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smoking and suicide

Last updated: 3rd May 2006
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3rd May 2006

reading the reply to Q88 i was very surprised to read that smoking cannot be linked to a shorter life span as the period of every one's life is predetermined. However can this argument then not be extended to suicide as the person committing suicide can claim his period of life has been fixed by Allah already so his attempting suicide will not make any difference.

Bismihi Ta'alaa,

Suicide and Smoking can not be compared. Common sense would tell you that a person will not say, "I want to kill myself, i'm going to smoke."

It is a fact that many smokers have smoked and died due to excessive smoking. At the same time, there are smokers who have smoked their entire lives and was not a risk to their life.

Regardless of the logical rational behind the prohibition of suicide, suicide itself is proven Haraam through Sharee'ah. All the scholars are unanimous on this ruling.

Also, in the previous answer, it was stated near the beginning:
Please note, the following are not views to encourage smoking. Makrooh should be avoided to the extent of full regret and Tawbah (Repentance).

The source of many misunderstandings in rulings and opinions come from out of context comparison which can be very dangerous and incorrect rulings can be pointed at a scholar who did not say anything of the sort. We should avoid this to its core.

Note: This is an extension to Question #88. Please refer to the answer for a full understanding.

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8th May 2006
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Ulamaa ID 06
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