Imaan / 'Aqaaid

Imaan / 'Aqaaid
19th September 2023

Fear of having commited shirk

Salam alaykum,

A non-Muslim friend of mine had a beard that he had let grow without trimming. One day, he trimmed it and I told him it looked classier and cleaner than before. These words imply that it is bad to have the beard he had before.

I'm afraid I've committed shirk, because I believe there are scholars in Islam who say it's obligatory to let your beard grow without trimming it. And I said that having trimmed your beard is better than not trimming it, which is contrary to what Islam says. And I was aware that this is contrary to what Islam says.

I believe that when we deny something from Islam, and we are not ignorant, then we are committing shirk which requires renewing one's faith. Does what I've done fit into this scenario? Do I have to say the shahada again? Is what I did haram?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
17th September 2023

Denial of a pillar of islam

Assalamu alaykum,

Let's imagine that a Muslim denies a pillar of Islam that he knows to be true, then he becomes a disbeliever. Then, let's imagine that this person pronounces the shahada with sincerity. Is this enough to make him a Muslim again, even if :
- he hasn't repented
- and he hasn't reaffirmed either verbally or in his heart the pillar he denied. However, he knows in his heart that the pillar is true and he no longer denies this certainty
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
6th June 2023

Repentance of Apostasy and Condition of Repentance


1. He return to Islam from Apostasy by accepting Islam sincerely (Say Shahadah, believe and follow religious principles) but he didn't have any regrets in the past. Is it true repentance?

2. Regret is a condition of repentance. If a person wants to repent by withdrawing from his mistakes and is determined not to repeat the same mistakes. He felt little regret because he knew it was a sin but not sorrowful. Is it true repentance?

Imaan / 'Aqaaid
11th April 2023

Is not sticking to one madhab kufr

I know that muftisays website is of the opinion that is it obligatory for a layman/ordinary muslim to follow one madhab or scholar. However, when I asked another imam they said that there is a difference of opinion and a lot of scholars say that laymen do not have to follow a single madhab/scholar. Will following the opinion of the second scholar be kufr? Will this nullify my islam?
Especially in a scenario where I take an opinion from within a madhab such as some hanafi jurists still say that face is not awrah whereas some say that due to fitnah face must be covered. So if I follow the opinion of those who say face does not need to be covered, will that be kufr?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
7th April 2023

Did I commit Kufr?

Assalam Alaikum,

I am very worried that I have committed kufr and please help me and clarify.

Namely, I started to learn Arabic little by little, because I have a lot of problems with my pronunciation and I want to know what I am saying when I recite the Surah.

My friends (among whom there are also Arabs) often make fun of me when I repeat the words "out of the blue". It doesn't bother me and I often say something on purpose to make them laugh.

However, tonight, while I was fooling around like that, I looked at my friend for a moment and said: "Qul ya ejuhel kafirun", knowing (consciously or subconsciously) that there was a possibility that they would laugh because it was out of the blue.

They laughed and it immediately occurred to me that I might have committed kufr. I did not intend to make fun of the words of Allah Almighty, but I am afraid that there is an element of "joking" in it. I never said it with the intention of infidelity, but I knew they might laugh. I really don't know why I said that. I feel very guilty.

I became very depressed and went home, took a bath and said the shahada again. After that I read that one must take a bath after the shahada. I didn't do that, because I didn't want my family to get suspicious and because some scholars say that it is not mandatory. I started my fast, made wudu and prayed fajr.
I am very worried: did I commit Kufr in the first place? If yes, have I done the right thing and is my fasting and Salah okay now?

May Allah reward you for your work.
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
26th November 2022


Assalam mualaikum Wahramatullahi wabaraktu. I was on the website Islamqa and I was looking at the question. Is it true that when u read surah Jinn you see a jinn?the person also asks how do you get one? Moulana Qamruz Zaman replys no this is not true to the first question to my understanding. If you go on Google search Syed Faisal Abbas Sheraz Pak amliyat he mentions that if you read surah jinn for so many days you can control a jinn and he advises to learn from a peer. Also on Google search Peer Iqbal Qureshi mentions the same thing. A friend of mine when I was in my teenage years also told me the same thing. can you please clarify? I also have another question about the jinn that I'm confused about I don't want to confuse and put doubts in you. Do you give me permission to ask you the next question yes or no? I have no intention to control a jinn I just want clear this doubt. Jazakallah khair
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
8th November 2022

Mocking religion

Asalamu alaykum ww hope your well. I have a question with regards to the validity of my marriage. Alhumdulilah Im practicing and I recently made a joke about one of my friends who over ate and puked. I said whilst in a group of my other friends that so and so puked whilst he was in ruku position with no intention of mocking the ruku position or making fun of it. I spoke to my cousin aswell who has studied ilm for 7 years in Leicester and he said I don’t need to worry and that my marriage is valid. I keep getting waswas about this and although I knew I didn’t make fun of the religion I will certainly not make any reference like that again in the future. Do I need to renew my marriage or am I fine? I’m really stressed if you can answer asap. JazakAllahu khairan
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
14th September 2022

Are these statements kufr, do I need to redo nikah?

