Marriage - General

Marriage - General
26th May 2024

Love marriage

I will try to be very short as required. I am 21 years old, and there is a guy, also 26 years old this year. We both are Muslims. We want to get married, but my parents dont agree. My parent's disagreement isnt based on Islam but on issues like caste and status. I pray 5 times a day, but sometimes unfortunately I do skip my prayers, but I try to pray as we should. I wear a hijab and try to follow Islam as much as possible. I stay far from him so basically we are long distance. My parents don't agree with me marrying him at first it is because of the long distance and second is based on caste and status. My parents don't believe in love marriage as long distance. I am staying with my family in America but he is from Pakistan. I tried to talk to them but still they would disagree with me and use a lot of bad words that made me cry a lot. I know as a Muslim person, we shouldn't fight or talk back to our parents but still, they are not open-minded to Pakistani people because they're scared that they will hurt their daughter's heart. In my point of view, not most people will do the same things because I believe there is more love in marriage than fight
Is there any wazifa or what should I do to make our marriage approved by my parents?
Marriage - General
25th May 2024

Is my marriage is valid with my cousin in this way

My name is aslam and her name is afreen we live in different state and we are cousin and follow hanafi fiqh. So one day we decided to make nikah of us without wali
So my two frnd(A and B) with me as a witness and she is in video call she make a wakeel of her on a behalf and we do ijabo qabool with certain amount of mehr is my nikah valid plz tell as soon as possible
Marriage - General
9th February 2024

Nikah validity

Is the nikah valid if the name of the biological father of the girl is not mentioned in case the brides father missing or unknown or for any other reason. Please advise. Is it permissible to use adopted father’s name instead.
Marriage - General
18th January 2024

Conditions of a wali for marriage of a sayyedah

I am writing to seek your esteemed guidance on a matter that has been weighing heavily on my heart. I am a Sayeddah and have been practicing Islam throughout my life. Recently, I have expressed my intention to marry a Muslim convert who has devoted many years to the practice of Islam.
However, my father, despite the gentleman's adherence to Islam, objects to the union on grounds unrelated to Islamic principles. He cites the convert's non-Muslim origin, Pakistani background, and lack of a Muslim family as reasons for his disapproval. I am struggling to reconcile his decision with Islamic teachings, which emphasize the importance of a partner's faith rather than lineage.
Given my Sayeddah status, I am particularly interested in understanding the conditions for a Wali in this scenario. How does Islam view a marriage proposal from a Muslim convert, and what guidance can you provide regarding the role of a Wali in such circumstances?
I am earnestly seeking your wisdom and expertise to navigate this situation in accordance with Islamic principles. Your guidance will be immensely appreciated as I strive to find a resolution that aligns with both my faith and familial relationships.
JazakAllah Khair for your time and consideration.
Marriage - General
12th January 2024

Iddah calculation

Assalamu Alaikum. Need help in finding out Iddah end date and hour-

A friend of mine lost her husband at around 10PM of Oct 23rd, 2023. So in Hijri, that should be 8 Rabi al-Akhar/Rabi al-Thani, 1445. Adding 4 Islamic calendar months + 10 lunar days, my friend's Iddah should be over on 18 Sha'ban, 1445, i.e., 28th Feb, 2024.

Is my calculation and denomination of the dates correct, e.g., (a) Is there any inaccuracy in denoting 10PM of 23rd Oct as 8 Rabi al-Akhar (since it's lunar calendar, will it be 9 Rabi al-Akhar)? (b) Will the Iddah ending be on 18 Sha'ban or 19 Sha'ban and at what hour?
Marriage - General
21st November 2023

Should I accept a proposal?

