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Last updated: 13th March 2020
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I heard that the angel of death visits every house 5 times. Is it authentic and may you please also give the reference. jazakAllah Khairan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

The Hadith is Mawdu' (fabricated).

It is narrated on the authority of Anas Bin Malik (رضي الله تعالي عنه) that the Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: “ There isn`t a house by the door of which the Angel of Death doesn`t stand five times per day, so if he finds that the person ran out of food and reached the end of his life, then he would cast the stupor of death on him, then his family members would start crying and lamenting …………etc.”

This Hadith was narrated by Ibn Wad`daan in the 'Arba`een.

Al Suyuti said: “ The Wad`daani Ahadith aren`t traceable to the Prophet with such narrations; rather, some of their phrases are true as a kind of warning and advice. They were stolen by Ibn Wad`daan from Zaid Bin Refa`ah who had fabricated them.

قال القاري في موضوعاته : قال الجلال السيوطي في الذيل: إن الأحاديث الودعانية لا يصح فيها حديث مرفوع على هذا النسق بهذه الأسانيد ، وإنما يصح منها ألفاظ يسيرة وإن كان كلا منها حسنا وموعظة فليس كل ما هو حق حديثا بل عكسه وهي مسروقة سرقها ابن ودعان من واضعها زيد بن رفاعة
(الأربعون الودعانية الموضوعة, الكتاب من تقديم وتحقيق وتعليق علي بن حسن عبد الحميد الحلبي)

( أنظر ترجمة في ميزان الاعتدال 3\657-659)

And Allah knows best

20 ٍRajab 1441/ 15 March 2020

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15th March 2020
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