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How many children did the prophet muhammad salallahu alahie wasalaam have and to which or our belove

Last updated: 6th August 2006
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Assalaamu alaykum mufti saab

InshaAllah this reaches you in high imaan and good health

I have been reading the information from this site for sometime mashaAllah and alhamdulilah when anyone have asked questions alhamdulilah i refer to this site first ahamdulilah
as the answers are always good and precise mashaAllah,,,i was reading this morning about the children of our beloved nabi salallahu alahie wasalaam and saw this queston and answer :

Question submited on: 15/12/2005 13:25pm
From: habib

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How many children did Muhammed (Sallal Laahu alaihi Wasallam) had and from which wives were they born?



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Answer last updated on: 05/01/2006 19:01pm
Answered by: Ulamaa ID 02

The prophet (peace be upon him) had seven children, three sons and four daughters. Qasim, Zainab, Ruqayyah, Umm Qulsum and Fatimah (ridhwanullahi alaihim ajma’in) were born before hijrah from the prophet’s first wife Ummul Mumineen Khadija radhiyallahu anha. His last child Abdullah was born in the 8th year of hijrah to Mariyya Qibtiyya radhiyallhu tala anhuma. (Zadul Ma’ad)

Thursday 4th Zul Hijjah 1426 h.

Mufti Saifur Rahman Sahib
London, UK

Alhamdulilah the sister who asked me is a revert (as i am myself alhamdulilah )
and on reading many different books on this topic i always believed tha our nabi salallahu alahie wasalaam had seven children Qasim,abdullah,zainab,ruqayyah,umm kulsum and fatima,were all born to our mother khadija radiyAllahu anha,,and ibraheem was born to Mariyya Qibtiyya radhiyallhu tala anhuma...

can u please clear this up as the answer above says differently and i dont want to give wrong information to my sister

May Allah swt prolong your life and may He fill it with His blessings,,,ameen




Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

Zainab, Ruqaiyyah, Umm Kulthum, Fatimah, Qasim and Abdullah (also known as Tahir and Tayyib) (Ridhwanullahi Alaihim Ajma’in) were born from Ummul Mumineen Khadijah (Radhiallahu Ta'ala Anha) except Ibrahim who was born to Mariyya Qibtiyyah (Radhiallahu Ta'ala Anhuma).
(Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah Vol. 2 Pg. 294)

And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

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5th March 2008
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Ulamaa ID 04
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