Ramadhan and Fasting

Ramadhan and Fasting
26th December 2023

Breaking fast in ramadhaan to have relations but we are musafir is kaffarah necessary

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
I would like to ask a question
In ramadhaan my husband and I went overseas.While we were fasting we broke our fasts to have relations my husband says because we were musafir at that time we don't have to keep kaffarah is this correct

جزاك الله خيرا
Ramadhan and Fasting
10th May 2023

I wanted to fast some missing fasts from before every now and then and i would say to people near me

I am a woman who has some missed fasts due to menstruation and it just came to my mind that i sometimes would tell my sister that i think i will fast tomorrow but i am not sure if my niyyah in my mind was to really fast or not because i never fast if i dont wake up for suhur outside ramadan so i wait to see if i wake up then i eat suhur make niyyah and fast. I never made on those nights niyyah with words for fasting next day but i have some doubts what if my thoughts for wanting to fast was a real niyyah and since i didnt fast i have to do kaffarah. Since i only had read a bit about kaffarah and fasting 60 days but it never went to my mind that i have to be careful on my intention a day before and since i dont kniw how many times this has happened am i excused and do not have to think about it and this is only waswasaw which i have usually for every single thing or am i really indebted to a lot of kaffarah. Another question in regard to fasting is about my menstruation i usually check the dryness as i dont see the white discharge and they usually end on 7 or 8 day but this time on my 6th day i started to feel some drynees and i went to check with a tissue as i didnt have cotton and for some second or minutes i dont remember it showed nothing but then it showed a little maybe brownish thing and i checked later again it started even more like it usually does on the 6th day. So i decided not to take ghusl and not to fast and the next day they continued with the really brownish color coming still . Did i do the right choice or how does the dryness work do i have to insert a tissue and wait for it maybe till near the next prayer or only check on spot if it stops for a second and feels a bit dry i have to take ghusl imidiately and on my case if i should have taken ghusl and should have fasted but did not do i have to do kaffarah or is kaffarah only when you make intention that day before fasting and breaks it or does it count even if you miss a day in ramadan though you did not make the intention on suhur. I hope you can answe in more details ecspecially how much do i wait when checking dryness or check it on spot
Ramadhan and Fasting
2nd May 2023

AssalamuAlaikum, I realized I continued eating intentionally some days during adhan, some days a min

AssalamuAlaikum, I realized I continued eating intentionally some days during adhan, some days a min or two post adhan and some days 10-15 mins post adhan. I don't have exact count of days, however I did continue my fast till maghrib. I only rely on adhan times to keep track an have no actual adhans. I repent my actions and like to know if I should fast a day to recompense or pay zakat-kaffarah or do both.
Ramadhan and Fasting
30th April 2023

A person taking chewing gum during ramadhan fasting

Assalamu Alaikum

If a person has previously taken chewing gum during Ramadhan fasting in order to take away the smell from his mouth, then:
1) will his fast break
2) Will he need to do kaffarah for the broken fasts, or just qadha is sufficient
3) if he need to do kaffarah, then how many for each ramadhan?

Also can i ask the same question about taking nasal spray as medicine during ramadhan?
Ramadhan and Fasting
10th March 2023

Miscarriage and praying/fasting

As-salaamu alaykum. I am going through an early miscarriage. I am 9 weeks at the moment but my ultrasound has shown that the foetus has stopped growing at around 6.5 weeks. My body has not expelled the tissue yet.

My question is: when my body does expel the tissue and blood clots, the bleeding may continue for a few days to weeks and I may be in pain. It is Ramadan soon, can I pray and fast during this time? If I cannot, when do I begin fasting and praying?

Ramadhan and Fasting
5th July 2022

Fasting in foreign country then returning to native

I am currently in Australia. Fasting starting on 2nd Apr which is a day earlier than Singapore. I will return to Spore on the 15th Apr and continue fasting in Spore. And in Singapore fasting will be 30days. So I would have fasted 31Days if I were to follow Spore system. So how do I do it?
Ramadhan and Fasting
1st July 2022

Combining two fast in one day

If someone intentionally breaks his voluntary fast without any valid excuse (as in my case it is the fast of Ashura),
is it will be valid to combine the intention for making up this fast with the fast of Arafa (9th Dhul hijja)?
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th May 2022


Is it okay to clean your mouth on doing wudhu while you are fasting (sawm)
Ramadhan and Fasting
14th May 2022

Fasting and fidyah in your home country

I am epileptic, so I can fast in Ramadan
I wanted to ask about the amount of Fidyah

I live in Finland but Pakistan is my home country

so can I pay fidyah in Pakistan even if I am earning in Finland?
Ramadhan and Fasting
11th May 2022


I was washing my mouth during fasting and got doubts whether I had saliva or water in my throat or if I had little water and it wouldn't break my fast. I'm not sure which one it is so i am now doubting myself. I am also a very doubtful person.

