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Issue relating to black magic

Last updated: 20th November 2021
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With due respect I would like to inform that I have been suffering from black magic since last 7 years and there has been no sign of improvement have undergone lot of maulvi and Dr treatment . I would like to inform that I have got engaged many times but everytime it gets fixed it is broken it would be a great honour if you would suggest some dua

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

If the barriers in life is due to Sihr (black magic) being affected on you and you are sure of this then the remedy is the Quran. Allah says, إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ سَيُبۡطِلُهُ Indeed Allah destroys it (Sihr). (Yunus:81)

Reciting verses of Ruqya like Surah Al Fatiha which is known as Surah Al Shifa (cure) and the Surah Al Falaq and Al Naas which was revealed to the Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) to remove the Sihr (black magic), will be beneficial inshaAllah.

You must remember Shifa (cure) only comes from Allah as Allah is Al Shafi (The Curer).

It must be known that barriers in life is not always due to being affected with Sihr.

Whether Being affected with Sihr or not. We must believe in our Taqdeer (fate) and believe that Allah has plan for us and to wait patiently.

We need to seek Allah’s guidance. Worship Him properly. Stop sinning and be obedient to Him. Fulfill all your obligations to Him.

You should make Dua to Allah with humility. Believe in Him, fear Him and trust Him as He will guide you and provide for you such that you cannot imagine.

وَمَن يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَل لَّهُ مَخْرَجًا

وَيَرْزُقْهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ ۚ وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسْبُهُ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ بَالِغُ أَمْرِهِ ۚ قَدْ جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدْرًا

....."And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out, And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent." (Surah Talaq 65:3)

عن عبد الملك بن عمير قال قال رسول الله صلي الله عليه و سلم فاتحة الكتاب شفاء من كل داء (سنن الدارمي ٢/٥٣٨،قديمي

قال القرطبي ثبت في الصحيحين من حديث عائشة رضي الله عنها أن النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم سحره يهودي من يهود بني زريق يقال له لبيد بن الأعصم حتي يخيل إليه أنه كان يفعل الشيئ ولا يفعله…..فأنزل الله هاتين السورتين (تفسير القرطبي ١٠/١٨١

And Allah knows best

22 Rabiul Thani 1443/ 28 November 2021

Answer last updated on:
1st December 2021
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London