Living in the West

Living in the West
20th September 2022

Is it permissible to swear on adopting and developing secularism?

Is it shirk for teacher to sign an oath that says "I will protect and develop secularism and Atatürk's reforms"? Every officer in our country has to do this. Is it permissible to show respect to Atatürk in official ceremonies?
Living in the West
8th August 2021

Working security at a mall


I want to work security for a mall here in the US. But the mall I want to work for is a very big mall and it has roller coasters, restaurants that sell alcohol and pork, bars, movie theater, and shopping malls that sell clothes for men and women. Would my work as a security guard be halal in Islam since I have nothing to do with the haram stuff that's going on and my job is to guard the mall and make sure everyone that goes and shops there is safe?
Living in the West
1st May 2020

Online Teach and Travelling Women

Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullah e wabarakatuhu! I want to ask two questions First one is that Is is permissible in Islam to teach a 50 years female for a 22 years Male Teacher Online Quran through Skype ,Kindly guide with your helpful knowledge,I will be thankful to you,If permissible then Is there any necessary terms for this? And Second question is that Is is permissible for a women to travel alone or without Mehram If someone don,t have any Muslim Mehram?Hope You understand my question,
Living in the West
16th March 2020

Halal Mortgage Options in Canada


I am trying to search for a halal mortgage institution who can loan me money to buy a house in Canada but I couldn't find any Halal financing options. Do you know of any institution that provides Halal Home Loans in Canada. or is there any other way out ?

Living in the West
26th January 2020

Student Loans in the 21st Century


I have looked at your response to this question - however the links are not loading. Please could you re-address this issue of student loans and the ruling of it.


A grateful muslim sister
Living in the West
30th December 2019

The arranging of finance to pay for dental work

Assalamu Alaikum. Is it permissible to provide finance for patients such as care credit so that they can pay for the cost of their treatment over time. In some cases the doctor pays a pre-agreed fee for interest free finance (patient pays the original price) or in other cases, the patient pays for the finance cost (patient pays a marked up cost). In essence, the price is agreed beforehand with the patient and the services are exchanged for payment through a finance term. My worry is either way the patient may still be liable for penalty payments if the patient defaults in payments (this would have been stated in the contract that is signed).

Your advice on this matter would be appreciated.
Living in the West
26th December 2019

Forced to take a home loan by wife

Assalam Alaikum Dear Sheikhs,
I have a very unique situation and I desperately need your help. I am a practicing Muslim from China and I study in the U.S. as a student. I get married to a Muslim woman born in the U.S.. She is initially very pious but recently she demands me to buy a house with her by taking a home loan, with our savings as the down payment. I told her that this is haram but she does not listen and threatens to divorce me. You might think that it is easy to just divorce her, but for me it is difficult. Why? Because I have to go back to China once my study is over if I am not married to an American and it is terrible for a practicing Muslim in China (the government will force me to renounce Islam if they know that I am practicing; only the "Muslims" in name are fine). What should I do? It is hard to marry another woman especially if I divorce my current wife because divorced people are harder to find spouses. Am I less sinful since I am forced to take this loan? Thank you.
Living in the West
7th March 2013

Advice re: IVF

Assalaamu Alaiykum and Jazaak Allaahu Khaiyra Mouhatram Mufti Sahab

I need your kind advice on IVF, as I and my wife are facing a situation where answer is not easily available.

We cannot have children due to my extremely low sperm count. The only (possible) Halal way we can have children is through IVF.

We live in London and would like to know if it is permissible to have IVF treatment and if it is, on what conditions? In this country we are offered this treatment for free and if we were to go to an Islamic country, it will cost us a lot which we are not in a position to spend.

As this procedure involves uncovering the awrah of the woman, we requested that all procedures to be carried out by female members of staff. However, hospital has refused to honour this request and said that if a female doctor is available then she will carry out the procedures and if not, a male doctor will examine the patient.

I have done the research re: IVF and have read the answer on your website as well. But the issue I need to clarify is the uncovering of the awrah of my wife in front of the male doctors / nurses.

I appreciate that you are quite busy but would request you to spare some time to answer our query to put our mind at rest. We have to inform the hospital if we are going to go ahead with this or not, so it has become quite urgent for us to clarify this.


Living in the West
25th December 2012

Job, halal?

salaam mualaikum.

i have one question that has been kind of bothering me! i am currently working for IBM in the UK, and am working on a client of thiers who are the MoD (ministry of Defence). i am not directly wrking for MoD, but our company (ibm) deal with the 'whereabout' of their aircraft using computers and databases, again having no direct links, just computer based projects on where these aircrafts are , are they on hold, need fixiing etc! i normally just deal on the helpdesk where i attend to any problems the ' normal computer users' may have. like a tech support and i do not directly work with the army people!

all i wanted to know was if this would be a halaal job for me to work in and earn from?.

thank you for your help

make dua inshallah for us all
(****please can you mail me back with the answer jazakallah)

Living in the West
15th December 2012

Credit from insurance companies

What is the ruling on taking out car insurance from companies buy paying monthly installments, which costs more than paying a one-off fee, if someone cannot afford to pay the one-off fee?
Living in the West
10th December 2012

Working for a Financial services IT consultancy

As-Salamau alaikum Wa rahmatullah,

Dear Shuyookh,
I would like to know whether it is permissable to work for an IT consultancy that writes software systems for the asset finance industry. The income earned is thorough sales of the software and subscriptions. The overwhelming majority of customers are interest bearing companies, including retail banks, insurance companies, investment banks etc - all of whom have a significant interest income.

