Marriage - General

Marriage - General
16th September 2007



Marriage - General
26th August 2007

Love before marriage?


In Islam is any sort of relationship allowed between the sexes before marriage? I was approached by an older cousin who loves me very much but marriage is impossible for the next few years due to my age and the circumstances. I did not think that a secret affair would be right so I have since turned him down. He claimed that to love is not a sin only under some rules and regulations given by Islam. Was I right in refusing him even though I liked him a lot? And is it haraam upon me to think about/remember him? Jazakallahkhair.

Muslimah, 15, UK
Marriage - General
19th August 2007

Meeting before marriage & other q's

Assalaamu alaykum

1) If a male goes to see a female with the intention of marriage, what are the appropriate kind of questions should he ask the girl and what are their boundaries (of the questions)?
2) Someone told me that you cannot give items as gifts that are sharp e.g. knife (even if you give it with the intention of regular uses like kitchen utensil). Is this just another false superstitous belief as I suspect or does it have any basis?
3) Is it permissible for the girl?s parents to request a specific amount of mehr for their daughter? What happens if it is refused? What is the maximum amount of mehr that can be asked?

Jazakallaah, Wassalaamu Alaykum warahmatullaah
Marriage - General
5th August 2007

Nikkah on the phone

if there is no possible way for the man and woman to meet on a soon upcoming date and they would like to make thier relationship halal and get married, can they marry over the phone?...and...can nonmuslims be witness's at a nikkah?, allah hafiz
Marriage - General
11th July 2007

Engagement no.2

while you are engaged are you allowed to have any physical contacts with your fiance and i do not mean sex i mean like kissing and holding hands?
Marriage - General
1st July 2007

Who can perform nikah?


I have heard and read that any muslim person (non- aalim) would be able to perform the nikah sermon. is that true? and would it be permissible to perform nikah in such way?
or is it only an aalim that can perform the nikah?
Marriage - General
28th June 2007

Whom we can marry

assalamalykum, i would like to know if a man can marry his wifes maternal niece at the same time. i have read that a wifes permission is needed for the marriage to be valid?is it true. zazakallah
Marriage - General
12th June 2007

Asking for a husband

Over the past couple of weeks I have got to know a man whom is of good chracter and religion. I have had no relations with this man, but I have began to develop feelings for this man. As soon as I realised these feelings for the man I cut off all connections with this man and I have sincerely repented. I have began to pray to Allah that he grants me a husband who is exactly 100 percent just like him, because I believe this man is perfect in every way and would be a husband if he was with me. I have not committed any sins with this man . is it permissible for me to pray to Allah for a man like this - or will this not be regarded as legitamate. Please answer my question as soon as possible. Thank you
Marriage - General
12th June 2007

Is Talaq valid

Assalaamualaykum...In an argument I said two talaks to my wife not intentinally..but she says that she heard 3, there was no witness. Is this talak valid. Wassalaam
Marriage - General
10th June 2007

About the first night

what is the procedure according to islam for teh first night ?
Marriage - General
6th June 2007


Is it permissable/advisable to get married in Muharram?
Marriage - General
2nd June 2007


Do we need the permission of the first wife to take a second wife
Marriage - General
25th May 2007

Husband callin wife mum

assalamalaikum,,i would like to knw wht if a husband call his wife mother by mistake or by joke? is there any penalty for tht? please reply ASAP.Fe aman AllahMuslimah
Marriage - General
19th May 2007


A womans husbands calls her while he is very upset and aggressive. He asks the wife what are her intentions - whether she wanted a separation or whether she wanted this marriage to end. He said he wanted to know because he wanted to go on with his life. The wife did not answer him. He then got angry and started swearing at her. At this moment he mentioned the following words: You stay at your parents house for ever. This marriage is over.
Kindly comment on the above situation.
Can the above situation be defined as a discussion of talaaq - Muzakaraatut Talaaq? If yes what are the implications of this. What is the status of the nikah in the above scenario?
Marriage - General
30th January 2007

Dispute over Talaq

The husband gave one Talaq in 2003 and then did Rujooh, gave the second Talaq in 2005 and then performed Ru-jooh.
In 2006 the husband threatened his wife with the third Talaq. Husband said: if you do not correct yourself I will give you the third. Wife claims husband gave third Talaq. What is the decision of in the light of Quran and Sunnah?
Marriage - General
7th October 2006

Is he muhrim

bismiallah al rahman al rahim

can i marry a man that was breastfeed with my mum's sister?
and does that make him my muhrim also?

thank you
Marriage - General
13th September 2006


1.can a women divorce her husband if he beats her
2. if a women dosent read salaah can her husband beat her
Marriage - General
31st August 2006

Family planning

my wife gave birth to our first child six months ago . we dont want to have child for one more year . is it allowed in islam to use condoms to acheive this.please advise
Marriage - General
24th August 2006

Is the nikah still valid

About 2 years ago my husband told me that he will divorce me. Than 2 months back in extreme anger he said in one breath that he divorces me and he divorces me.
I asked a local Mufti sahib he said that two divorces has been done but he can come back to me with in three months. I went to my parents and stayed with them for a month. After coming back he took me back and we stayed as husband and wife for a few weeks. Now I am very confused as he has in the past said sentences like "you are nobody to me and you are not my wife."He has also sent an e-mail to his nephew that that the marriage is over after we had fight. I have asked him if he meant it . He says that he didnot mean to divorce me when he said those things.

Please let me know if the nikah is still valid?
Marriage - General
15th August 2006

Is it a divorce

assalamu alaikum
I submitted this question before but i was not answered and it has beeen quite a while...If a husband says to his wife after an arguement, 'shall i say the 3 words,get out of the house now' is it a talaq?
JazakAllah i hope i can get a quick response