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Question: Talaq during impurity and 3 talaqs before 3 months
I send first divorce to my wife by "WhatsApp" message on 11 Sep and second on 5 October and third on 21st October. My words were "i divorce you". When i send here second message at that time my wife was in 'impurity' stage or in monthly cycle.

Now i want to reconcile and want to know if i can take her back. She is also ready to come back?
Answered by: Ulamaa ID 04 (London)
Date: 11/03/2020 23:04pm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

Divorcing one’s wife during her menstrual period is considered an innovation, and as such, unlawful and sinful. The divorce will occur. Therefore, all three Talaqs has taken place and you will become Haram for each other. The husband will neither have the right to revoke the divorce nor to renew the Nikah. Without the process of Halala the wife will not be able to go back to her husband.

NB. Halala, a woman marries another man, consummates the marriage and then gets divorced again or he passes away, in order to marry the former husband.

واذاطلق الرجل امرأته في حالةالحيض وقع الطلاق لأن النهي عنه لمعني في غيره وهوماذكرنافلاينعدم مشروعيته الخ
(الهداية, 2357, كتاب الطلاق,ملتان)

وان كان الطلاق ثلاثا في الحرة وثنتين في الأمة لم تحل له من بعد حتى تنكح زوجاغيره نكاحاصحيحا ويدخل بهاثم يطلقهاأويموت عنها
(الفتاوى العالمكيرية ج.1 ص.473 كتاب الطلاق باب الرجعة)

And Allah knows best

16 ٍRajab 1441/ 11 March 2020

Mufti Qamruzzaman

London, UK