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Question: girls dilemma

In the light of Islam please guide me if there is any conflict between mother and husband what role should girl play. Whether she should listen to mother or husband. Whom the girl should be more inclined and dutyful after marriage.

thanks and regards
Answered by: Ulamaa ID 06 (London)
Date: 26/03/2006 05:58am

Wa Alaykum Salam,

In Islam, both husband and mother hold a great status. When one comes across such a situation, firstly, you should see who is right and who is wrong. You may feel inclined towards one over the other naturally, but inclination in action should be towards the right.

If what both seek from you is neither right nor wrong but mere opposites, then it is best to stay silent and the mother and husband to come to an agreement before the pressure is put on to you.

After that, inshaAllah they'll have their conflict sorted and you will not be stuck in between.

May Allah (swt) make all situations easy. Ameen

And Allah knows best

Maulana Muhammad