Todays Issues

Todays Issues
9th December 2007

Giving womens clothes to tailors

Aslam-0-alikum warehmat ALLAH wbrakatauho

Is it permisible for muslim women to go to gents tailors and give them their dresses for measurements?in perspective of that HAdees that muslim women(with NON_MAHRAM) should always speak without any softness and politeness in their voices might it generate bad thoughts in others mind and heart,,, so isnt DRESS given for measurement would do the same .....??
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7th November 2007


assalamu alaikum
Just today I was telling someone that music is haram and I told them hadiths to back it up but that person told me that some hadiths are false, is this true.I know there are weak hadiths but I'm not sure about false.And is it right to say that?
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26th October 2007

So called witch craft night: haloween

what is this night about? and as a nu muslim,how do i approach it?
Todays Issues
26th October 2007


salam i jst wnrd to knw dat r we allowed to use perfum with alcahool(armani,boss etc...)because i aint sure sme ppl say dat we are nd sme say we dnt sme say dat alcahool it evaporates so dats y wer allowed.salam
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17th October 2007

Pregnant woman watching Television

Whilst I acknowlege that watching television is haraam, my wife who is pregnant has heard from her family that watching TV will harm her expected baby i.e. that the baby will be affected by Shaiytan having heard the television/music whilst in the womb.My question is thus:Can the haraam act committed by the mother eg watching television influence the unborn child? However my wife does other acts that are haraam. For example, she will habitat a coffee shop that has no segregation between the sexes and plays music instead of going to a movie/watching TV? Is that simply not substituting one haraam act for another?She says that going to that coffee shop is haraam but will not affect her unborn child, but has heard that watching TV will.I feel that the haraam act/conduct of a parent has no bearing on an unborn child?I also think that the thought that pregnant women should not be watching television (as the unborn child will be corrupted by it) is simply a metaphorical means of saying that television is haraam.Please may I have your comment.
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14th October 2007


i would like to know if nicknames are allowed in islam.
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8th October 2007

MEN & Jewellery

are men allowed to wear a silver chain or bracelets.

i have heard that it is not permissable
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4th October 2007


Is it permissable for muslim people to be on MSN laughing and joking freely i do not do this but am wondering for my muslim friends who do talk to boys online i dnt know whether it is gunaah for them pls answer?

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3rd October 2007

Davinci code

assalomoalaikum i am reading the book called the davinci code in there they mention a woman named mary magdalene, what i would like to know is that wether a woman of such ever existed in the time of the prophet isa (a.s) also iwould like to know about st goerges cross on the union jack because its every where on boys clothing personally i dont like it because to me it just looks like cross. if i have the answers to these questions it would help me to educate my boys especially now that the football world cup is around the corner. jazakallah.
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29th September 2007

Muslim taxi drivers

Assalam alay kum Muslim brothers and sisters,

Sometimes I wonder what is halaal or haraam in Islam, because I see muslim brothers driving taxis, who have done the hajj and umrah, read namaz 5 times a day and go to mosques and then they go to supermarkets picking non muslim peoples shopping up, with their own hands and put into their own cars, which contains all sorts of haraam foods eg. alcohol, dog food, haraam meat etc. Also my muslim brothers go collect drunk people on fiday nights when they can be sick in their car. I was wondering whether this is a respectable job for muslim brothers to do seeing as it involves all sorts of haraam items? So would being a taxi driver be a halaal living or haraam living?

Todays Issues
29th September 2007

Fake jewellry

it is very common among the women of today to wear fake rings and jewellry. is this type of jewellry permitted. mostly worn in weddings as adornment.
Todays Issues
29th September 2007

Al Aqsa Mosque


Is the mosque with the golden dome Al Aqsa? coz i read on net that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is not that & the reason why the media keep showing the golden dome is so ppl forget what Al-Aqsa looks like. Also Hard Liner Jews want 2 destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque & want 2 rebuild their Temple. Does it say in the Quran or Hadiths if the Al-Aqsa M. will be destroyed or will it be protected by Allah until the end times.

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29th September 2007

Hayatis Deobandis and Mamaati Deobandis


I have seen two kinds of deobandis , Hayaatis who beleive that the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam is alive and and Mamaatis who beleive that the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam is NOT alive.

Q1) Which one are you
Q2) If the Hayaatis are correct and Mamaatis are wrong, Since Deobandis are of both kinds, Hayaati Deobandi and Maati Deobandi is it correct to assume that there are Deobandis with good aqeeda and Deobandis with bad aqeeda with regards to the Hayat of the blessed Nabi sallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Please reply clearly and to the point and gain reward, inshallah.
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26th September 2007

Are non-sexual gay relationships permitted?

Is a homosexual relationship with no sex permitted in Islam?
please answer as soon as possible, may Allah be with you.
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26th September 2007

Haram namaz

are u allowed to watch namaz from haram (intrnet,t.v wotever the means)
does it make a diffrence if it is live or not
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16th September 2007

Help me

What shall i tell someone who tells me that everyone allready knows what you look like so what the sense of doing perdah at such a late age?What if you suffer from depression and ure stuck in the house 24-7 and you only get to go out sometimes then is perdah wajib upon you?

Ive got this problem,dont know if im going crazy or something but i get lots of internal thoughts.they dont stop ever and its making me sick to the point that im crying over when i try to sleep at night the voice goes to me theres someone at the window or theres jinns by the bedroom door,due to voices at night i got to sleep with the bedroom light on which stays on till morning.Then sometimes i just get all these images in my head of me throwing my nephew against a wall or just killing him and other images.the voices never go away,ive asked Allah for help but they just wouldnt go away.someone told me that you get three set of voices,one from the angel thats with you,then one from shaitan and one from your nafs,is this true?
I get headaches all the time because of the voices and whisperings,i want to go to a molvi but i dont know if thats the right thing to do,can a alima help me with this or shall i check my self into the mental hospital.can you please help me out here.sorry if i sound like a crazy person or something.its gotten so bad that ive started talking to my self telling the voices to leave me alone,i read the three kuls surats and other stuff but can you help me out here.i would be so happy if you could .
forgive me again yea,jazakAllah.salamz.
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1st July 2007


I was just wondering what the ruling in Islam is on back-biting, with resources from the Bukhari and Muslim Hadiths... I was also wondering whether it is permissable for muslims to say "Astaghfirullah" upon seeing another fellow muslim brother or sister doing an unlawful act (in Islam)... or are we to keep silent and say nothing?... Please if you could, give the resources from the Bukhari or Muslim hadiths?!
JazakAllah Khair
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30th June 2007


Assalamu Alaikum,

Is sheesha allowed? Alot of people are using it as an alternative to smoking.

Wa Alaikumussalam

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27th June 2007

About doing th eeyebrows

Assalaamu 'Alaikum warahmatulla
I know that girls arn't allowed to do their eyebrows but some state that you are only allowed to do the middle which is line with the nose. Is this true? please let me know as it is a thing most common and if it is wrong then we shouldn't be doing it.
jazaakumullah khair
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24th June 2007

Can girls and boys casually talk?

Can different gender laugh and joke just be friends?

I'm asking this as i am a bit confused differnt people give different answers on forums