Oaths and Vows

Oaths and Vows
12th October 2023

Expiation for vow of hajj


I trust you are in good health.

I would like to inquire about a situation concerning an individual who pledged to perform Hajj while battling cancer. In their exact words, they said, "Oh Allah, if I regain my health, I will undertake the Hajj pilgrimage."

It has been almost 20 years since this vow has been made and it stands unfulfilled.I came across a passage in Al-Hidaya which suggests that according to Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Muhammad, expiation may serve as a substitute for fulfilling this vow.

Excerpt from Hidaya:
"If he links the vow of consecration to a condition, and the condition
is found, then he must fulfil the vow itself, due to the absolute terms of the tradition, because what is suspended on a condition is one that requires immediate performance in his view. It is narrated from Abu Hanifah (God bless him) that he withdrew that opinion and said: If he says, "If I do such and such thing then I am under an obligation to perform
hajj or to fast for a year or give in charity what I own," it is to be deemed compensated through expiation for the vow. This is also the view of Muhammad (God bless him)"

We would highly appreciate it if you could provide clarity on the matter.
Oaths and Vows
16th July 2023


As salaam u alaikum Shaykh
Hope you are well

First part :

Regarding vows :

I’ve been back and forth on multiple sites trying to figure out if feeding a meal ( no weight specified ) is sufficient or does it have to weight approximately 1.5kg ?

Is it permissible to cook a rice and accompaniment dish and feed to the homeless ( no weighing of food will be done here )

I’ve checked other answers . Some specify weight some specify lunch or dinner as sufficient so I am unsure

One organization uses the fitra amount of R27 for a hanafi per person

Can I ask the organization to pay them of off on my behalf

Second part :

Previously had/have severe OCD
do my previous vows count as I used them as a coping mechanism in order to do or not to do something . I did not fully understand the seriousness of it until now

I cannot remember the number of vows as well . Maybe 1-3 a day for over 3/5 years

Part 3
: what constitutes a vow ? Does it have to have the name of Allah swt in it for it to count ?

Your assistance will help

Jazakallah khair
Oaths and Vows
2nd November 2022

I was watching a match I said if my team wins the match my wife is halal otherwise not I lost the ma

I was watching a match I said if my team wins the match my wife is halal otherwise not I lost the match note there was no intension of divorce or zihar I am getting a lot of wasassi regarding my relationship I was asking help from Allah in a wrong way.please don’t post my question it’s very stupid.I done this twice
Oaths and Vows
2nd November 2022

Not fulfilling vows or oaths

I am in my early 20s.
Since around 15/16 I became reckless and careless by making many vows / oaths that are either too difficult to fulfill. But I really want to fulfill them.

The money I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has accumulated past what I have (and that is from savings and inheritance.)
The salaah I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has been too difficult.

If I would commit a sin I would say something like -
'Oh ALLAH SWT if I do this again I would pray 20 rakaats of Tawbah salaah till I turn 25(example). and every time I would sin I would increase if from 25 to 26. And the years would gradually increase.

I would also make vows that if I commit a sin I would give a certain amount of money in charity.

The thing is I have forgotten so many of the vows / oaths that I have said (although I do have a vague idea of some and I do want to fulfill them still.

In terms of the vows/oaths for giving money to charity, the amount of money that accumulated runs in the tens of thousands and I only recently recieved a temporary job after being unemployed for so long.

I do have some savings - so should I give all of it into charity.
(If the money that I vowed / made an oath to give is less than my savings should I give all of it? What if my savings are less? I am prepared to give all of it but I don't know if I should because giving some to my mother would be helpful.)

Should I give a portion from my salaries in the future for this cause?
If I do give charity due to vows and oaths can I also give it with intention of sadaqah for my prophet and parents and the ummah.

Also, in terms of the salaah - I used to strive daily to complete the twenty rakaats and I also found myself fortunate that I am offering an extra twenty rakaats. However this proved to be too difficult. So I cut down to ten rakaats. However, now I don't do any!

I have been reckless and careless with my tongue of spitting out too many vows and oaths and I really want to fulfill them. However, at present it is hard because I don't have the money for it or it is hard to do twenty rakaats every day for ten years.

I have made oaths that if I get good grades I will give a certain amount for each grade.
And I have made similar oaths such as I would give 10 pounds of my salary (when I get a job) every month for the rest of my life.

The thing is, I have made too many vows and oaths and I can only vaguely remember them and I am sure I have forgotten many.

I really want to fulfill all of them.

