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Is Wudu accepted if I wash more than 3 times

Last updated: 2nd January 2021
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As Salaam u Alaikum, My question is in regards to wudu validity. Whenever I make wudu, I usually wash the body parts that need to be washed more than 3 times. The reason for this is because I was told from a young age that you have to have water cover every part of the body part that you are washing. But when I wash a body part 3 times, I feel as though there are some parts that haven't been covered by water, so I proceed to wash it more than 3 times. I just recently found out that washing a body part more than 3 times intentionally is not allowed as the Prophet(pbuh) never did so. So my question is, is my wudu still valid if I wash body parts more than 3 times? And will be prayer be accepted if I pray with that wudu? If my prayer is not accepted, then do I have to now make up all the prayers I made with that wudu in the past? Also since I can't wash more than 3 times, what am I supposed to do if after washing 3 times, there is still some small spot that wasn't washed? Jazakallah, As Salaam u Alaikum

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

To wash the limbs once is Fard and to do it three times is a Sunnah Muakkada (emphasised). To wash more than three times is disliked. If one does it because to remove doubt and for satisfaction of the heart then there is no problem in doing so. After this if you are still in doubts then you must discard them as doubts do not invalidate Wudhu. You must continue to complete your Wudhu. And your Salah is valid.

ويسن تثليث الغسل فمن زاد أو نقص فقد تعدي وظلم كما ورد في السنة إلا الضرورة...بأن زاد لطمأنينة قلبه عن الشك فلا بأس به لما ورد :دع مايريبك إلي مالا يريبك

(حاشية الطحطاوي ،ص٧١،كتاب الطهارة،العلمية)

And Allah knows best

06 Jumadal Ula Akhar 1442/ 20 January 2021

Answer last updated on:
21st January 2021
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London