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A curse

Last updated: 4th May 2024
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Salam. I have a query related to a “saying” by my In Laws according to which the daughter in laws of the family CANNOT wear Black dress/Scarf as it was prohibited to them generations ago by some Wali/Baba. the reasons behind was given that wearing black by Daughter in laws could result in extremely bad consequences for the family i.e. death. As it happened with 2 Uncles of my husband whose wives wore black dresses at some point after which they died ( not the same time but later on in life died due to some disease) Now this curse of wearing black dress is extremely serious and my mother in law considers this actually true as it was passed down by her Mother in law (my husband’s Grandmother). upon inquiry about WHY wearing black was forbidden there is no answer except for “ the elders said not to wear as it has bad consequences so we don’t and we never asked why”. My question is What is the islamic point of view in this. Ofcourse i respect Wali/SOME Baba who has ILM but i am not sure about such thing relevance in Islam. Please guide on this matter. Jazak Allah

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There is no basis for this in the Shariah. One can wear a black dress.

Only Allah Knows Best

01 Dhul Qa’dah 1445/ 09 May 2024

Answer last updated on:
10th May 2024
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London