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Last updated: 25th May 2005
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Please enlighten me in detail with the history of Deoband madrasah and its establishment; And ilm of taweez practiced in the Indian subcontinent 2)why the Alims of deoband call themselves Ulma e haq? (just asked for knowledge). 3)the ilm of taweez practiced in subcontinent.explain in detail the marks and the lines in it. 4)the people who do taweez with the lines and marks, are they right? Jazakallah khairan


Assalamu alaikum,

Ulama of Deoband


You will find in history that during the British colonial rule of India between 1864 CE to 1867. A mass genocide took place against the ulama of India perpetrated by the British colonial rule. Thereafter only a handful of ulama remained in India. In 1867, not a single madrasa was left in its original state. In 1608 when they first came to India, it is recorded that there were more than a thousand madrasa in just the city of Delhi. They bulldozed over Shah Waliullah (RA) madrasa raheemiyya and demolished it. No madrasa remained in 1867 CE. The ?Ulama? were being extinct. In this trial and tribulation (fitna) Hadhrat Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi (RA) saw the messenger (SAW) in his dream, ordering him to lay down the foundation of a madrasa in the village of Deoband. Thereafter Hadhrat Manotwi (RA) in accordance to the prophet?s glad tidings laid the foundation of a madrasa beneath a pomegranate tree in the village of Deoband in the year 1866 CE.
This madrasa is known as Darul Uloom Deoband and its graduates are known as the Ulama Deoband.
For full detail refer to a short book ?Who are the Ulama of Deoband?
By the late molana Zia-ur-Rahman Farooqi

(i dont know about the situation of taweez being practised in the indian subcontinent, if the question is about its permissibility then i can fully answer that question. )


Ulama Deoband are Ahlul- haq because they are upon the Creed of ahlu-sunnah wal jamaah. Since deobandi ulama came they always fought against falsehood. To find out our Aqeedah refer to a short book named Aqeedah At-tahawiyah of Imaam Tahawi (ra).
There are some who have slandered our Imaam abu hanifa of being a heretic with their shallow knowledge & ignorance etc. Some have even gone to extreme by declaring deobandi Ulama murtads. But Deobandi Ulama have always answered to these slanders.
May Allah keep the work and effort of ulama deoband in combating against falsehood and showing the path of guidance till Qiyamah.

Answered: Moalana Habib

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

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