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Job at place where evil force captured a doctor

Last updated: 24th March 2021
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Aoa, one doctor used to touch more than required to female patients. He repents but after few months again do same sins.He touched one married woman once after few months again did the same thing with same woman. Then after few months she saw that woman in face of devil and he prayed on the spot from Almighty to save him from that woman and show right path to both of them but after that in following week his sins of touching increased and he done Zina of putting fingers in vagina of one patient first time and next day when that woman came with daughter child again touched her and when that woman touched him suddenly he experience sparkling light within his eyes and when in shocked like state after that his hand touched her breast like going itself. Then the words come from his mouth that come with OPD slip for medicine then that woman after an hour or so came again without daughter and sat on chair behind the door and after all patients gone and only peon was left. When peon was going outside he was not clearly visible to doctor and after peon went out suddenly doctor felt that someone pushed him from chair towards door and at door doctor noticed white white outside nothing clear and when he closed the door lock he experienced blackout and someone moving him towards woman where she was sitting and then moved him towards examination chair ( doctor can't felt his body wether his leg moving or in air going here and there ) then words uttered from doctor mouth move your shirt up woman replied anyone can see then words came from doctor mouth that door is closed ( at that time her face was little bit visible) and then doctor's face moved towards her breast which was not visible only blackout then moved upward again because doctor was wearing mask and then again towards breast (it was like someone is holding his face and moving up and down) and then few seconds after doctor noticed milk in his mouth and asked her that it's milk?she replied yes then doctor was confused and milk collected in mouth unable to spit or intake then again face went towards breast ( nothing is visible) then she said i will not give without money and suddenly doctor felt and saw ''zina " word written in her forehead area inside and he replied no no i just want to see. Then Zina of eyes, hand , feet , and mouth done but in confused state and nothing was clearly visible except face of that woman then how she reached again towards door, doctor is unaware of it and when she opened the door and asked about medicine then doctor was able to see her and replied. So what you think what is this? Sehr or magic or what? Doctor left that city after this incident and told this to her mother and in another city within a month got married with intention to save himself from devil . Now should he again go to his workplace? Or avoid that city.he is doing job as a government officer. And Doctor few days after again saw something like while opening the door of his home that someone picked him up from crowd in that city and flew away.

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Respected brother/sister

At Muftisays, we answer questions on Fiqhi related issues. With regards to your query we don’t know what this means and are unable to answer. Please consult your local Imam.

And Allah knows best

14 Shaban 1442/ 28 March 2021

Answer last updated on:
10th May 2021
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London