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Question: Can a fidya money be swapped as zakat

My query is; I calculated fidya money for my grandad since he was unable to pray salaah but whilst he is alive. Then I came to know from a reliable scholar that this is not valid as the person is alive and could pray his qaza at a later stage. Now since the fidya money was given just few days before Ramadan could I possibly make zakat intention and the money given be counted towards my grandad's zakah. it is lot money for a pensioner. Your guidance is appreciated.
JazakaAllah Khair

Answered by: Ulamaa ID 04 (London)
Date: 01/05/2020 01:05am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

An elderly person who is unable to fast can pay Fidya for his fasts whilst he is alive and not for his Salah. He can pray his Salah with gestures, and if he misses it will become Qadha.

With the consent of your grandfather you can still make intention of Zakat only if the poor person still has the money in his possession. If he has already used the money, then you cannot count it as Zakat.

ولو فدي عن صلوته في مرضه لايصح بخلاف الصوم لأنه يصلي بماقدرولومؤميا برأسه فان عجز عن ذالك سقطت عنه اذا أكثرت الخ
(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ج.2ص.74, باب قضاء الفوات, سعيد)

قوله : والمال قائم في يد الفقير بخلاف ما إذا نوى بعد هلاكه بحر وظاهره أن المراد بقيامه في يد الفقير بقاؤه في ملكه لا اليد الحقيقية ، وأن النية تجزيه مادام في ملك الفقير ، ولو بعد أيام
( رد المحتار: ج 3 ص 222 ط دار المعرفة )

And Allah knows best

08 ٍRamadhan 1441/ 01 May 2020

Mufti Qamruzzaman

London, UK