What should I do?
Oaths and Vows
17th October 2021

Compulsive waswasa and waswasa al qahri

Assalamu alaikum shaukh, I have so many compulsive waswas that I am living my life so depressed that I cannot tell others and I am a 15 years old boy. I can't even have a fun with others. I always live confused . I have a waswas of making oaths and vows .
Few days ago it came into my mind that I am swearing that I am going to close my father Facebook account and from then till now my waswas is going on and It gets out of control that I am not even open my mouth a bit. If I opened like I feel I make an oath . So to control I see many videos on youtube and try to make myself strong and when I am praying yesterday I make me feel free and tell myself that oaths cannot be made during salah and while praying my salah and reading surah in the salah I freed my waswas and thinks about my waswas freely and intentionally and making lots of oaths but not uttering it verbally because I am reading surah loudly so how can I make oath and i think about my waswas and not focusing on praying and then while reading surah Al nas I thought I swear? Because my mind towards thinking about making oath and I feel like I not read surah naas. And I feel like I make an oath . And I am compulsively feeling to delete my father Facebook account but if my father know he won't leave me beaten. And then I stop my compulsion forcefully . Because when one waswas came into my mind if I agree to my waswas it's gone and then I feel that i really make an oath and then new waswas came about to make oaths . when I argue with my waswas it doesn't gone.and I say to me if you closed your father facebook account then another waswas came and say close your mother facebook account and when you close your mother facebook and then another waswas came in future that close your bank account and then I become mental. And then thinking that it is shaytan depressing me . This comes when I talk and pray it feels like that I uttered my waswas. Please explain clearly. I indulged into my thoughts while reading Qur'an and read Qur'an and then I thinks that I have not read it . I come to know about surah baqarah ayah no. 286 that allah do not burden any soul more than as much as he can bear and when I wake up from sleep to pray fajr in morning and asr in afternoon I feel like no one in this world is for me . Can I follow the fatwa that "whoever is driven by obsessive whispering in oaths and other acts of worship is not considered sinful". I feels that allah will punish me. I feel that I have sworn while reading surah nas loudly. I doesn't differentiate between my voice and whispering . Please explain correctly. May Allah az wajal have mercy on you for writing my answer .
Oaths and Vows
23rd September 2021

Extreme waswasah and ocd

When I do taubah or do anything through dua my mind makes oaths and then I forget whether I say it verbally or not . But my mind says that you say it varbally 100% but I know that when I was doing taubah how can I make oath. Is this a kind of waswasa . Do I need to pay kaffarah ? I am so depressed that I want to suicide or leave islam . I know that certainty is not affected by doubt . But I don't know whether I am certain or not . Please help me and write in detailed in this regard. I am very depressed.... I am not able to concentrate on studies 😭😭.
I sing a music and then I suddenly stops and make a taubah but my mind says I am swearing not to do it again but I not said It verbally and immediately stops and then open my mouth and wait 2sec and complete the taubah . My mind says that you made an oath in 2 sec but I did not hear any sound but my mind says you are 100% surely taken an oath and after taubah I do the same thing again .do I obliged to pay kaffarah I am in doubt or maybe not in doubt .please help me .
Oaths and Vows
15th August 2021

I stood in the washroom and promised Allah Almighty that I will never do this. My sister will get we

I stood in the washroom and promised Allah Almighty that I will never do this. My sister will get well and help me in this. Now this promise is not being fulfilled by me. Is it expiation or not?
Oaths and Vows
15th August 2021

Breaking a promise

I once made a promise on my future wife that to not commit the sin .But I broke it.Now my question is Will she become haram for me because I broke the promise made upon her?
Oaths and Vows
15th August 2021

Breaking a promise

Assalamualikum.I once upon a time made a promise to Allah that I will leave the sin.And I also made promise on others so that I can leave the sin and I broke the promise by committing the sin.May be this all happened 2 to 3 years ago and now I am getting guilt on my mind.Is sincere repentance of mine is acceptable.
Oaths and Vows
12th May 2021

I swore on the name of my mother that i wont smoke again

i swore on the name of my mother that i wont smoke again but i can not keep it as i was infront of her and my siblings and they strongly disliked and there was no other option but i want to smoke sometimes not on regular basis but sometimes its very difficult to control anger and manage stress do tell me what should i do? is anything happen to my mom after i break the vow is there any kaffara i can give and continue?
Oaths and Vows
10th March 2021

Qasam on The Holy Quran

Assalam o Alikum

I have a question if you please answer :

If someone put hand on The Holy Quran and take a qasam/promise to do something or not todo something without any pressure and in full senses then can that person later if want to do that thing can that person do a kafara ? Or there is no way to change this and it’s locked ?

A lady has took a kasam on The Holy Quran not to marry someone and now she wants to, what will be the kaffara?

Many thanks
Oaths and Vows
15th February 2021

Oath not to get married

Few days ago I have made an oath to my parents that I will never marry as it hurts my mothers feelings that if I get married nobody will take care of her. So I swore an oath to Allah that I will never get married. Dose this mean that I will never get married and will permanently remain single in this dunya. Or is it a exception in Allahs view. Also I do not intended to break my Oaths I made, at the same time I want to get married.

Asalamualkum, my main question is can I break a oath that I will never get married.