark Bidding. A Google search will be able to explain it better than I can. Is the income generated from this haram or halal?

I am aware that Affiliate Marketing income is halal, but this is slightly different as it involved going against 1 term. It is completely legal, but companies that pay you generally suggest against it in their terms. It is allowed by search engines & by the law as mentioned. It is business and from my understanding it doesn’t serve any net loss to the company, even if it did - that is the case in every business. The rule only exists because companies are greedy. They do monitor ads and if seen it is their responsibility to forfeit your payment if seen going against their rules, but sometimes they don’t notice as it doesn’t cause any harm to them. If you google “Affiliate Marketing Trademark Bidding” you will get a better understanding of the business model and be able to advise better, I have left a brief summary of the business model below but if there are any questions regarding the business model please reply or feel free to google.

About business model :
Simply put, affiliate brand bidding is the practice of affiliate partners using their own funds to create and display ads on Google and other search engines. These ads appear on consumer searches for your brand name.
6th January 2023

GAP Insurance

Assalamu alaykum,

Here in the UK car insurance is compulsory as we know. When buying or leasing a car on any sort of finance (including 0% interest) car dealers offer you an optional insurance called GAP insurance. This is because if the car is written off ( by accident, theft or fire) the insurance will pay out the current market value of the car not the purchase price (what you still owe). The insurance money goes to the owner ( the lender) and if there is a shortfall you the customer have to pay the the GAP insurance is supposed to cover the shortfall..

Is taking this GAP insurance permissable?
1st December 2022

Money invested used for a different purpose and then stolen. Can we claim back our money?

As salam alaykum respected shuyukh... I need a fiqhi answer to a financial issue...can you kindly please help me .. Jazakumullahu khayran... . Here is my question :

In February 2020, my husband and I invested money with one of his friends.
The basis of that investment initially was that, after every 3 months, we get 25 % profit of the amount of money invested. HIs activity was buying expensive cars at a cheaper price through channels, fixing them and reselling them for more. According to him, his business was successful and no mention of any risk or loss has been mentioned at that time.

After a couple of days, I realised that it was a form of ribaa to get a fixed amount so my husband contacted him to change the conditions of the deal, so this becomes halal.

We agreed on continuing on a basis of partnership, and on the fact that we may not make a fixed and expected profit, and that our profit will depend on how much profit he makes.

The brother sent to my husband this message :

“The percentage is based on 5.5% return more or less on 10K. That makes roughly around 5k up and down as profit based on the product value. This is an investment only and if you investing same amount roughly then it’s same figure roughly unless you invest more amount.”

After a year, my husband enquired about the investment and the brother informed him that he lost all the money. He invested the money in a different activity, which is importing or exporting cars to sell them. He told my husband that the cars he bought have been stolen on the journey, hence he lost all the money.

I have personally invested all my savings on the basis that the investment is sure and will generate profit. My husband also on his side invested a big amount. Now when we try to contact the brother, his answers are not clear, in the sense we don’t know when, how much and if he is going to give us our money back. Also, from his message, it seems that for him, giving the money back is not a must but rather out of his benevolence.
Now, more time passes and less he is willing to give the money back.

So my questions are :
Are we in our right to ask the money back and still consider this money as ours? Or is this money a debt upon him if he decides not to give them back?

Was it right for him to invest in another activity without consulting us?

Do we have to pay zakat al maal upon this money? (I am maliki, my husband is hanafi)

What do you advise as a solution?

Jazakumullahu khayran for your time and guidance.
28th September 2022

Finance for home

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

I am looking into buying a house and I am researching into few islamic finance providers.

In the mean time I came across this website.

I would like to have some guidance in the financial system offered by the following website.

Should a Muslim be pursuing it.
1st July 2022

Bank transactions

I am doing a business for that i need go daily riba based bank for business transactions. Is it permissible?. Without bank i cant do that business now what can i do?
5th April 2022

Hair brush business


I have a company which i sell hair brushes and these hair brushes their bristles are made out of boar and im not sure if its 10 % made from boar or 50 or etc but im just curious to know if i can still sell them and currently i have 300 brushes left jazakallah
23rd August 2021

Job offer in a neobank

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

I have a question regarding a career offer

I am a software engineer & I have got an offer in a company that is a neobank. unlike a conventional bank that earns using loan & interest, neobanks charge merchants fee on every transaction. The company does give out loans (and earns interest) but the majority of the profit it earns is through halal means (we checked their financial statements)

My role as a software engineer is to provide a platform that manages their data for analytical purposes. The purpose is not in my control and business can use it for all sorts of purposes e.g. to make their app better, detect fraud cases, and a lot more

Kindly advise if the offer is worth taking. Alhamdulillah the offer is very beneficial both learning wise and salary-wise and even if I work for 1-2 years, it will be helpful in my next job
27th March 2020

Logo Designing for Alcohol (Sharaab) Business

Assalam O Alaikum
We all know that as Muslim, Using alcohol or sharaab is strictly prohibited and Haraam in our religion.
I've a question. I do graphic designing and most of my clients are non Muslims from USA and other countries. Some clients ask me to make a logo for their business and they sale alcohol (Sharaab). So is it also haram to design or make a logo for a business that sales alcohol?
26th March 2020

Profit on Deposit

Asslam u Alaikum
My question is, my aunt is a widower, she has a son (about 18 years of age) who does not earn much, she has two daughters. She has some money, will it be permissible for her to deposit that money in a bank and take profit. She has no other source of income.