Is my fast valid or can I make it up in the month of shawwal?
Ramadhan and Fasting
11th May 2022

Fasting and having daily incapacitating headache (in and out of Ramadan)

I suffer from severe headaches since 2012. I drink quarter voltaren four times a day to bring relief. I've consulted all the specialists and had all scans done. What do I do on Ramadan ?
I have been fasting , and still drinking these pills ( i usually do without water ) and I am paying fidyah. I tell Allah my problem and how I am fasting. What do I do ? Am I exempt ?

Headache is not hunger or water related. It comes on like clockwork 4 times a day.
Ramadhan and Fasting
7th May 2022

Does it break my fast?

If one watches something sexually arousing but touches his penis once and doesnt masturbate but once he let goes he ejaculates without touching it does it invalidate fast?
Ramadhan and Fasting
7th May 2022

Washing Vaginal opening

The pink muscles inside the vaginal opening hole (entrance point) which are visible to eye while washing if water or wet hand touched those muscles, does it comes under the ruling of inside part of vagina and fast broke?
Ramadhan and Fasting
5th May 2022

I intented to stay in itekaaf of sunnat for the last 10 days but after one day i counldnt continue m

I stayed in itekaaf sunnat for the last 10 days of ramadan but after one day i counldnt continue more so what can i do?
Ramadhan and Fasting
5th May 2022

About itekaf

Can i start my sunnah itekaf at 21st evening of ramzan while I am not having fast at 20th day of ramzan due to menses. Can i take bath before going to itekaf place and then start my itekaf. Please clear that if i can start sunnah itekaf without fasting or not.
Ramadhan and Fasting
4th May 2022


I didn’t know the actual sunnah steps of performing ghusl, and i just performed ghusl just with the intention, so the fasts which i have kept are they invalidated because I didn’t perform ghusl in the steps required or are they validated because i was not aware of the sunnah procedure?
Ramadhan and Fasting
3rd May 2022

About wether or not fast is broken or not

Asalamualikum i wanted to know if my fast is broken in the following two scenarios and if it is what i have to do. (Qadha etc)
1. I ate food at the last moment and once the minute of fajr set in i spit out what was in my mouth and rinsed my mouth but what was in my throat which was about a bite of food not that much but bigger than a chickpea i swallowed. Meaning it was already in my throat at that point i did not think really and just swallowed it. I didn’t know what else to do if i was supposed to vomit it out or something because i know deliberate vomiting breaks fast.
2. After farj i layed down and felt some food come up in my throat, it was not much nor did it come that high that it reached my mouth, but i swallowed it back without thinking. Is my fast broken
Please help me as i am very worried about this. JazakAllah khair ahsanul jaza.
Ramadhan and Fasting
3rd May 2022

Mouthwash taste in the mouth

Salam aleikum
After my suhur, before time fajr, I brush my teeth with toothpaste and use mouthwash for teeth and gum.
The mouthwash leaves a very strong taste in my mouth, tongue and throat, even after rinsing my mouth with water and spitting out, the taste of the mouthwash remains.
I wanted to know if swallowing saliva with this taste in my mouth could have broken my fast and I have to make up for the fasted days in Ramadan.
I also checked my saliva to see if there was anything left (residues of food, toothpaste, or other), but I didn't see any residue of anything.
Ramadhan and Fasting
2nd May 2022

I don’t remember if I am awake or in sleep on27th night I saw golden light just like a sunlight I

I don’t remember if I am awake or in sleep on27th night (yesterday)I saw golden light just like a sunlight I think it was layla tul qadar
Please guide me thanks
Ramadhan and Fasting
2nd May 2022


I was taking ghusl and during the rinsing of the mouth i wanted to rinse the back of my mouth even tho i didn't have or need to do that and knew the risk of doing so.
I was thinking that i had a little bit of water near the throat and so i swallowed it while thinking that it's just a tiny bit of water and doubting if it would break my fast.

Is my fast valid or do i need to make it up?