The customers use software to do both halaal and haraam (i.e. interest bearing transactions).

Is such a job halal? Is the income from that job halaal? Is this violation of the ayah: ".. ta'wanoo alal birri wat taqwa, wa la ta'awanoo alal 'ithmi wal udwaan.."?

Ma'as salaamah
Living in the West
6th December 2012

Regarding Student Loans

In Question #541 mufti Yaseen States that student loans are haram, if they are haram then how do i get to uni? By that I mean its expensive to go uni but its important u educate yourself and my father is retired how can i afford it, even if iwas to have a part time job i still will not be able to my the bare minimum of 3000 a year what can i do becasue i am doing my ucas form write now.
Living in the West
28th October 2012

Paying into Pensions Scheme!

Dear Sir

I would be grateful if you could give me some advice from Islamic point of view regarding paying into a Pensions Scheme.I work for the NHS(National Health Service)where the employees are asked to contribute monthly into a Pensions Scheme for retirement.As the Pension funds are invested in interest bonds and shares and there is also an element of Life Assurance in it,could you pleas tell me whether it is Halal or Haram to keep paying monthly into a Pensions Scheme?If it is Haram due to interest,what other alternatives would you suggest for retirement?

Thanking you


Dr.Khalid Jamil
Living in the West
4th August 2012

Working in a betting shop

Salam walaikum

I hope you are doing well my brother.

My question is regarding working in a betting shop and i seek advice and guidance from you in regards to the issue I am going to present here.

I have been deviated for a long time but alhamdulillah started practicing the deen from 2009 onwards. Now, I have been working in this betting shop from long before that. I have been well aware of the prohibition of gambling and being involved in it indirectly by working at a place where gambling is taking place, I understand it is not something permitted even though I am not betting myself.

I do not wish to work here anymore however having graduated in Computing I have been finding it impossible to find a job in IT or any other job over the past 2 years. I am 26 and have a wife to look after and possibly a budding family soon. I had come to study in the UK from Bangladesh. I do not have my own family here but my in laws live here in the UK who are not aware as to where I work.

I want to leave this job but with no other source of income I wouldn't be able to pay the rent and all other bills.

I appreciate your time and effort and seek an advice to resolving this issue.

Jazak Allah
Living in the West
17th May 2012

Benefits, Tax Credits and Related

Assalamu aww,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and service to the community, may Allah accept it and reward you immensely,
As I'm planing to become an Agent for HMRC (as a Tax Consultant) basically to do Self Assessment on behalf of my clients (mostly Mini-Cab Drivers) and also I will be dealing with Tax Credits and all sort of Benefits, if I don't involve in any kind of interest calculation, is this kind of job allowed or not? (should I also have to consider the Mini-Cab driving and their earnings is allowed or not?)
and is it permissible to receive benefits and tax credits in this country?, please be kind enough to advice me as soon as possible.

And if possible, is it permissible to take decision or choose something by tossing/lot (method of deciding through picking out chits)?

If possible please send you advice to my email address as well please.

Living in the West
15th May 2012

Saving Certificate

I have started purchasing defence & saving certificates since 1998 in order of my office to get tax benifit.
Is my purchasing defence & savings certificates haram ?
Living in the West
15th May 2012

Help for my brother

Assalam O Alikum,

My brother is in trouble with a gang. He borrowed money from a gang of muslim brothers. They charged him over 50% interest, which I paid, and have runined him financially. He is trying to get away from them but they are chasing after him. Please help us and offer a dua for them to leave as alone. Please email me if i can visit you.

Please pray for the health of every muslim brother and sister.
Living in the West
15th May 2012


Is it Haram to give Mortgage advice to people, when you know you will be helping people with their house buying and not making ridiculous amount of money by selling products that entail good procuration fee to brokers. I have been studying to become a qualified Mortgage advisor and my main motive was to go and help people who have been ripped of by mortgage brokers and ultimately go into Shariah mortgages. I have completed the first two part of my examination and my chose of career has been pricking my conscious.
Living in the West
15th May 2012

Job Of A Finance Manager


My question is that whether the job of a Finanance Manager is justifiable in Islam or not while as we know that his main job description is to manage the finances of the company, to negotiate with different banks for loans on cheap interest rates, to deposit surplus funds of companies in banks to earn interest income and to make decisions whether to borrow money or issue further shares etc.
Please also give me references. I'll be grateful to you for this favour.
Living in the West
15th May 2012

Investment Account

I am interested in opening an investment account with Lloyds TSB. They offer guaranteed return of at least 15% gross (2.83% AER) over 5 years. The returns are linked to the performance of shares in the FTSE 100 Index. The minimum investment is for 5 years. My query is that they can guarantee a no risk investment. Would this amount to interest or usary? Is this investement going to be halaal or haraam?