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Health & Medicine
12th March 2013

Jinn? please advise

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh;

Dearest Mufti sab, May I first begin by expressing my appreciation for all the work you are doing for the sake of Allahís Deen. May Allah accept all of your efforts. Ameen

A New muslimah has got in touch with me regarding an issue she is facing and I felt it best to ask for your advice rather than give my own advice. Her letter is as follows:

I am writing this letter for some advice for a friend of mine. I have just reverted to Islam about an over a year and a half ago and I have a good circle of people I can go to for any advice on Islam but I have a personal predicament concerning a friend of mine that I need some advice for.
Reverting to Islam has taught me many things and has been a true gift for me, as it has made my life a whole lot easier to deal with. One of the things Islam has taught me is that we should not turn a blind eye whenever anyone needs help.

This brings me to my friend who is actually a Christian. I spoke with her and explained how I had asked for advice for her and how I've been told to write this letter. She gratefully agreed and provided me with some more details to aid me in writing this letter.

Personally I have known her for years and she has become a very good friend to me. She is a very sensible and nice girl who is always willing to help others. But approx 2years ago she had just moved houses and one night when she was going to sleep she had experienced something in her house. It was a huge black figure in the shape of a man and it just walked past her wall but at the same time put her in a state of stillness; she explained how she felt frozen and could not move or talk. This carried on for a couple of days here and there and it kept getting closer until one night it actually came up to her.
Every day she would wake up and tell me the next day and on that particular night, she told me how it had tried to suffocate her and again how she felt as if she could not move. On another particularly bad night, she told me how it had also elevated her from the bed whilst she was in this frozen state and brought her down again. I kept telling her to be strong and because my belief for Allah started even before I officially reverted I told her to pray to god. This would happen quite often but sometimes not happen for a couple of months.

Now two years on she has moved houses and is much happier in life. Now thinking back we both realised that it all started after a certain incident where she had tried committing suicide through an overdose but was found and taken to hospital by myself and couple of other friends. But she still faces these problems here and there throughout the 2 years where it would come and go. Some of the experiences she had explained to me included her feeling someone drag her leg, someone slapping her on her leg, someone sitting next to her on her bed (where she had said she felt the bed go down as if someone had just sat down) and also where she heard a woman's voice asking her playfully like a child if she was ok and then laughing. The very last one that had happened a couple of days ago was when she heard whispering in her ear. She said to me that it was in a language she did not understand but it had made her wake up the next morning and spend the day crying, even though she did not know why she was so upset. In nearly all these experiences she always says how she feels frozen and unable to move or talk and always makes her emotional. Other than these experiences, there isn't anything wrong with her and she leads a normal life.

She had told me how this has been happening to her since the age of 6 but stopped when she was 14 and not returned until now. When she was younger she used to see figures all the time and they would be in the shape of cartoon characters she had seen on tv. Her mum is a very humble woman who has a strong belief in god and Christianity. She had referred many pastors to her and a couple of days ago after hearing her daughter so upset she talked to a woman she knew who normally deals with things like this for them. This woman told her mum that her family had played with black magic (which is true as they lived in Africa and she told me how they live a very different life style) and had also told her mum that someone has cursed her oldest born (that being her) to die soon, obviously hearing this is very difficult for her mum and the woman had said that her oldest born should be dead by now and can only be living through her motherís belief in God.

Now personally after listening to all this throughout the 2 years and in building my knowledge in Islam I have always thought that it could be a jinn or some sort of black magic someone has put on her. This has lead me to think that whichever method she chose to try and get rid of this issue for her; she would find it difficult as she has not accepted Allah, and being a Christian cannot aid her surrendering to Allah and asking for his help. I always try and make sure I include her in my Duas and do ask Allah to aid her in getting rid of this problem but I feel like there could be more I can do. This is where I am coming to you for some advice in knowing if there is anything further I can do for her other than making Duas for her.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me in helping resolve her problem, or if you could perhaps give a taweez or maybe tell me if I could write some quran ayaat and place in her house. I do realise that her being a Christian is a big factor but I feel this will also give her a chance to open her eyes to islam. Please Help!
I am also open to any more questions you may have.

Jazakallah Khairan

Health & Medicine
26th December 2012



1/Is it permissible to gharge or accept hadyah for amaliyyat or tawezat?

Health & Medicine
24th October 2012


Salaam, i am currently experiancing early stages of hair loss, which has began to affect my self confidence and i have therfeofre tried numerous types of medication with litle success.

I have been advised to take Regaine as this MAY help me grow back some hair and i believe this will help me considerabely.

