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Breaking of fast with emission of fluid

Last updated: 10th May 2020
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Assalamoalaikum , I want to ask a question regarding mani / mazi and breaking of fast . I am newly married and ramzan came in between. I have read at several places that mani breaks fast . I wanted to ask that if i sleep with my wife only taking her arms or her body in my arms ,sometimes i feel and see wetness without straightning and feeling in pvt parts , sometimes its merely a straightning ,a little feeling and no wetness but after go to washroom its a small transparent sticky drop suspended or comes out before urine .. 1. Is this mani or mazi ?  2. Does it breaks a fast and what is the kafara ? 3. Is it permisible to sleep with my wife like this ,her body in my arms ??  4. Does this also breaks the ghual ?? 5. If i go to my wife and touch her , i often get wet , does this always breaks my ghusl ?? I tried to stay away from her in ramzan but I work in nights and came home in seher and sleep after seher so my feelings automatically make me go close to her. Also if i donot give hug to her for several days ,she also gets a little disappointed. I am curious about my ibadats , please guide me in this , jazak Allah u khairah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

The Hanafi jurists (fuqaha) state that non-sexual affectionate kissing or Mubasharah (skin to skin), from which there is no fear of leading to intercourse or ejaculation, is allowed and not disliked. But, if one fears that kissing or Mubasharah will lead to ejaculation or intercourse, then it will be disliked to kiss or do Mubasharah. However, one’s fast remains valid as long as kissing or Mubasharah does not lead to actual sexual intercourse or does not result in ejaculation. If kissing or Mubasharah resulted in ejaculation, one’s fast would become invalid and hence will have to be made up (Qadha), without having to expiate for it (Kaffara). If this had lead to sexual intercourse then both Qadha and Kaffara will be necessary.

With regards to affectionate kissing I.e. French kissing etc, is Makruh whether or not your in control or fear it leading to intercourse or ejaculation. If the saliva is swallowed then this will necessitate both Qadha and Kaffarah.

Also, Ghusl will be necessary if ejaculatory fluid was discharged. If it is Madhi then Wudhu will be necessary and your private part needs to be washed.

If it is Wadi that comes after or before urinating then Wudhu will be necessary and not Ghusl but private parts will need to be washed. If however, there was desire with the discharge then Ghusl will be compulsory.

ولا بأس بالقبلة إذا أمن علي نفسه أي الجماع أو الإنزال ويكره إذا لم يأمن لأن عينه ليس يفطر وربما يصير فطرا بعاقبته فان أمن يعتبر عينه وأبيح له وإن لم يأمن تعتبر عاقبة
(رد المحتار، باب مايفسد الصوم وما لا يفسد الصوم،٢/٤١٧،سعيد)

ولو أنزل بقبلة أو لمس فعليه القضاء دون الكفارة لوجود معني الجماع
(الهداية ١/٢١٧)

لو ابتلع الصائم ريق غيره فان كان بزاق صديقه يجب عليه الكفارة .......اه
(البحر الرائق،٨/٤٨٠)

إن الودي مايخرج بعد الإغتسال من الجماع وبعدالبول وهو شيئ لزج
(الدر المختار مع رد المحتار، طهارة، سعيد ١/١٦٥)

قال في العلائية خرج مني بعد البول وذكره منتشر لزمه الغسل قال في البحر ومحمله ان وجد الشهوة وفي الشامية أن عدم وجوب الغسل بخروجه بعد البول اتفاقا اذالم يكن ذكره منتشر الخ
(ردالمحتار 1|149,سعيد)


And Allah knows best

08 Ramadan 1442/ 20 April 2021

Answer last updated on:
5th May 2021
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London