Assalamu alaykum moulana
Hope you are well

I recently went for umrah, and since then started learning more about islam. Before this I was very haphazard about islam, and wasn't particularly concerned with what sins I'm doing, not wearing hijab etc, however I am now trying and have implemented changes.

I have uttered a few statements which I am uncertain about if any of them/which of these are kufr statements:

1. When I went for umrah I really tried my best to exert myself, however I would get tired and irritable with people there pushing and shoving, and find it difficult to be rushing to masjid five times a day, the heat etc, and I expressed my annoyance by saying things like, "when we come for hajj, we should only come for hajj for 2 weeks to avoid the difficulties encountered" or "I just want to go home after umrah" when we did not have a hotel to stay in as the accommodation got cancelled, or "I don't even know if Allah will accept my umrah as I have been so impatient and shouted at people".

2. I do not recall the exact conversation, but I mentioned to somebody that I would not disown/cut off my child should he/she be conducting homosexual actions. I did not however say the action is halal. I do not even have children, and I now realise I should not have said this, as it is a haraam act.

2. I said "Jesus" when someone made me angry. I did not intent it as a belief of any sort, it came out by mistake, as they do in movies. I also realise this is incorrect.

3. I read online Q&A about a few fatwa-for eg, some saying woman cannot attend Salah at a masjid, or that it is preferable for woman who are menstruating to make wudhu and sit on their musallah at Salah times, or that woman cannot leave the house for a walk/exercise. I was finding it difficult to follow all these rules at once, especially since I was not properly practicing islam before, and blurted out something like "but then our lives will be so boring and stupid", referring to if we have to follow these strict guidelines from these strict ulema. I did not mean that Islam is "boring and stupid", but that these ulema are making it harder.

I know this shouldn't have been said either as the ulema are knowledgable and I am the one who is at fault.

4. Does saying a certain action is difficult constitute kufr, for example, saying "if a woman finds wearing hijab difficult, and those who do not wear it have it easier" - I uttered this statement as quoted, I did not say I find it difficult, just that a woman might find it difficult. The context of this statement was in the same conversation as the one above. I was confiding in my husband that I am trying to change and these are my difficulties encountered.

5. I was watching a YouTube video wherein a lady mentioned something about 'tears of the gods' and I mockingly said, "im not sure why her gods are crying", but I immediately said after that, Astaghfirullah we only have one and the same God, Allah. I was meaning she has a false belief/false gods when I said that initial statement.

6. Somebody was referring to a new walled city they are building in Saudi Arabia, and I said "is yajooj and majooj there", as a joke, I did not believe they are, but it was more like to say that Saudi is becoming so westernised that so many evil things are prevalent there (outside of Makkah and Medina).

7. When I used to listen to music, I once said the lyrics of an Indian song by mistake, which translated to "just like Eid on the day of holi" or something like that, however I did not mean it and it was simply said by mistake.
8. I read a news article wherein children in western countries are allowed to medically transition into another gender from the time they are kids. To this, I said to my husband, "If ever, they should at least not allow it for children/wait until they are 18". What I meant is not to say its allowed or right, but that its even worse if a child is being allowed such irreversible changes and haraam, as in, the western society should at the very least protect children from this.

I apologise for the long email, and if this sounds so terrible. I realise none of these statements should have been uttered, and I am consumed by guilt. Since I have decided I want to change my ways, I do not know what is happening, I feel like I keep saying the wrong things and making mistakes.

I have repeated my shahaadah, do I need to repeat my nikah? I do not want to make a mockery of my marriage either, as I fear I will make mistakes again in future, and then how many times will I keep saying to repeat my nikah. However if the above statements are that of Kufr, then please let me know if its necessary for me to repeat my nikah.

Imaan / 'Aqaaid
14th August 2022


Assalamualikum! I am away from my house for past two months due to my brother serious medical condition. My husband was showing me my house over video call and i said to him in urdu it does not seem like my house. Upon which he replies ( Indeed everything belongs to Allah and will return back to him ) jokingly( this sentence people says when someone dies ). I immediately said in Urdu ( kya fazool baat kar rahay ho ) meaning why are you talking rubbish? Immediately after that i realized what did i say? God forbid I did not say rubbish to that sentence which my husband said, i mean by rubbish that he used this term at inappropriate time. My intention was not kufr neither I was insulting my Religion. I am so worried about my Imaan. Please guide me what should i do in this case?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
29th July 2022


I am a unmarried man in his 30"s and an addict to pornography / masturbation of 15/20 years. I have tried numerous of times to quit this evil deed, unfortunately my nafs and shaytaan has not allowed me to. But one day very soon I will, In-Sha-Allah.

