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AN excused person leading salaah

Last updated: 30th August 2022
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Asalaamualaykum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh. Alhamdulillah, with the will and power of Allah SWT I am a Hafidh of the Noble and Gorious Qur'aan of Allah SWT. This has given me a status where in the masjid I am asked to lead when there is no imam present. I have been leading Taraweeh since my early teen years. I have also led salaah in the masjid. I fear that many of the salaah that I have led are not accepted. How can I ever compensate for this? How would a person compensate for leading nullified salaah where it is impossible to go to the muqtadees and tell them to repeat it. The thing is, before twenty I was heedless of this problem. I really noticed it when I read the below mentioned book. That was also the time when I began covering for an imam in my local masjid for salaahs he could not make it to. It was only when I was around twenty years old, when I was reading the book - 'Negligence With Urine - A Major Sin' by Mufti Muhammad Farouq when I learnt about Istibraa. I remember being young, maybe in my early teens or my pre teen years of always thinking that some urine has leaked out. I used to always check. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong (in there being urine leakage). But, after reading this book, I began to do istibraa. But now I fear that many or all of my previous prayers that I have led and prayed as a muqtadee or by myself are not valid. On top of this, although I have always strived to be punctual in removing hairs from my private parts since I became of the mature age. However, It wasn't until around when I was twenty when I started shaving around the anus. I have always strived to clean myself as best as I could whilst doing istinjaa, but my underwear would sometimes have light stains on it - even though I tried to wash myself thoroughly. I told myself to ignore it. Was my underwear impure? I always used to think it wasn't because i used to wash myself thoroughly. What should I do to compensate for the leading of salaah that may not have been accepted? At present I am always asked to lead the prayers at my local masjid. The thing is, I am slightly overweight where there is fat around my bladder/belly button area. And I believe that this is the reason my bladder does not fully empty straight away. So I take a long time to completely empty it. Also due to me being overweight I fear that I suffer from stress incontinence where during the day I feel tiny drops leaking out. Sometimes when I check there is nothing there and sometimes there is. And sometimes there is a drop of thick white liquid at the base of my private or dried up on my underwear. Therefore, If I am at the masjid and I feel I am not fit to lead I would refuse. But I fear that I may have led at times when I may not have noticed or felt any najaasat come out but it did. When I am appointed to lead, before I arrive at the masjid I strive to make sure I have emptied my bladder fully and cleaned myself fully. And I don't want to say no to leading prayer but I am very scared that I have been putting myself in positions that i am not suited / fit for. This is because I fear that there is always some urine left in my bladder that may leak out. The thing is I read about being a ma'zur. And that you are only Ma'zur as long as you are in the condition of whatever is making you a ma'zur. As soon as that thing stops (e.g. bleeding) you are no longer classified as a ma'zur. Every time I would lead I would wear clean boxers and most of the time if I feel something may have leaked out or could leak out I would go to the toilet first. If I am leading I would always strive to be clean and ready. However, there is always doubt in my mind if I should lead. I would never even want to lead one person in salaah if I am not fit to. I fear that I have led many nullified salaah. At present, I lead some salaah in the masjid. Most of the time I would go to the toilet before and clean myself but still I am very doubtful if I should lead because I fear that some drops can still come out. I have also been in positions when I have been leading, and I feel as ifI have passed wind - although I did not smell or hear anything. And I don't want to break salaah in case I am wrong and no wind has come out so I have continued to pray. In summary, what can I do to receive pardon and forgiveness from ALLAH SWT? I feel like a hypocrite! I feel like the filthiest person! I feel like a tyrant! Should I lead salaah?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

As you are suffering with Waswasa, the doubts that you are experiencing are invalid. Even with regards to drops of urine/discharge you have found after Salah, Salah will be valid as long as it’s less than a Dirham I.e 50p coin. So you don’t need to redo your Salah.

You are not an excused person. You just need to discard the doubts.

And Allah knows best

08 Safar 1444/ 06 September 2022

Answer last updated on:
5th September 2022
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London