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Assalamualaikum...I all ways wanted to marry someone religious......so this is when I came to Bangla

Last updated: 30th November 2019
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Assalamualaikum...I all ways wanted to marry someone religious......so this is when I came to Bangladesh for my studies, I met my peternal first cousin we never spoke before. I am an University student, she is 2 years younger then me I am 22...I started tutoring her and in between studies we talk to each other about everything..and slowly I fell in love with her character..she is religious, kind, Caring and beautiful.i started caring for her deeply. And since she came to my life I feel like I'm closer to Islam than before.. I want to marry her.i asked her if she wants to marry me she replied if our parents agrees then she also ready to marry..the problem is that our fathers are brothers and though a few of my fathers brother and sister married their cousins my father dislikes cousin marriage and it seems impossible to make everyone agree...I started praying istickhara,she too prays istickhara twice a day.for Allah to guide us..so my question is when does one get guidence for istickhara?? Because her might accept proposal next year I am a little scared what if her parents accept other proposal?? should continue praying istickhara until I get guidence from Allah?? No matter how long it takes??

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Istikhārah is a du’ā (supplication) where one seeks guidance from Allah for goodness in regards to any matter. Whilst making istikhārah, the intention must be sincere and without any predetermination; solely seeking the guidance of Allah towards goodness in regards to the proposal.

Upon making istikhārah, you may feel an inclination towards or against the matter at hand. It is not necessary to see a dream, and one should adopt a decision according to what the heart inclines towards. InshāAllah, there will be goodness and blessings in that.

Note: Consider all relevant factors of the prospective partner; religion, character, family, compatibility etc. and also seek counsel with your elders.

And Allah Ta’āla knows best

26 December 2019 / 29 Rabī’ul Ākhir 1441 AH


Also see the following publication for detail on:

Istikharah Method (pp. 14, 23), Istikharah for Marriage (p16); How Many Times (p23) etc.

Istikhara In The Light of The Sunnah, by Ayub Ibn Ml. Muhammad. (2011) Miftahuddin Islamic Institute, UK.


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26th December 2019
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