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Last updated: 3rd October 2006
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can you please answer this asap...

I was just reading upon Laylatul Qadr, and I came across the following information, which was given in a talk by Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui (without any disrespect to the shaykh, could you also inform me whether you’ve heard of him or not) :

“It is stated in a hadith that if a person prays two rak’ah of nafil Salaah and in the first rak’ah he recites Surah Fatiha and then surah Ikhlaas seven times, and does the same in the second rak’ah. Once the Salaah is finished the person recites Astagfirullah 70 times. Then it is stated in the hadith that as soon as the person finishes, Allah (swt) forgives both his/her parents.”

There were no references to the hadith, so I wanted to know whether there are any evidences and if it is correct to pray salaah in the method mentioned above?



Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

1) This Sheikh is not known to us.

2) There are no special form of worship that is prescribed for Lailatul Qadr. The night should be spent by offering as much Nafl prayers as one can offer, Zikr, Tilawah and Du'a. (Islamic months, Mufti Taqi)

The Hadith mentioned is fabricated and it is not correct to pray the Salah in this method. There are other fabricated ones like, "One who offers four Raka'at Namaz in this night and in each Raka'at he/she recites Surah Fatiha and Surah Qadr once each and Surah Ikhlas 27 times, his/her all earlier sins are pardoned and he becomes like a child who is born the same day. Allah will also give him a thousand palaces in the paradise."

The book Ghunyatut Talibeen and others includes such narrations. (In addition, there are websites that are deviant sects, which has their narrations and Wazeefas. We should refrain from visiting such websites and following their teachings.)

Imam Dhahabi says regarding the book Ghunyatut Talibeen that although it is the work of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, many additions were made to this book after his death. [Taqreer Moulana Shabeer Ahmed Uthmani, published by Jamea Islameah Dabhel, pg 227 - This book cannot be relied upon.]

And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

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12th February 2011
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