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Purity and ghusl

Last updated: 23rd April 2020
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Sorry to bother you but i forgot some questions I try to amend them on the last one but it couldn't work 1. I feel like my impurities and semen make the whole house impure like if i miss one spot and somone comes in bathroom after me they whole namaz and fasts are incomplete and thats cuz of me and im giving them the sin. 2. I have doubts that i did not do ghusl properly i remove the impurities i make intention by saying i want to remove any impurities on my body so that i can pray and fast and that im purified and in state of ghusl. Then i wash up to my elbows 3 times Then gargle my mouth with water 3 times Then i shower my head and neck with water flowing over it and wash my right shoulder 3 times then repeat with left . Is this the right way. I feel like when i drop an impurity or someone touches me it breaks their ghusl

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

It is not true and you don’t need to feel like this.

You must discard and ignore your doubts as doubts are from Shaytan. Your Ghusl will be valid by just doing the Fard.
The Fard of Ghusl is washing and rinsing the whole mouth once and washing the nose once - as you normally do for Wudhu, there is no need to exaggerate in the washing of the mouth (i.e gargling) and nose but it is Sunnah to do so according to the Mu'tamad (relied upon opinion). Then wash the whole body. In your mind convince yourself that you have washed everything and ignore any doubts.

More details on Fard and Sunnats of Ghusl: www.muftisays.com/qa/salaah-wudhu/1728-how-to-perform-ghusl/

ولو أيقن بالطهارة وشك بالحدث أوبالعكس
أخذ باليقين (الدر المختار مع ردالمحتار ،نواقض الوضوء،١/١٥٠ سعيد)

الفتاوى الهندية:( الباب الثاني في الغسل ) ( وفيه ثلاثة فصول ) ( الفصل الأول في فرائضه ) وهي ثلاثة : المضمضة , والاستنشاق , وغسل جميع البدن على ما في المتون . وحد المضمضة والاستنشاق كما مر في الوضوء من الخلاصة . [و هو:]- وحد المضمضة استيعاب الماء جميع الفم وحد الاستنشاق أن يصل الماء إلى المارن . كذا في الخلاصة . اهـفي الدر المختار:( وغسل الفم ) أي استيعابه , ولذا عبر بالغسل – – أو للاختصار ( بمياه ) ثلاثة ( والأنف ) ببلوغ الماء المارنوهل يدخل أصبعه في فمه وأنفه ؟ الأولى نعم قهستاني .في الحاشية لابن عابدين: (قوله: المارن) هو ما لان من الأنف قاموس.

And Allah knows best

17 Jumadal Ula Akhar 1442/ 01 February 2021

Answer last updated on:
20th April 2021
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Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London