Marriage - General

Marriage - General
15th May 2012

Nikah validity

asalamalaikum mufti brother in islam

i have askeD this question to many mufti's but it seems that i can not get satisfaction

i did something supid 10 years ago i did nikah on the phone. I as alone in my room on my mobile and the boy was in his house with a maulvi and two witnesses that i didnt know or see ,

anyway the boy rang me saying that the maulvi is asking your ijazat.i said ok maulvi said whats your name and asked me to read verses of quran and then asked weather i accepted the boy , stupidly i said yes andthen put phone down
next hour boy brings nikahnama for me to sign with 100 pound saying its maher moneythrough the post ,BOY next day came to my house telling my dad that i have done nikah with your daughter

when my dad found out he was furious because he didnt know the boy and he said there is no such thing as phone nkah
my dad was soo angry and i realised i had made a big mistake
HE then took me to pakistan to marry my cousin and now im happy with two children and i thought that phone nikah was not valid until recently i saw some where that it could be valid, I am in shock and depressed i cant look at my kids or husband and they dont know what is the matter with me

please let me know the validity of the phone nikah
notes i didnt know the maulvi and he didnt know me or see me
i didnt know witnesses and they didnt know or seeme .everything happened on phone . the boy said my voice was on speaker phone
i was alone in my room
i have asked duriluloom deoband a,muftiebrahim desai, sheikh assimul hakim and mufti siraj desai all from outside countries and they said that my phone nikah not valid and that maulvi couldnt be your wakil as i didnt know or see him and that for nikah you have to be in one majlis bur some muftis have said that if i gave ijazat to maulvi that could mean transfer of agency and that maulvi could have been my wakil .as i never really appointed him because i didnt knw him i was assuming he meant that he was about to ask me if i accept this boy
please help me and reply soon i am very depressed i cant eat or sleep and on anti depressants i dont want to be doing haram i love my current family ,please tell me if shariah regards that maulvi as my wakil
iam getting very scary waswasy i dont know where the boy is now I think he was assylum seeker and got deported to pakistan he was punjabi and i am pathan i am hanafi and i dont know about him, my dad wript nikah nama up
Marriage - General
22nd November 2010

Changing surname after marriage

As Salaamu Aleykum,

Is it allowed for a woman to change her surname to the one of her husband after marriage is done? I have been told that it is not allowed due to a Hadith that we shall be called by the names of our fathers.

Mufti Saab please can you clarify

Marriage - General
25th July 2009

Divorce & Remarriage

Asalaam-a-laikum, respected Brothers

Please answer the following question.

If a woman has been divorced by her husband before the marriage was consummated and she has observed Iddat because the couple had spent time alone together, can they remarry?

Under what circumstances the couple can remarry if the husband divorced his wife.

Marriage - General
26th May 2009


i m in a big trouble.i got engaged 15 days before to the person i liked.but his family has now done istikhara for us and the results were not good.they now want to break the relation.but we both want to live with eachother and love alot.i has also done istikhara and it is positive.please tell us what to do now? we dont want to be us and what islam says about it?please do istikhara for us and tell us.ALLAH will bless you for this.
Marriage - General
26th May 2009

Wanting to get engaged but none musllim family are against it

Assalaamu alaykum mufti saab(may Allah swt prolong your life and fill it with His blessings,,,ameen)

I have just met a sister who has reverted to islaam(7months)mashaAllah,,,she is at this moment finding it very difficult islamically and feels she has no protection and that marriage would bring ease in this way...

she is looking into becoming engaged to the right brother however she is concerned as her family are against it ,she is still studying and living with them(she has not met any brother but inshaAllah will be contacting her local imam for help

but i would like to get ur opinion Hazrat

is it permissable for her to get engaged /married without her parents(non muslim) permission

inshaAllah we will be awaiting ur reply

(may Allah swt prolong your life and fill it with His blessings,may He grant you jennah for the good you do,,,,,,ameen)

walykumusalaam wrwb

Marriage - General
20th April 2009

Should there be pardah from fatherinlaw

assalamulaikum, i just wanted to know if there should be purdah from the fatherinlaw
Marriage - General
14th March 2009


