Health & Medicine

Health & Medicine
27th May 2007

Memory weakness

Assalaamu alaikum wrb..

I have recently fell ill whereby my memory was affected. I have difficulty in memorizing and remembering details which often make me nervous.
Pls provide me with some azkaar/wazifah that can be read to strengthen my memory and remove the nervousness.

Health & Medicine
2nd February 2007

Water reaching teeth

Sometimes I get a build-up on my teeth which does not go, even with brushing thoroughly several times a day. Will my bath be valid even though the water does not reach every part of my teeth?
I can remove this build-up from some areas if I scrape my teeth with a sharp object, but I am worried about damaging my teeth and injuring myself. Do I need to do this for my bath to be valid?
Health & Medicine
25th October 2006

Pubic hair.

For clarification, is it permissible for men to use a electric shaver to cut pubic hair. The use of a razor blade causes great discomfort.
Health & Medicine
24th October 2006


1] Name 3 trees, th twig of which is not permissible to use for miswak?
2] Why did Nabi [saw] forbid th using of the twig from the Rayhaan tree as a miswaak?
Health & Medicine
15th October 2006


I have been prescribed with brycnyl inhalers the blue and red ones. They contain alcohol in it. I can survive without it. However i do have breathing difficulty only to inhalers can cure. Do i carry on using the inhalers? I don't use it due to the doubt i have in my head. Every1 said your alowed to use such medication but im not so sure. Without using it sometimes i do become very ill however its not life threatenin. It just means that i have a really bad flu in comparison to what others normaly have.
Health & Medicine
7th October 2006

Unwanted hair

Is it permissable to remove unwanted hair whilst fasting?
Health & Medicine
8th August 2006

Miswak at death bed?


My respected scholars in Islam, as we have heared so often on the rewards on the use of miswak.

There are more than 100 rewards for the use of miswak and the least one is, the person leaves this material world with EMAN
how wonderful the reward for a simple action.

my question is simple. can we encourage the person in ill health and on death bed to use miswak to gain benefit & blessing of ALLAH [SWT] admittedly we should use miswak at all times but some important times we completely forget to take action ourself and ask others to practice upon it.

Yours sincerely

Brother Ahmed

please remember me in your humble dua's

Health & Medicine
28th June 2006

Medical check up of children

Respectable schollars '
Being a doctor we have to go to different schools to check the boys and girls are they medically fit? we have to check their private parts also.Is it right ?(all children are under 10 years of age)
Health & Medicine
28th June 2006

Operation due to fatal obesity

salaam alaikum my friend who is severely obese and diabetic has been told by the doctor that after trying to loose weight with medication and that failing and after all exercises being tried the only option to avoid a severe fatal risk, they should have their stomach stapled, as subhanaAllah it is too late to try other precautions, could you tell me if this is permissible in islam?
Health & Medicine
12th June 2006


Respectable schollars,
Iwant to ask should the hairs of private part be removed?
Health & Medicine
12th June 2006

Body hair

Respectable schollars,
Iwant to ask the hairs of what part of body should be removed according to islamic teachings?
Health & Medicine
15th May 2006


Salaam, I wanted to know is contraceptive pill allowed for medication for acne? Jazakallah khair
Health & Medicine
1st May 2006


do u hav 2 shave the hair between ur anus
Health & Medicine
1st April 2006


I have a bad breath, tried to solve it with dentist, but there is no improvement. Can you plz tell me what I do. I have also acne on my face plz tell me to remove it.

Health & Medicine
27th July 2005

Medicin with alcohol

my grandfather has severe backache due to gave him painkillers which he doesnt want to take due to side effects.......he askd to be given a medicin he can rub (goldshield phorpain gel)...unfortunately it has got alcohol in it (hydroxyethyl cellulose, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol)
iv heard some alcohols are synthetic so it doesnt effect not sure if the above are or grandfather says if it was2 be applied on the foot hed use it coz itd get washed off in wudhu...but he doesnt feel right to use it on his back coz it will be there while he is in salah...
he has some indian oils which are ok for mild pain but doesnt giv him relief wen its he says these are alternatives wich means it will not be permissable to use the doctor prescribed alcohoeld rub.

he suffers alot with the pain wich he says he'l deal with instead of doing something disliked.
wot is (islamically)the best thing to do? and wot is the allowed thing to do?and are the above types of alcohol in medicin permissble in the first place?
i know theres a long queue of questions but i hope u can answer relatively quicky as theres no point him suffrin if it is ok and permissble.

jazakallah lots