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Last updated: 11th November 2019
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Asalamualaikum When I was between 14 and 16 years of age. I had work to go work as part of school program for work experience. One day when I left work and I walked into a shop and bought snacks or one snack and eat them even though I was fasting in month of Ramadan. Straight away I regretted doing this. I have only once broken my fast on purpose and I’m currently 30 years of age. I would like to tell you a bit about my background. In my family home was listening to Music, watching movies, people would swear and insult and my Islamic educations wasn’t the best and until a few years ago I didn’t know much about Islam and began learning. I wasn’t shown Islam in correct way I remember being very little and being hit and I was crying a lot. I only talked to the person who was talking to me as I felt rude for not talking back to him and my teacher hit me. What I’m tying to say is my family home and madrassa experience wasn’t the best So because I broke my fast on purpose once in my life. What do I have to do now? I already repented and kept one fast to make up for the one I broke on purpose. But I made up for that fast recently, when I was about 29 of age. But I broke my fast when I was between 14 and 16 years of age. Also I didn’t know putting oil or medication drops in your ear breaks your fast. I cant remember if it was oil or medicine drops for ears that I put in my ears but it was for a medical condition. I did this a few times, I either put oil or medicine drops inside my ear whilst fasting. What do I have to do now? I have already made up for the fasts that I broke unknowingly by putting medicine ear drops oil into my ear but it was maybe after one year had passed then I made up for those fasts. I made up for those fasts by keeping one fast for every fast I broke in Ramadhan. Also I knew having intercourse with your wife breaks your fast. But I didn’t know masturbating and ejaculating breaks your fast. I knew it was a sin but I didn’t know it breaks your fast. I did this a few times in one Ramadhan when I was living in ignorance times. What do I have to do now? I have already made up for the fasts that I broke unknowingly by masturbating and ejaculating but it was maybe after three years had passed then I made up for those fasts that I broke unknowingly by masturbating and ejaculating. I made up for those fasts by keeping one fast for every fast I broke in Ramadhan. Also when I had masturbated during those time when I was living in ignorance I also was rude to someone and hurt their feelings does hurting peoples feelings break your fast . And also I was talking to a girl for the purpose of marriage but our conversation became haram in Ramadhan whilst I was fasting. I know this are complicated questions but I feel embarrassed asking my local scholar and would rather ask online please reply thank you I consider me becoming a practicing person a big blessing from my Lord, considering the environment I was brought up in, the type of family I had and with little knowledge on the deen until recently when I began learning abut the deen and even now my knowledge on deen is little. Thank you.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

When breaking fast intentionally one is liable to do Qadha of the fast and Kaffara.

NB. Kaffara is to fast for 60 continuous days per fast broken. If due to illness, old age or infirmity you are unable to fast for 60 consecutive days, then you may give a monetary amount as Kaffarah.  For each fast broken, you are obliged to pay the equivalent of 2 meals for 60 people.

In the classical books of Fiqh it is mentioned that applying oil into the ear breaks the fast and water doesn't.

According to contemporary scholars like Mufti Rafi' says putting oil or medicine into the ear would not break the fast. He has advised that the views of an expert doctor should be taken, as there are no certainty with regards to the ear having a passage through the throat.

The fast will break when ejaculation has happened after masturbation. Only a Qadha is required.

Any other Haram actions like intermingling with the opposite sex, swearing, hurting someone etc, would not invalidate the fast but one must make Tawba and Istighfar.

وان جامع في رمضان الخ أو أكل وشرب غذاءاأودواء عمدا الخ قضى وكفر الخ

(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ج.2 ص.147-149,سعيد)

 وأما الأذن فلان الدواء أوالماء أوالدهن ونحوهالاتصل بالأقطار فيها الى الحلق اذا كانت طلبة الأذن سليمة غير مخروقة لأن فتحة الأذن ليست بنافذة الى الحلق لامباشرة ولابواسطة قناة أوجوف أخر الااذاكانت الطلبة  مخروقة 

(المقالات الفقهية, ضابط مفطرات الصوم في المذاهب الأربعة ص. 110,114,143)

 كذا الاستمناء بالكف أي في كونه لايفسد لكن هذا اذا لم ينزل أمااذا أنزل فعليه القضاء كما سيصرح به وهوالمختار

(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ج.2 ص.136 ,سعيد) 

And Allah knows best

7 ٍRabi'ul Thaniya 1441/ 5 December 2019

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