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30th November 2005

Cider vinegar

is apple cider vinegar halaal?

what if it is honegar? which is cider vinegar and honey mixed together. this it halaal?


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28th November 2005

Herbal tinctures


some herbal tinctures have a very high content of alcohol present for preservation, sometimes it is stated on the tinctures that a residue of alcohol is left within the content, can you confirm whether it is permissible to use this sort of herbal remedy.


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25th November 2005


in a previous answer it has been stated-:

Vinegar is produced by two successive microbial processes. The first being an alcoholic fermentation (which is Haraam) and the second an oxidation of alcohol by aceto bacter, when it's molecular structure is changed and it ceases to be an intoxicant. Other varieties of vinegar are produced from beetroot, tarragon and alcoholic spirits. In vinegar the intoxicating factor is destroyed by the microbial process of oxidation hence it becomes permissible. Islam permits any variety of vinegar to be used as a condiment or preservative. (Muslim Food Guide - Page A26/

what about white wine vinegar?

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22nd November 2005

Halal Gelatine

I live in the u.k. is there a supplier for halal gelatine? I often use this to make halal marshmallows but cant find any halal gelatine anymore. Do you know of any suppliers in the u.k or anyone who would be able to sell me a few boxes?



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14th November 2005

Haraam food? Off license

assalaamu alaikum,

just wanted to ask if somebody brought halaal food e.g bread from an off licence because other shops were shut would the food be haramm because it was from an off licence?

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9th November 2005

Re: food question (quick answer needed please)

i have contacted tesco with the cheese product i think it was and they said they will have to look up the ingredients information and get back to me. i dont know how long that will take. so what should i do can i eat the food mentioned in the previous post seen as it is unlikely to be haraam?
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7th November 2005

Food question (quick answer needed please)

We had some cheese (from tesco i think) in the fridge which after it had been opened and used i discovered and it did not have a suitable for vegetarians sign on it. I told a family member about it and it was thrown out as it could be haraam. I have now got food from home to eat which has got cheese in it, not the same cheese its a new one but the thing is i dont recall anybody cleaning the fridge, as i said the cheese pack had been opened and so some efects of the cheese could have got onto the fridge shelf and could have got onto the new cheese.

am i going over the top about cross contamination? should i throw away the food or eat it?

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28th October 2005

Is the chocolate bar mars delight halal?


Plz could you tell me if mars delight is halal?


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27th October 2005

Tahira halal food


alot of supermarkets like asda, safeway and tescos stock tahira halal food. are these reliabally halal. alot of families buy the products from our local safeway in stamford hill, london

Mufti Saab, This is what i cut and pasted from their website :-
Halal is a method of slaughter of animals that meets the criteria for religious acceptability of eating meat amongst the Muslim community. It also refers to the ritual purity required in the processing, packaging and handling of animal products that render the final product acceptable to the Muslim community. The underlying principles followed in halal slaughter are based on a number of ethical considerations. They are, in short, as follows:

The slaughtering is done by a Muslim facing the Qibla (direction of Mecca). No animal can be slaughtered except to meet the human need for food.

When an animal is slaughtered for this end, the name of Providence is invoked in order to legitimate the act.

No animal should be subject to any distress or fear prior to the slaughter. There are strict rules governing this act designed to reduce or eliminate the distress felt by the animal.

Only the sharpest and least painful instruments can be used in the slaughtering process.

Throughout the cycle of raising of livestock for human consumption, the utmost courtesy and respect towards the animal is obligatory.