There is a girl who wants to marry me. She is gentle and prays regularly, but she doesn't wear hijab. I told her unless she wears the hijab I don't want to marry her because I don't want to share any sin and moreover I don't feel comfortable. We have known each other for many years.
Am I doing the right thing? Or should I marry her and give her time? She said she might wear hijab in the future anyways but she doesn't know when. Please advise.
Marriage - General
10th October 2023

My boyfriend is already married

Hello, I’m a converted Muslim (Hanafi) and I live in Turkey. I converted to Islam 2 years ago (I was Protestant). I wear hijab and I live following all the Sunnahs from our Prophet (SAW). I met my boyfriend a year ago, we are so in love like we have never felt in our lives and we both want to marry. But he is already married and has 3 kids, ages 4, 8 and 13. He has been in an unhappy marriage for years just for the sake of the kids but he doesn’t want to divorce his wife because it’s something extremely bad from where he is and he could lose his kids custody. His family doesn’t know of my existence but his wife obviously knows that there is someone else in his life since he doesn't spend any time with her, they don't sleep together... she is fine with that as long as he provides for the family since she is a housewife. He is a wealthy and very generous man, and he cares a lot for his children and I know that if he would divorce he would still support them financially. My case is different since I have a job, but he also supports me a lot. He asked me to do the Nikah with me even though 2nd marriage isn’t allowed in Turkey. I want to marry him more than anything but I don't know what I should do. I'm in my 30s and he's in his 40s so we are not kids. Thank you
Marriage - General
28th September 2023

Divorced woman marry without a wali?

I am a divorced women who now wants to marry but my family are not allowing me to marry the guy i have got to know as they have heard he maybe involved with drugs however there are also other sources that have said the groom doesn't have bad habits and isn't involved with drugs but my family won't accept that so are stopping me from getting married so all my walis are preventing me from getting married. What can i do? Can i marry without a wali and have the imaam as my guardian?
Marriage - General
26th September 2023

Validation of nikkah

Assalamualaikum, me and this man want to get married but we have an issue which is my dad, so my situation is, a wali is needed for a valid marriage, but my dad, he is a disbeliever, and he’s been my abuser for my whole life, he’s tortured my mum, he’s controlling, he is hurtful, he is inhumane, he would never give permission for me and this man’s marriage, because he wants to choose and be in control of my life, he would destroy my life, and as he is a disbeliever, he cannot be my wali from the opinion i follow, so my grandfather has passed away, my brother is too young, the only person i have is my half uncle, but he wouldn’t give permission as he is on my dads side, he wouldn’t do anything to betray him, if i were to tell my dad about this, he will hurt me, he would never let me go, i am moving far away from him now, im going to university long long away, and i want to do a nikkah with this man, he is a good muslim, and a good person, and once i’ve moved completely away from my dad, i will tell him then, because he would not be able to hurt me physically, emotionally or financially, would this nikkah be valid? i’ll be able to have 2 male witnesses, but i’ve seen that a wali can be an imam or anyone from the community if i don’t have anyone else, please help us, we have tried for months to find someone to ask and make what we have halal, but no one has responded, please understand the situation because my dad has been my biggest test from Allah, and this marriage? he would never ever give permission, and he will ruin my life as well as my whole family’s and his family too
Marriage - General
11th July 2023

Can I marry this sister without the knowledge of her and my parents due to invalid reasons for rejec

Assalamwuakaikum, I would like an answer for a scenario that I am currently in.

I am 19 years old and a student at university. I have known this girl for over 3 years and I have known her really well for just over 1 year. I really want to marry her and so does she want to marry me. Our parents spoke and although my parents were willing to meet and speak, her parents rejected on the basis that we are too young and that me as the man, I have no income yet and no house.

We really want to make things halal to avoid zina and her parents told mine that they say no due to age, but secretly it’s because they wish for her to marry a much older relative, Which she has openly said no to. Her father is not the best of people for reasons, he is against my proposal due to my geographical location (does not like area where I live) and is very stubborn.

Her mother has spoke to me and was the one to tell me to get my parents to speak to the girls parents. So she is understanding of our situation but her husband is very against it for what i believe is an invalid reason.

The girl has told me that she doesn’t want me to fully financially depend on me and has agreed with me the idea that we can remain in our parents home until I have graduated with a job. But her parents do not want us to marry simply due to age and not having a house (alongside judging me for where I live).

