10th June 2024

Morality of this

I have read that scholars allow pre pubescent intercourse if they can bear it:
وأكثر المشايخ على أنه ‌لا ‌عبرة ‌للسن في هذا الباب وإنما العبرة للطاقة إن كانت ضخمة سمينة تطيق الرجال ولا يخاف عليها المرض من ذلك؛ كان للزوج أن يدخل بها، وإن لم تبلغ تسع سنين، وإن كانت نحيفة مهزولة لا تطيق الجماع ويخاف عليها المرض لا يحل للزوج أن يدخل بها، وإن كبر سنها وهو الصحيح

الفتاوى الهندية، المطبعة الكبرى الأميرية، ج1 ص287

The majority of scholars say that age doesn’t matter. What matters is the ability. If she’s big and fat, can endure men and cannot fall ill from it (sex), then the husband can consummate his marriage even if she’s not nine years old yet. But if she’s thin and weak, and can’t endure intercourse, and can fall ill from it, then the husband isn’t allowed to consummate his marriage even if she’s old. This is the correct view.

and I understood that due to changing times, scholars do not allow it and early marriage generally. So I ask this: If I believe it is immoral to consummate with someone 8-12 even if they can physically bear it, am I sinful? Scholars today do not allow it so am I sinful to believe it is immoral?

10th May 2024

A curse

Salam. I have a query related to a saying by my In Laws according to
which the daughter in laws of the family CANNOT wear Black dress/Scarf as it
was prohibited to them generations ago by some Wali/Baba. the reasons behind
was given that wearing black by Daughter in laws could result in extremely
bad consequences for the family i.e. death. As it happened with 2 Uncles of
my husband whose wives wore black dresses at some point after which they died
( not the same time but later on in life died due to some disease) Now this
curse of wearing black dress is extremely serious and my mother in law
considers this actually true as it was passed down by her Mother in law (my
husbands Grandmother). upon inquiry about WHY wearing black was forbidden
there is no answer except for the elders said not to wear as it has bad
consequences so we dont and we never asked why. My question is What is
the islamic point of view in this. Ofcourse i respect Wali/SOME Baba who has
ILM but i am not sure about such thing relevance in Islam. Please guide on
this matter.
Jazak Allah
29th April 2024


Salaam, I saw dream of running away from the people who chased after me and then I hid myself in a place without them noticing me. And then I went to one place and saw those people but they didn't recognize me either even I met with them face to face. What is interpretation of this dream?
28th January 2024

On the principle : “Certainty is not overruled by Doubt” which fatwa is certainty?


I choose to believe one fatwa and then later have doubts because I found another fatwa with a greater weight of evidence but have not yet chosen to believe it.

In such cases, which fatwa is considered "certainty" and which fatwa is considered "doubtful"?
15th January 2024

Dream Interpretation

As-SalamWalaikum Mufti Sahib
My question involves interpretation of dreams but let me give you a little background. Several months ago I became unemployed from my tech job as a result of economic conditions in the industry. I've been taking the time to catch up on some personal projects and reinvesting myself spiritually and catching up on reading Quran. I wanted to note that just a few days before I was informed I would be released from my job I had a dream in which I was given the impression that I was unemployed and didn't report into my team. I woke up feeling like I was actually unemployed but in reality I hadn't been told yet. Then a few days later I was informed. I was not sure what to make of that except to believe it was a sign from Allah SWT. Since then, I've been applying for multiple roles in my industry and recently I had two dreams which I'm hoping you can help explain. In the first dream I see a white spider weaving a white web. In the dream I'm just observing it and then wake up. In the second dream I see I'm laying in bed and being approached by women who then form a circle around me. I've looked these up online in multiple places but would appreciate if you could help me interpret them. Jazakullah Khair
7th October 2023

Baby Girl Naming Maria & Maryam

Assalamu Alaik Sheikh!
Alhamdulillah I am
Blessed with a beautiful daughter recently. I have another Daughter and her name is Maria. Can I keep my newborn girl name Mariyam as we like the name due to its importance in the Holy quran? Do Maria and Mariyam do have the same meaning? I really appreciate your advise in this regard.
Jazakumullahu khairan
6th May 2023

Consent of concubines

I have been researching slavery in Islam in hopes of trying to understand it better. I understand it is abolished now but I have a few questions regarding concubinage.