However, Regaine contains Ethanol which is haraam. However, in this instance, and as it is not entering my body can i use it??

Further more, if i can not do ibadat whilst this is on my body, may i use it at night and wash it out before fajr?

Jazakamullah for your time.
Health & Medicine
7th August 2012

Working as a blood transfusion scientist

I hope this e-mail reaches you in the best of health and Imaan.

Respectable Mufti Sahaab,

Would it be permissible to work as a blood transfusion scientist? It would involve screening, analyzing and crossmatching blood samples for patient transfusion.

Your answer will be very much appreciated.


Health & Medicine
1st June 2012

Hair loss/thinning tablet ingredients

i am currently suffering from hair loss/thinning,there is a tablet called nourkin which helps regrowth but it contains marine extracts such as shark cartilages,sea horse extracts and shellfish.can you please tell me whether it is permissible for hanafis to take this?
Health & Medicine
15th May 2012

Mental Health/ illness

I would like to know to islamic perspective on mental helath/ wellness and illness - whether illness such as schizophrenia, depression, OCD, bi polar etc is agreed upon and the position of Islam in terms of treatment. I know many muslims who suffer and try to cope with these diagnosis but can find it difficult due to the stigma that the public and some muslims have about mental health. Jazakallah. Salaam
Health & Medicine
22nd July 2011



Is hypnotising true and it is it Jaiz?

Health & Medicine
31st January 2010

Pace maker

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,

Ramadhan mubarak to all. I would like to know the ruling regarding a pace maker, is it permissable in Islam to have one put into the heart?

JazakAllah khair for your time.


Health & Medicine
8th June 2009

Always Being Ill


I wanted to ask that some people are always ill
1 day they will be okay and the next they will be ill
can you please give me an iyyat that can help as it say in the quran ' There is a cure to every diseases except death '


Health & Medicine
27th February 2009

Miswaak Trees


Can we take twigs/branches off any tree to do siwaak with? And which trees can we use from and which not?
(I.e. Fruit trees, Back Garden trees etc.)

Health & Medicine
9th August 2008

Hair fall

my hairs are faling very much.... tell me sumthing acording to quran n suinnah ahow to stop this problem
Health & Medicine
16th May 2008


I suffer from migraines and associated with this nausea and feeling dizzy. i do not want tobe taking tablets all the time. can you please advise on a dua or a method that would help.
Health & Medicine
20th April 2008

Pubic Hairs


When one is shaving the pubic hair, does one start directly below the belly button/navel or a bit below leaving space?
How much space should on leave?

Is there a reason behind leaving a space from the belly button?

Does one have to shave the hind?
Health & Medicine
4th March 2008



i have a very important question and would be gratefull if you could answer it.


i would like to know if anti-depresant tablets are allowed in islam, if it is no then i would like to know why please, if that is possible.

i know that anti depressants are a form of relaxing the mind, however more importantly i know that zikr, the rememberance of allah creates unity and peace with the heart. if so can you please provide me with some essentail zikr's that i may provide to a depressed person.


Your brother
Health & Medicine
9th December 2007

Circumscision for 12 year old

asalaamu alikum wrwb,
today @ work i came across an issue which i would like your help in solving, i have two questions, 1- there is a 12 year old boy who has not been circumscised, is it fard for him to have it done at his age?
2- do you have a contact number for a doctor in the east midlands who can perform the operation? jzkhr
Health & Medicine
10th November 2007


hi i am 17 years old and i am a bit hairy all over my parents use to wax the hair of when i was 12 years old i want to know is waxing allowed in islam? i have hair all over my body the doctors say its genetic because my father and mother use to have it also are we allowed to wax the pubic hair? thankyou
Health & Medicine
3rd November 2007

Cutting pubic hair before maturity

is it permissible to cut the private part hairs before becoming baalik? (mature) if so can you shave it?

also is it permisible to shave your partners private part hair?
Health & Medicine
26th October 2007


Assalaamu Alaikum.If a male bisbeliever turns muslim then does he has to get his fore skin cut or not?Please let me A.S.A.P.Jaza K'Allah.Allah Hafiz.
Health & Medicine
25th September 2007



If you have regular nose bleeds, is it permissable to have your nose cauterized (the tissue on the inside of your nose is burned to prevent the vessels bleeding)?


Health & Medicine
25th September 2007

Prophet salialahualayhi wassalam's sleeping pattern and diet

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah

I would just like to ask, how many hours would the prophet salialahualayhi wassalam sleep for during the night and during the day?

I would also like to ask what the prophet salialahualayhi wassalam would eat for his meals?

Jazaka'Allah khair for your time.
Wassalamualaykum warahmatullah