Todays Issues

Todays Issues
24th June 2007

Backbiting in personal diaries


If something bad is written down about a person like in a personal diary is this allowed or is it still known as backbiting?
Todays Issues
12th June 2007

Exercise classes [urgent]

I need to know if women r allowed to attend
keep-fit classes where they have to work to music, with the sole purpose of
keeping fit & healthy & not cos of the music.
I really urgently need to know this before this thursday as that is
when the classes take place.

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2nd June 2007

Prophets birthday

I know celebrating the Prophet S.A.W birthday is haraam, and i only have a few reasons as to why it is so. However my friend celbrates the prophets birthday and asked me why we cant. i dont have enough evidence and hadiths to back-up my point.
So i ask for your help!
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2nd June 2007


salam,what does islam say regardin racism?

because in this day an age i seem to find alot of racism everywhere.

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31st May 2007


Why is it that in Islam,lots of things are recommended to be done with the right-hand? What does this signify? Then what about left-handers?
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30th May 2007

Mens jewellery

for a man to wear silver is ok, however as far as i know that is the only type of material that we can wear now is it ok to wear any other metal such as gold white gold platinum etc.. also does items such as diamonds also fall under this area?
Todays Issues
28th May 2007

Wearing of chain

my question is are man allowed to wear chain, around the neck. its because people thinks is't cool to wear it. their say silver chain is allowed. so i wouuld be gratful if you could answer my question. jajakallah
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27th May 2007

Work in off linsence shop

I have got a job in a grocerry shop with off lisence. My work is to carry or to lift the things. Is that halal or haram for me in that shop
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27th May 2007

Women singing

Is it permissible for men to listen to nasheeds (without music) sang by women?
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26th May 2007

Doing sajdah of an ayah you heard on tape

SalaamDo you have to do Sajdah if you hear it on an audio such as tape or on the internet?
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22nd May 2007


is it permissable to pierce the belly button, and is their any sin if done?
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21st May 2007

Black majic


whats the best way to sending clothes to india without getting black magic done on you?

i heard that if u wash the clothes before u parcel them, then they can't do it, is this true?

can u please provide a way?



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19th May 2007

Issues concearning drugs

i was told once that if you are intoxicated with drugs and you are in a stable condition and you can realize that it is time for namaz and ALLAH is caling you to pray you are allowed to pray and i have also heard that if you are intoxicated you are not allowed to say anything from the QURAN so you can see where the confusion lies.
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19th May 2007

Pirated cds

Asslamu Alaikum

I useto by a lot of cds thosedays , and all of these are pirated/copied as in my country this is common practice.
Anyway, since recently i have realised that violating copyrights is an immorality and is also against islamic principles.
I now have a whole cupboard full of prated cds which i have abandoned.
What should i do with these?
Should i destroy them by burning or what?
Please advice me on this.

Assalamu Alaikum.
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2nd March 2007

Women leader

I was ask this question by a student, can a women lead a jammat namaz of only women?
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9th January 2007

Trimming of beard

Is it permissible for a man doing qurbani, to trim his beard in the month of dhul hijjah
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26th December 2006

Compensation from consumer court

I am a momina of 45 years of age residing in chennai(INDIA).I had undergone surgery for remaval of stones in my gall the operation was not performed properly i had developed complications after the operation.i had to undergo another surgery in another hospital to rectify this complication.i had to spend a lakh of rupee for this second addition i had to undergo physical and mental torture because of the negligence of the doctor who performed the first such i have decided to go to the conumer court nad file a case against the doctor and hospital..
Now my question is 1.if i am awarded a compensation of say 5 lack rupees though the actual amount spent by me will be rs.1.25 lacks for the second operation will the balance amount of 3.75 lacks be haram or halal..
plz keep it in mind that i had to undergo a lot of physical and mental torture and i am unable to perform my normal household activities for the past 3 months(i.e)from the the time of my operation...i am awaiting ur early reply.
thanking u....
Todays Issues
13th December 2006

Taking Ghusal and Salaat issues.

Assalamu'alaikum to all.

Dear sir, i have 2 questions.

1: Whenever i take ghusal, i get evil and dirty thoughts in my mind although i try my best to keep it out. Is this okay? or must i take it with a clean mind?

2. During salaat, i too get some of these images and thoughts although i try my best to keep it out. Is it okay and i can carry on my prayers? or do i restart and do it with out thinking anything evil?

Assalamu'alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathu
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10th December 2006

haram things

my freinds at school have encourage to hang around with them as i have been doing a few terrible bad sins e.g swearing looking at harm pictures
what can i do to revtreive my self and to ask figivness from Allah (the greatest and most merciful)
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7th December 2006


is cashback permissible? cashback is when a company promises the customer to return all or part of the line rental of a mobile phone contract taken through them thus making it line rental free or cheap.