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Last updated: 4th July 2023
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As salaam u alaikum Shaykh Hope you are well First part : Regarding vows : I’ve been back and forth on multiple sites trying to figure out if feeding a meal ( no weight specified ) is sufficient or does it have to weight approximately 1.5kg ? Is it permissible to cook a rice and accompaniment dish and feed to the homeless ( no weighing of food will be done here ) I’ve checked other answers . Some specify weight some specify lunch or dinner as sufficient so I am unsure One organization uses the fitra amount of R27 for a hanafi per person Can I ask the organization to pay them of off on my behalf Second part : Previously had/have severe OCD do my previous vows count as I used them as a coping mechanism in order to do or not to do something . I did not fully understand the seriousness of it until now I cannot remember the number of vows as well . Maybe 1-3 a day for over 3/5 years Part 3 : what constitutes a vow ? Does it have to have the name of Allah swt in it for it to count ? Your assistance will help Jazakallah khair

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

1) You need to feed ten poor people per day lunch and dinner equivalent of the Fitra amount (1.75kg of wheat). This is the minimum requirement and to give more is rewarded.

You can request an organization to do it on your behalf.

2) The general principle is for every oath is a Kaffara. However, due to not remembering how many oaths you uttered and the difficulties of fulfilling Kaffara for all of them. In Shari’ah it will suffice to do one Kaffara for the several oaths you uttered.

3) It will not be necessary to utter ‘Allah’ in your vow for one’s vow to be valid. Hence, a valid oath requires one’s intention and verbal utterance with customary word usage of oaths such as, for Allah, upon me, I made a vow etc.

قوله عشرة مساكن أي تحقيقا أو تقديرا حتي لو أعطي مسكينا واحدا في عشرة أيام كل يوم نصف صاع جاز
(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ٣/٧٦٥،سعيد)

وتتعدد الكفارة لتعدد اليمين والمجلس والمجالس سواء….
وفي البغية كفارات الأيمان إذا كثرت تداخلت
ويخرج بالكفارة الواحدة عن عهدة الجميع
وقال شهاب الآئمة هذا قول محمد وقال صاحب الأصل وهوالمختار عندي
(درالمختارمع ردالمحتار ٣/٧١٤)

أما الصيغة فلله وعلي ونذرت لله وأنا أفعل إن كان معلقا كان أحج إن دخلت الدار بخلاف أنا أحج منجزا
(البحرالرائق ١٠٤)

وفي الدر: الأيمان مبنية علي العرف فما تعورف الحلف فيه فيمن وما لا فلا
(إمداد الفتاوي ٢/٥٥٢)

أقول والنذر لايكون إلا باللسان ولو نذر بقلبه لا يلزمه بخلاف النية لأن النذر عمل اللسان والنية عمل القلب الخ
(البزازية علي هامش الهندية ٤/١٠٥)

And Allah knows best

23 Dhul Hijja 1444/ 12 July 2023

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16th July 2023
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
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