Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
14th September 2021


Assalamu'alaikum. What was the first thing that Allah SWT created?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
7th July 2021

21:30 says all living things are from water but jinns are from fire and angels are from light

21:30 of the Quran says all living things are from water but jinns are from fire and angels are from light. Can you answer this contradiction please
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
29th May 2021

Making tasbeeh while doing other chores

Assalamualaikum.i am Imran iam from India.i am a student.my question is can we do tasbeeh of allah while doing other chores such as writing,driving,cooking,working etc.is it permissible to do to tasbeeh in such situation or is it considered disrespectul.please answer my question
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
28th March 2020

Accidently reading something about astrology

In Islam it is forbidden to learn magic and astrology but nowadays the knowledge of magic and astrology has become so common that it is extremely widespread to the point that it has become unavoidable. Eg: in newspapers (there is an entire section dedicated to it ) So should even reading newspaper reading be prohibited ? As it is written in the hadith Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: If anyone acquires any knowledge of astrology, he acquires a branch of magic of which he gets more as long as he continues to do so.
By the above definition (according to hadith ) everybody on planet earth has learnt magic and is a disbeliever (if you have ever read something about astrology in the newspaper accidently) including sheikhs and scholars and every Muslim!!!!
It is just not possible to not come across something (to read something about astrology accidently )? What is the ruling on this ?
What if you read something about magic or astrology accidently. I was reading a book COMPLETELY NOT RELATED TO ASTROLOGY WHATSOEVER and suddenly while reading I read such and such thing is an astrological sign. I tore the page which said that such and such thing is an astrological sign Can I continue to read the book and learn from it.(Learn the clean things )? As the other parts of the book are important for me to read and learn,memorise ( which are free from anything related to astrology ,related to concepts of marketing )??(This latter part is very important and urgent for me)
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
22nd March 2020


Is keeping a beard fardh or fiqqi sunnah ? I heard a few scholars said that its fiqqi sunnah and i also read that most of the scholars say its fardh and including 4 imaams. May you please tell me what the hanafi school of thought says ?
And concerning the beard can we trim to make it look good ?
And are we allowed to shave ? Is it a sin ?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
15th March 2020


I heard that the angel of death visits every house 5 times. Is it authentic and may you please also give the reference.
jazakAllah Khairan
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
21st September 2019

Which Quran translation to read


We want to read multiple translation of Quran. From internet among others below translation are available. Is it ok to read them or not.
If not please possibly give reason and alternate translation.

In English
1) Sahih International
2) Ahmed Raza
3) Hilali

In Urdu
1) Kanzul Iman
2) Jalandhri
3) Moududi
4) Muhammad Shafi

In Indonesian
1) Bahasa Indonesia
2) Tafsir Jalalayn

In Russian
1) Muntahab from Egypt
2) Elmir Kuliev

In French
1) Hamidullah

Jazak Allah

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
14th July 2013

Man from paradise

Who is the man who walked by the prophet(SAW) and the prophet(SAW) said: this man is from jannat. The same thing happened 3 times. Eventually after the narrator spent a few nights with the "jannati" man, he informed him that it was because he forgives everyone before going to sleep. Also, Which book is it from?


He mentions Musnad Imam Ahmad related by Abdullah bin Amr Al-Aas. Can anybody verify?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
15th May 2012

What does this Quran verse mean

as salaam alaikum wa rahamthullahi wa barakathuhu, We as muslims know from Quran that the previous scriptures, torah n injeel and corrupt (qur'an 4:46, 2:79,3:79,6:91 etc.) and christians who call jesus God are kafirs (5:72,5:73). now my question is after such clear statements i dont understand the verses 5:47 and 5:69 of the Qur'an which seem say the christians and jews are to follow their books and if they believe in Allah they will get salvation, please explain.
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
5th February 2011

The repetition of the word 'We' in the Quran

i'm finding it hard to understand what exactly is meant by the word 'We' repeated everywhere in the Quran, it suggests to me more than one; can you clear this issue for me.
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
3rd January 2010

Tabari (Ibn jarir) on Isa (AS) crucifix

A little while ago, i was reading At-Tabari's tarikh called 'The History of Prophets and Kings Tarikh al-Rusul wal-Muluk' and I came across this page which is kind of contrary to Quran and early Quranic commentators such as Qurtubi Ibn Kathir etc..

Lets start off with the isnad:
According to al-Muthanna- Ishaq b. al-Hajjaj- Isma'il b. 'Abd al-Karim - 'Abd al-Samad b. Ma'qil- Wahb

and also
Ibn Humayd- Ibn Ishaq- Wahb b. Munabbih al-Yamani which says God allowed Jesus the son of mary to die at three o clock, then he took him unto himself.

How reliable is this? Are these narrations sahih? Jazakallah khair
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
25th July 2009

To dump the sacred pages

Respectable Schollars,
I want to ask that how we should dump those pages on which there is written the names of Allah and holy prophet and verses of holy Quraan. According to one school of thought these pages should be burnt as the caliph Hazrat Usman (R.A) did. Please guide in the light of Quraan and sunnah?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
22nd July 2009


Dear Mufti sab,

Hadith to the nearest effect:

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said to stand in path of Allah for a short while is better than worshipping Allah in the night of laylatul Qadr, in front of Hajre Aswad.

Could you please clarify the hadith in full length and its sources for me i.e which books of hadith can it be found. And can this hadith be used for going out in Tabligh Jamat.

Jazzak Allah

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
8th June 2009


Asselamualikum Mufti,
I have a debt and all my money is with other people what should I do. Plz tell me what I have to do to return my money and to pay my debt.
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
26th May 2009

Supplication for illness

Assalam Alai Kum,

My 5 month old son has been diagnosed with Infantile Spasm-severe epilepsy of the infants.it has been over a month now but no medications have been able to stop his seizures.Could you please let me know a suitable dua for the same.

Allah hafiz
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
20th April 2009

Status of Prophet Isa (AS)

Salaam Alaikum

I have been reading the Quran and wanted to know the Tafsir regarding the Quranic Verses related to Hadhrat Isa (AS)

Those apostles We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees (of honour) 2/253

The word 'raise' in this surah means that some Prophets were RAISED in honour.

Behold! Allah said: "O JESUS! I will cause thee to die and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; 3/55

From my understanding Allah (SWT) caused Hadhrat Isa (AS) to DIE and then RAISE him in honour.

Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise 4/158

Again here Allah raised Hadhrat Isa (AS) in honour.

There are some people who claim that the word RAISE means that Hadhrat Isa (AS) was raised with body and soul.

Question arises. Do you have any proof from the Quran and Hadith that Hadhrat Isa (AS) was raised with body and soul and is alive.

Also was Hadhrat Idirs (AS) Also was Hadhrat Idris (AS) also raised with body and soul?

And We raised him to a lofty station. 19/57

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
14th March 2009

Exam preperation

assalam alliakum,

brother my exams are very near and i just wanted to know if their is any dua or tasbih which i can make or recite so that i can gain sucess in my exams.

thank you!
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
19th January 2009




Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
9th January 2009


i would like to know what duas i can read for hidaaaya.. increase my imaan? as it is very weak...
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
20th December 2008

Pre-marital relationship during Jahilliyah

If a person commited Zinaa in their past during their days of ignorance (Astagfirullah) to the extent of losing their virginity, what should this female then do? the person she commited zinaa with has now married someone else.
Can you also explain the ayaah in Surah Noor 24:3. does this mean she is destined to marry a adulterer? what will this person do when she eventually has to marry someone?

please can you reply asap.

Jazakallahu Khair respected Ulama.