1.Was the female slave master able to force her into a marriage contract without her consent?

2. Could he acquire a married slave and force her to get a divorce?
25th December 2022

I had a vision of a young girl?

so I was minding my business in my room, when I suddenly saw a vision of young girl, she was very young maybe 10 or 11 and she was light brown complexation, I thought she was really pretty, she was gone as fast she came though. I have never had a vision like this in my life before but she appeared right in front of my eyes like I was seeing a real person. something told me it was Aisha but I don't think Aisha was brown but I could be wrong though.
Does this have an significance or should I just ignore it?
12th June 2021

Evil / Demons affecting me again

I need to ask a thing regarding how demons can affect one's life. I had suffered from black magic issues from almost 23 years, had a Ruqyah / exorcism done almost 2 months back, not just of me but also of my family's and things started to get better and i even got a job and moved to a different city. But last night, I woke up before Fajr, turned the torch on of my phone and i don't know what happened but I got kinda unconscious when immediately I saw a witch near me just like one i saw years ago, I came to senses then and literally screamed and almost threw my phone at her that dropped down but i was so scared to even grab it up. I wanna know if there is any possibility that evil things may come back to me even after Ruqyah (because what I always felt like I am a gateway for them, even one was living inside of me that was removed). Please let me know because if it started happening again, I my lose my patience to deal with it this time, suggest some viable things for recitation or either I should go get it checked again. I am currently in Islamabad, Pakistan.
10th May 2021

Job at place where evil force captured a doctor

Aoa, one doctor used to touch more than required to female patients. He repents but after few months again do same sins.He touched one married woman once after few months again did the same thing with same woman. Then after few months she saw that woman in face of devil and he prayed on the spot from Almighty to save him from that woman and show right path to both of them but after that in following week his sins of touching increased and he done Zina of putting fingers in vagina of one patient first time and next day when that woman came with daughter child again touched her and when that woman touched him suddenly he experience sparkling light within his eyes and when in shocked like state after that his hand touched her breast like going itself. Then the words come from his mouth that come with OPD slip for medicine then that woman after an hour or so came again without daughter and sat on chair behind the door and after all patients gone and only peon was left. When peon was going outside he was not clearly visible to doctor and after peon went out suddenly doctor felt that someone pushed him from chair towards door and at door doctor noticed white white outside nothing clear and when he closed the door lock he experienced blackout and someone moving him towards woman where she was sitting and then moved him towards examination chair ( doctor can't felt his body wether his leg moving or in air going here and there ) then words uttered from doctor mouth move your shirt up woman replied anyone can see then words came from doctor mouth that door is closed ( at that time her face was little bit visible) and then doctor's face moved towards her breast which was not visible only blackout then moved upward again because doctor was wearing mask and then again towards breast (it was like someone is holding his face and moving up and down) and then few seconds after doctor noticed milk in his mouth and asked her that it's milk?she replied yes then doctor was confused and milk collected in mouth unable to spit or intake then again face went towards breast ( nothing is visible) then she said i will not give without money and suddenly doctor felt and saw ''zina " word written in her forehead area inside and he replied no no i just want to see. Then Zina of eyes, hand , feet , and mouth done but in confused state and nothing was clearly visible except face of that woman then how she reached again towards door, doctor is unaware of it and when she opened the door and asked about medicine then doctor was able to see her and replied. So what you think what is this? Sehr or magic or what? Doctor left that city after this incident and told this to her mother and in another city within a month got married with intention to save himself from devil . Now should he again go to his workplace? Or avoid that city.he is doing job as a government officer. And Doctor few days after again saw something like while opening the door of his home that someone picked him up from crowd in that city and flew away.
25th January 2021

I want to name my son as MUAWIZ

I have a son whose name is MUAAZ, In Sha Allah i am expecting another son and i want to name him MUAWIZ, Kindly guide me the goodness of name MUAWIZ.
2nd January 2021

Is it haraam for me to add those hours in the invoice if there is no work?


