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accepting a job at a conventional bank

Last updated: 9th October 2019
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9th October 2019

ASSALAAM-U-ALAIKUM I AM INTO PAYMENTS DOMAIN(ATM,QR CODE, PAYTM, POS MACHINES) , THESE SERVICES DO NOT INCLUDE INTERESTS AT ALL. Now i am about to accept a role of manager at a conventional bank to handle these services would this be haram or halal. This is urgent i have only today


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

ATM machines fees charges are based on the services and not interest. So working in this capacity is permissible. With regards to working as a manager at a conventional bank will not be allowed, as the main source of income of these conventional banks is Riba thus, making your income Haram. (Ahsanul Fatawa V.7 Pg.22)

  أما تزويد البنك عميله بكشف الحساب وصرفه الشيكات له وتخويله حق الاستفادة من خدمات الصراف الآلي 

 مثلا فإن هذه ليست نقودا مدفوعة زيادة عن الدين وإنما هي خدمات

 مجلة مجمع الفقه الإسلامي ٩/ ٦٤٩

And Allah knows best

09 Safar 1441/ 09 October 2019


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13th November 2019
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