I would like to marry her with permission of an imaam and not make our family aware of our nikkah, and eventually they will accept, and at that point. Can we do another nikkah contract to avoid huge family arguments as her family is very culturally minded. I believe I meet the requirements that she wants for us to get married in terms of Mehr, providing for her when she wants me to, just the guardianship and witnesses is my concern and whether with this situation. Can I get nikkah done without the knowledge of her and my parents for this scenario? Jazakallah khair
Marriage - General
22nd June 2023

Young Marriage

I understand marrying children has been allowed but according to Imam Shafi or the majority of ulema, if there is no valid reason is it discouraged or haram

It should be noted that al-Shaafa’i and his companions said: It is preferable for fathers and grandfathers not to marry off a virgin until she reaches the age of puberty and they ask her permission, lest she end up in a marriage that she dislikes. What they said does not go against the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah, because what they meant is that they should not marry her off before she reaches puberty if there is no obvious interest to be served that they fear will be missed out on if they delay it, as in the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah. In that case it is preferable to go ahead with the marriage because the father is enjoined to take care of his child’s interests and not to let a good opportunity slip away.

Further seeing as its frowned upon by society today, is it correct to say it is no longer permissible or valid
Marriage - General
23rd February 2023

Can i have my father as a wali who never prays(i think he prayed ones on a death ceremony not sure)

Hello i live in a country with mainly muslims(a lot of which are not practicers of islam only in name) but not ruled by islamic ruler and here the school of thought is mainly hanefi and as for the marriage as i heard some people say that the imams here consider the engagement ceremony to be enough for a valid marriage usually almost everyone gets married like that and you almost never hear anyone mentioning concepts like wali and other things not even imams. Personally i would like to marry with a muslim wali and with an imam and the witnesses but the problem is that my father even though he calls himself a muslim he never prayed or maybe he prayed ones when someone died not very sure and we told him to pray a couple times but he generally doesnt fast or provide for us as he was a bit sick years ago and always reasons himself that he cannot do things or doesnt feel well enough and stuff like that. I heard that people that dont pray are kafirs or at least who dont think praying is obligatory but for my father i dont know how to label him because he is a bit more on the side of illiterate and lack a lot of knowledge he only knows how to read or write but almost never read anything bht he recites ayyetul kursi, el fatiha and it is not like we have a court here for me to know if he can be my wali or he is a kafir personally i think if the judge were to threaten him to pray or lose his life he would probably pray. And also considering grandfathers brother or uncles etc they are either dead or do not pray or not believe except one uncle who prayed a few tines after his son died but maybe doesnt pray anymore or prays rarelly(not sure) and i dont know for sure if his son pray now and then or very rarely or hasnt prayed for since a time. In general neither my father or uncles or anyone would make a problem for the person i choose they wouldnt even care if the person i marry prays or not or how much practices islam. So can i take my father as a wali and have the ckntract in front of imam will that be valid or do maybe 2 contracts the secknd one taking the imam as my wali. Or do i need to check with my uncle cousin or uncle and if he prays take him (which maybe might cause some mess or talks with my father and people around expecially if the imams here might not say that wali are required or that i dont need to go to such lengths and my father is enough, and the fact that usually people here do not go labeling others as kafirs? Note that i still havent found a suitable person already struggling with that due to having a good job and only have a few friends who might help me with that but havent found someone yet since there arent many pracitcing muslim males who also have a good status or job. Also i heard that hanefi allows marriage without a wali but have to find someone of similar status which i might not be able to find or at least he will be in a lower status financially (which i am mentionjng in case my wali is not considered wali can i take into consideration this thought that i dont need a wali on that case)

Marriage - General
21st February 2023

Got married without witnesses

Alsalam Alykum,

I got married with a girl who was divorced,we did only religious marriage at sheikh’s office but we couldn’t have any witnesses, after 2 years our lives wasn’t going very well and we got divorced by saying “Talak” 3 times in different occasions..I understand I can’t marry her till she marry someone else, but the question is if our first marriage wasn’t valid as no witnesses can I marry her as it our first time? Or the first marriage was valid even without witnesses.
Jazak Allah Khier please advise me
Marriage - General
11th December 2022

Zina with wife's sister ( sister in law)