I have a question:
I work in a Norwegian company as a software developer. they pay me on hour bases, I add my working hours in the final invoice and send it to them at the end of each month.

sometimes the manager doesn't reply or give me daily tasks on time but I still have to be active on the chat application all day and reply to the chat questions to other team members if they ask.

My question is.
Is it haraam for me to add those hours in the invoice if there is no work? and I am just chatting or waiting for the manager to give me tasks?

Please let me know.
1st January 2021

Does contributing to an emergency family fund count as Zakat / Sadaqa

We have a family fund within our extended family. The fund is designed to be a collection in case someone in the family requires that money unexpectedly (e.g. sudden death of the main bread-winner).

The rules of the fund are that everyone contributes what they can. The money may only be dispersed amongst family members. Alhamdulillah, nobody in the family currently requires this money. The fund is accumulating and the target is $100,000 USD.

Does contributing to such a fund count as Zakat or Sadaqa? Or should this be treated like a savings account for the family and be separated from one's obligatory donations?
29th December 2020

Interpret dream

Whilst I was asleep, in my dream I could feel somone pulling my blanket at my feet. I tried to move but I couldn't move my body. My body felt as it was shaking.

I read durood and then I could open my eyes and shook my leg.

Thereafter all was fine. Kindly guide me what this means or what could it be. Jazakallah
22nd October 2020

After wudhu I some time I feel 2-3 drops of urine has come out in my pants Should I need to do wudhu

After wudhu I some time I feel 2-3 drops of urine has come out in my pants Should I need to do wudhu again or is there any permissable limit
15th October 2020

Rights of Neighbors and Animals

Asalamu'alykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

Dear Shaikh,
For quite a while my family have been feeding stray cats in our garden as a means of reward, having listened to many stories about kindness towards animals we thought it could be a means of jannah for us, up until recently we have not had any issues from our neighbors, we have only recently been made aware that these stray cats have been leaving excrement in their gardens. The neighbors have told us to stop feeding them as it is causing them annoyance having to clean the waste. If we stopped feeding them then they would potentially stop coming to the area, although that isn't certain as others might also be feeding them.

We were wondering how to tackle this, do we listen to our neighbors and completely stop feeding the cats or do we continue to feed them and continue to gain reward as there is no point stopping as others might also feed them?
1st August 2020

Address of peer sab khalifa in karachi

address of khalifa of peer zulfiqar ahmed sab(db) in karachi.
i am already baith with peer sab. But how to continue my islah.
i can't reach peer sab. That way i want to find khalifa of peer sab
for my islah. Please give me address of any peer sab kahlifa in karachi
17th March 2020

Are these fixed-fee loan terms halal or shariah compliant?


I am a therapist and have started my own practice. Alhamdulillah I can finally sustain my monthly business costs but growth is slow as I do not have enough capital to advertise/expand to at least contribute to my personal financial targets. I'm facing either further investment into my business (via a loan) or closure. I have been offered a loan with a "fixed fee" and these are the known terms: 1) The fixed fee is a percentage of the loan amount (10% or less); 2) The actual loan amount and fixed fee will vary (based on loan amount) but there is no interest rate, no other costs after the loan is disbursed; 3) The loan must be repaid within a specified time-frame (e.g., 1 year). Is this loan truly interest-free and/or halal?
1st February 2020

Is betel nut haram?

Salam alaikum,

Is betel nut haram? The World Health Organization, the Journal of the American Dental Association, the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have linked this substance with several incurable conditions, addiction, reproductive issues, and oral cancer (Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/betel-nut-dangers#cancer-risk ). 

Modern medical research proves that this incredibly harmful, thus eating or chewing it would be an act of causing harm to one's self. Does this make eating or chewing betel nut haram? 
8th January 2020


what is the meaning of Tahreema?Can I select it as a name of my daughter?