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COVID-19​ Vaccine

Last updated: 14th November 2020
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As Salam ualaikum, Will it be halal or Haram to take the upcoming COVID-19​ vaccine? If it is Haram to take and become a mandatory what do we do living here in the West? Jazakallahu khairan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Physicists agree that the Covid-19 Vaccine is a synthetic pathogen and not a vaccine as it does not meet the legal definition. Since this technology is by definition not a vaccine, I cannot categorise the answer under medicine and I advise caution whether taking or not taking the injection.

Vaccines is a legally defined term. Technically, this "Covid19 Vaccine" is a medical device. This medical device has not yet been confirmed to protect or prevent transmission by any authority or independent experts.

According to ingredients, independent experts have found that there's very little to no information on key ingredients. A large amount of the ingredients that are published and known are found to be harmful for humans but individually do not fall under the Haraam category.

I also checked Fact Checkers who state that the claim of harmful and toxic ingredients inside the Covid-19 jabs are false but none of the fact checkers provided any scientific or medical evidence of it being false but instead pushed claims on how dangerous the virus is which is a political approach and not an academic one.

In conclusion, due to insufficient data, the concealment on adverse effects, lack of information on the unknown ingredients and the established harms of the known ingredients, we would consider it Haraam at this stage due to the number of deaths caused after these new types of injections were rolled out. Every person should be well-informed by asking the doctor what exactly they are being injected with and if the administer of it takes full responsibility if it harms you.


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27th June 2022
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Ulamaa ID 06
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