I was reading about zina with wife's sister
( sister in law) and I read that according to Hanafi madhab Zina with sister of wife ( sister in law) break Nikah between husband and wife even if someone touch his sister in law with desire.
I hand shaked with my sister in law long time ago but I'm not sure was it with desire or it was just a normal hand shaked. There is no relationship between me and my sister in law but sometimes Shiatan was putting bad thoughts in my mind about her.
Now I'm very confused and scared that is my Nikah with my wife still valid. If its not valid what should we do? Should we do another fresh Nikah.
Marriage - General
17th November 2022

Conditions of walee

Asalamu alaykum I hope your well, I asked a few questions pertaining to my nikkah from yourselves and they have all been answered and removed a lot of waswas and things that were playing in my mind so I would like to thank you very much. I have one last questions to remove all doubts and it’s regarding the my father in law who acted on my wife’s behalf in the nikkah with the imam conducting the nikkah. My father in law although he is a Muslim is not practicing, he’s a really nice guy and he knows he can be a better Muslim by praying and do more for deen. He doesn’t really pray as a Muslim
Should but he doesn’t deny the prayer and knows he should be praying. I just wanted to know every other thing that was required to make the nikkah permissible was carried out. My father law not being as practicing , does that make the marriage invalid as he acted in my wife’s behalf. JazakAllahu khairan.
Marriage - General
14th November 2022

Nikkah done properly or not?

ASalamualaikum I hope your well. I have a question with regards to my nikkah and it’s really stressing me out. I just want to know if it was done correctly. I’m a hanafi and my nikkah was done in the mosqe. There were around 20 male witnesses, including my cousin who had studied ilm for many years. My wife was also in the masjid but was with the women in another segregated room. Her father acted on her behalf. The imam was the one who conducted the nikkah and asked my father in law if he gave his daughter(said her full name) with a specific mahr to me in front of the witnesses and my father in law said yes. And then the imam asked me if I accepted my wife with that specific mahr (saying her name and my name and daughter of so and so) and I said yes I have accepted. This was repeated twice and then we started to sign the contract and the imam told my brother in law to go the women’s section and tell my wife to sign the papers. My brother in law didn’t ask my wife anything she just signed the papers. I just wanted to ask did my wife need to accept. She knew she was marrying me and was really happy obviously but this keeps playing on my mind whether or not we did the ceremony correct. I asked my cousin who studied ilm in Leicester for 7 years about this and he said her father accepted on her behalf and she just needed to sign the contract and that’s it she didn’t need to say anything. Also I read that if a women is present in the nikkah ceremony she has to answer herself but like I said the women although they did attend the cermony, they were in a separated segregated room and my wife wasn’t present in front of the imam it was her father who was acting on her behalf and then the imam was conducting the nikkah and asking the questions in the ijab and qabool.We’re these things done correctly and is my nikkah valid, if you could get back to me asap IA as it’s really stressing me out. JazakAllahu khairan.
Marriage - General
24th May 2022

I’m a sunni boy and I like a bohri girl. Can i marry her?

I’m a sunni boy and I like a bohri girl. Can i marry her?
Marriage - General
17th March 2022

Would my Friend be able to marry his mums dads brothers daughter?

My friend is struggling with marriage and he wanted to know if he would be able to marry is mums dads brothers daughter or would that be seen as something forbidden in Islam and he is also older than her.
Marriage - General
11th March 2022

Kaffara for Touching wife before marriage

Assalamualaikum brothers,

just after my engagement i met my fiance outside in restaurant alon we both talk and touch each other hands also in taxi we kiss each other on lips.
After that we feel regret of doing this as it is haram, we apologies to allah almighty ,i also pray salat tu tauba and pray that we will not do this again and after that we didn't meet alone and get married.

It has been 2 year now My wife unable to get pregnant without any major medical issue hence i feel that i should do some kaffara of doing haram thing before marriage and thinking that allah is angry with us.

Please guid and provide some wazifa for child also.

May allah bless you shower his mercy on you for helping ummah
Marriage - General
28th December 2021

Marriage with hindu

My sister wants to marry a guy who is Punjabi. She does not want to convert him as muslim, because he will be doing it just for the sake of marriage, and that is wrong according to us. I think islam should be accepted by heart and only when one wants to. In this case, what would be the solution for this marriage? Can they both follow their own religion? Also, What if they do court marriage? Is it possible to do Nikah? Please let me know.