These are the irreducible requirements for Halal certification

Tahira and the supervision of halal

Tahira utilises inspectors at each and every level of slaughter, processing, and packing, to ensure the absolute reliability of the halal certification. The inspectors are directly supervised by the World Islamic Foundation, which groups scholars from all the major schools of Islam. WIF is an independent charity, and its organisation is headed by the noted scholar, Dr. Zaki Badawi. Inspectors have to be individually approved by the WIF for their reliability, acumen and adherence to the terms of halal certification. The inspectors ensure that the raw materials originate from proper halal sources, where the procedures followed are rigorous in their commitment to halal. The inspectors visit and approve the plants from where the raw materials originate and use a system of coding to ensure that the products reach the processing plant in a way that maintains their halal integrity. At the processing plant, the inspectors ensure that halal raw materials are not contaminated by non-halal products, in the storage, processing and packing phases, and that the machinery employed in the process is ritually clean before its usage. The final product is coded in a way to ensure that it is not tampered with or cross-contaminated in any way. Tahira insists that its inspectors are always present when the slaughter, processing and packing of the product is undertaken, and does not rely on incidental inspection, unverified statements by individuals of the halal authenticity of the product or second-hand evidence. It is these latter practices that have been the main cause of the abuse that frequently occurs in the halal industry. Tahira?s commitment to halal is TOTAL, and we will not accept any lessening of our high standard of halal for whatever reason. Tahira?s obligations to the Muslim consumer regarding the halalibility of its products are a solemn charge.
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27th October 2005

BK, KFC McD's in Makkah, Madinah

Assalamu Alaykum,

I do not eat at McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc in the UK. When I went for
Hajj this year I saw these outlets in Makkah and Madina. What do you advise
about eating at these places in the Holy cities.

I look forward to your reply. Jazakallah.

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27th October 2005

Hindu food


hope your ok i jus wanna ask can we buy paan from hindu shops because i heard the put cow wee init cause its der god or sutink


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19th October 2005



are we allowed to buy mithis & indian sweets from hindu shops such as purnima in leicester?


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12th October 2005

Is it allowed to eat from MacDonald or Burger king?

Assalmu 'alaykum,

Is it allowed to eat from MacDonald or Burger king? I had an argument with one of our brother in my work, who is Mashallah a good Muslim. The reason of argument was eating from MacDonald (in the time of breaking the Fast) and I was disagree with him. His sayings are they are People of Book and according to Quran & Sunnah we are allowed to eat from them. He asked me to give the avoidance why we can't eat from MacDonald. Could you clarify the matter and give us the verdicts please.
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1st October 2005


"Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Fiqhi Rulings do not apply to things which 'may have' occurred. They only apply to definite occurrences.

Even if pork had come into contact with with utensils or devices like food processors, once they are purified with water (washing thoroughly and making sure all impurities are visibly removed), it is pure to use hence would be permissible to buy and use."

I wanted to ask after having seen this answer-:

I have just moved into a rented house, where things have been used by previous people e.g grill, oven etc. The grill has grease on it (as grills do) am i obliged to wash it before use, as the grill could be contaminated with haraam food effects?

so the question is do i have to purify it first? can you tell me how to do this, i thing it will take a long time for me to remove the grease.

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25th September 2005


Assalaamu 'Alaykum warahmatullaah,

I asked a local Mufti about the permissability of lobster & he said to asked a biologist whether a lobster is considered a fish. I just wanted to know your view, is a lobster considered a fish, and what is the ruling regarding its consumption?

Jazakallaah, wassalaam

(du'aas are sincerely requested)

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23rd September 2005

Ready-made papads


i wanted to know wot your view was on using ready made papads from india which are made by hindu's.

can u recommend ready made halal papads?


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21st September 2005

Dixy's halal- leicester


Is it true that all the halal dixy chains are haram cos i have heard from sources that in darul -ulum [bury] they said even dixy's halal are not halal/does this mean all the chains are haram even the leicester one where their are mostly muslims & they run the chains.


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19th September 2005

Apple Juice article - revised version...


Please see the revised version of the article, copied below.

Copied from:
Abdul Lateef.
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15th September 2005

Apple juice is it doubtful?

we have heard from sources that apple juice is doubtful, due to the nature of its refining process (using geletine filters) please could elaborate on this issue jazakallah
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14th September 2005

Doubtful food


This question is regarding food given by unbeliveble neighbours.

I have a neighbour that is tukish but is NOT a practicing muslim, however she sends food to our house saying that it is halaal. in this case what should i do with the food?