I have been married for 6 years with no kids
Marriage - General
9th December 2008

Is parents conesnt required

I have been going out with someone for the past 6 years and wish to get married to him. However, my parents say I am too young and should carry on studying, even though i do not wish to continue.I have made it very clear to them that i do not wish to study but they do not listen to me.Will it be permiseble for me to make nikah without my parents consent?
Marriage - General
2nd December 2008

Civil marriageand nikkah

assalamualaikummy brother recently had his civil marriage, we heard that it is also equivalent to or same as a nikkah, is that true?jazakallah
Marriage - General
5th September 2008


Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuhu

Inshallah this email finds you in the best of health & imaan.

Dear respected mufti saab, can you please tell me if it is permissible to use flowers as decoration for the walimah ceremony.

Jazakhallah Khair
Marriage - General
21st May 2008

Delay Nikaah or delay consummation?

in the scenario that a marriage partner is found and they wish to delay consummation of marriage for a short time period such as a year..

is it perferable to get get enagged and wait an year for nikah? or have nikah now and consummate the marriage by starting to live together in a year later?
Marriage - General
23rd April 2008

Birth Control

I am married and I am doing my study at abroad, my wife stay at my country now. I want to bring my wife with me. then she will stay with me. I have not complete my graduation yet. I will complete my study within 1 and half year. At that situation if we don't want to having children, i mean if do birth control is that allow according to Islam.
Marriage - General
20th April 2008


If a woman seeks Khula Separation will the Iddah period be for 3 months or one month.Also what are the rules for Iddah.Jazakallah
Marriage - General
20th April 2008


assalamu alaikum
i did my nikah without my parents knowing, the guy is a shafi'ee, i am hanafi, when i asked a mufti if i could do my nikah without a wali, he said that the nikah will be valid, but i wanted to know if it will still be valid as he is a shafi'ee. please enlighten me on this.
Marriage - General
28th March 2008

Women and divorce


Can a woman declare divorce on her husband, or is that only the right of the man? If the husband is not willing to give divorce, how can the woman obtain a divorce islamically?

Marriage - General
9th March 2008

Is it considered as a legitimate nikah?

salamwalaikum.I was told by a local ulama that marriage done on da fone(saying to her that i am marrying you and in reply she says i am marrying you too)is valid.The honorable aalim quoted a hadith to the effect that huzoor (saw)said 3things done jokingly and seriously are taken seriously.1 of them was nikaah..please elaborate
Marriage - General
4th March 2008

Nikah with Shia

Im a 30 year old Sunni man living in USA and wants to marry a shia girl, but her parents are bent on doing the nikah by shia maulana I want to know if Shia nikah follows the islamic guidelines and will our marriage be a valid one. Thanks
Marriage - General
4th March 2008

I love a girl who is qadiani , and i want her to convert in Islam ,

i love a girl who is qaidiani , i want to marry with her, but if she converts to islam. But confusion is this that , i have with her for almost one year, i havent seen any difference in her dogma , she reciets Quran , she offers namaz , she knows about masails of islam .
im confused in this situation.
but im very serious about her , and want her to convert to islam in any case.

please help me
Marriage - General
24th February 2008

Dancing with husband

Assalamu alaikum
I would like to know the Islamic ruling on dancing with one's husband in their own privacy?
Waalykumus salam
Marriage - General
15th February 2008

Secret Engagement

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatuh Allah Wa Barakatoh.

Bismillah Ar Rahmanee Ar Rahmeen.

I'm 20 years old and I'm a 8 months reverted Muslimah, Alhamdulil'Allah. I still haven't finished school. I'd like to get engaged, my parents aren't Muslims and they don't accept the way we get engaged.
I'd like to go to an Imam for arranging an engagement. I'd like to ask am I allow to keep the engagement secret acrroding to Islam?

Jazak Allahu Kahiran.

Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatuh Allah Wa Barakatoh.

A sister