One day whilst browsing this evil addiction of mine, I found myself stumbling across blasphemous video content, in that moment I found myself strangely aroused by it, until I ejaculated and all of the guilt came rushing to me. I promised myself I wouldn't ever consume this type ever again. But shaytaan had other plans, and every once in a while I would take a sneak peak or be aroused by the idea / thought of it. I resolved myself once more and made touba and I never consumed it again, I then went umrah and tried to make a positive change in my life, I went 2 months without pornography etc started to pray and not miss salah and I was happy, until I relapsed. And the cycle started again. (I never consumed blasphemous content after the relapse, only the regular evil)

Recently, I have started to doubt my belief, thoughts such as "how can such a disgusting person like you even be Muslim when you have such evil perverted thoughts involving religion, how can you expect Allah to forgive you when you insulted him and his deen, this is why your touba and umrah and duas wasnt accepted" this guilty thinking and self loathing has stopped me from praying, lowered my imaan so much that sometimes I don't even think I'm Muslim anymore. I am genuinely lost and misguided. Can Allah even forgive such a grave sinner as myself? Is there hope? What do I do to help myself get out of this hole?


Imaan / 'Aqaaid
30th December 2021

How Allah looks

I have faith in Allah and thanks to Allah who born me in Muslims.
I know and have faith that we cant imagine Allah because this is something beyond humans thinking and imaginary. But that's human nature that whenever human mind thinks about everything mind develope an imaginary or something related to that thing so what I have to imagine whenever I think about Allah. Please answer this question or tell me solution that how I overcome this
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
16th November 2021


I wanted to know if saying “Oh man” or “Oh dude” is considered a form of swearing or shirk. I’m hesitant because when calling upon Allah someone could say “Oh Allah”
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
15th August 2021

Did I sin

is one sinning if one knows the ruling, such as knowing a certain act is a sin but then does the certain act while forgetting that it is a sin and then realises and stops.
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
5th August 2021

I Think someone do black magic on me

Assalam o Alaikum, I get 83% in Matric then my problems start,I get 63% in intermediate and reject in medical entry test.Now I applied in many universities but every one reject me.It seems like someone close my education path.Please help me in this matter
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
2nd July 2021

Did I commit shirk?

I had not slept the night and only got about 30 minutes before fajr. My mind was clouded with sleepiness as I was doing dhikr,eveytime I uttered the part "None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone" I got thoughts of different things such as Shaitan, dajjal and negative thoughts ( don't know how to describe them).I read the dua Amantu-billahi wa rasulihi, read auoothubillahi, and thought of Allah's names while reading the meaning. I want to believe they are intrusive thoughts but I fear I have committed major shirk as if I was associating and it's disturbing me greatly! I have said the shahada a lot of times. Please advise.
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
1st July 2021

Is this waswasah

In the past I did acts of shirk and kufr.Then this year I decided to learn more about islam and aqidah. I found out that some of my actions lead to kufr and shirk. I am so angry at myself and despaired. I made tauba but I am so scared that Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala does not forgive me. I have this feeling that I never would be forgiven. is this only waswasah or am I a hopeless case?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
8th April 2021

Soul in the grave who did not receive proper message

Assalamu Alaikum,

I wanted to know what happens to a non-muslim in the grave if they are of the ones who did not receive the message of Islam properly. Are they blessed or tormented in the grave? Do they have a garden in paradise or a ditch from the hellfire?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
4th April 2021

I need to make tauba and i have awful waswasa

Assalamu alaykum
I dont know how to repent. Everytime i try i lose the guilt soon after and i think my repentance is not sincere so i repeat it.
And i have a big problem with waswas. Can you commit shirk in your heart. And do you know how i can get rid of these evil thoughts forever?
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
31st December 2020

Fate of the Peoples who didn't get the message of Islam

Assalamu Alaikum
I want to know what will be the fate of the people whos didn't get the message of Islam ie sentinelese people or otger amazonean tribes? Will they be punished like other kafirs? In which category they belong to, Muslims or infidels/refuters of Allah and His Messengers?
Kindly share the Islamic way of thinking about it
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
18th June 2020

Am I committing shirk?

Assalamu Alaikum,
I have an OCD and I get intrusive thoughts usually due to this. While browsing the net, I came across an article which said that if one commits a sexual activity with a specific intention to get something they desire and if they think about that during the activity (especially the climax), they will get what they desired. For example, if one wants wealth and has sex for that and imagines wealth at climax, he'll get wealth. They call this sex magic and it works. I know this is a sin and maybe shirk. Now I had sex and while that, my fearful thoughts came up before the sex, during it, and at climax,though I did not want them. Have I done the so-called sex magic and have I done shirk for this?